Angry Birds Star Wars in the works for our Windows Phone

Take it for what it's worth but Rovio has announced a new Angry Birds game for our Windows Phone. Angry Birds Star Wars combines the gaming action of Angry Birds with the settings of the Star Wars movies.

According to Peter Vesterbacka, CMO of Rovio,

"This is the best Angry Birds game we’ve ever done. It’s the best parts of Angry Birds with all new cutting-edge gameplay set in in a galaxy far, far away. As a big Star Wars fan myself, I’m really excited about this new universe. The Force is definitely strong with this one."

Angry Birds Star Wars is expected to become available worldwide on November 8th and was developed for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, OSX, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.  The wording of the presser leaves us uncommitted to a Windows Phone date. While November 8th is revealed as the launch of the game, the official wording does not connect that date to all platforms, which we would find difficult to believe as launching simultaneously. 

Look for more video trailers to be released in the near future at the official Angry Birds Star Wars site.

Hopefully, Rovio will have more success bringing Angry Birds Star Wars to our Windows Phone than they did in bringing Angry Birds Space to the platform.

Source: Rovio; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Angry Birds Star Wars in the works for our Windows Phone


let me guess....Windows Phone 8
Come November, WP7 users will get to see how really screwed we are when it comes to games.

Well the way I see it, if it's available on windows 8, it will be on WP8 since it will at most take another week of their time to port over. So why not?

For touch only Windows 8 games, especially simplistic ones like Angry Birds, porting should take minutes to hours because it's literally the exact same code running on the exact same hardware SoCs at very similar screen resolutions. The only thing that has changes is the size of the screen, the Start Screen, and a few APIs.

What does the Angry Birds Space reference mean? This is not available for our Windows Phones in case you don't know.

Never been a fan of Angry Birds or Rovio for that matter but it makes since that they would be releasing on Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 on the actual launch date.
They don't need to completely rewrite any of their games in XNA anymore. What ever cross-platform solution they had in place for iOS and Android can now be put in place for Windows 8/WP8. Rovio also can't ignore Windows 8 becasue its... Windows. They have to be the platformor an imitator will eat their lunch. WP8 is a lucky benefactor of this (which was part of Microsoft's plan)

I still assume angry birds in space and angry piggies are coming probbable right around windows 8 and windows phone 8 come out but for that its going to be nokia exclusive for 3 months to 6 months.
I am still waiting for mirrors edge on a non nokia device...

Something tells me that this will be a windows phone 8 thing because of the easier porting. The original angry birds game was written again for wp7 (or am I remembering wrong) that's why we didn't get the seasons or other addons.

no your right xna  needed to be rewritten for but with w8 its using a more universal code so about 70-80% of the work should be easier to port with a few tweaks if they add achievements

I won't believe till I see it for myself. Where's Angry Birds Space? Do you even remember they were supposed to update the ORIGINAL Angry Birds? Are y'all forgetting the "coming soon" for Bad Piggies, and now this? Sorry but LOL

Well it is certainly nice to see WP as being one of the supported platforms! 
Hopefully that's just the start of things to come! Here's to hopeing that it gets released quickly and we don't end up having to wit for the release!