Angry Birds for Windows Phone is now Live!

Yes, people. Let the taunting end tonight. Between the promise of custom ringtones and now the fulfillment of 'Angry Birds', Windows Phone 7 has had its day.

Angry Birds is easy on of the most anticipated games to hit the new OS and it should gives us a wee bit more parity with competing systems (using some odd metric for success, of course). From the app description, it's what you expect:

"Angry Birds is coming to Windows Phone! The survival of the angry birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the angry birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. Each of the 165 levels requires logic, skill and brute force to crush the enemy."

The game fetches for $2.99 with a free trial, as usual, though we're skipping right to 'buy' since we're kind of predictable like that. You can get it right now by following this link to the Marketplace. Hit us up in comments and let us know what you think. (Thanks, Dalton C., for the heads up!)


Reader comments

Angry Birds for Windows Phone is now Live!


I bought it :)Anyone else noticed resuming is near instant for angry birds? What sort of witchcraft is this? Im on Nodo not mango :)

Not quite as smooth as the Iphone version and the touch response when moving the angle of the birds is a little off. Also don't like that the zoom doesn't just zoom all the way out after a certian point like it does on the Iphone version.That said, the physics might actually be a little more refined and love Xbox Live integration. It is a decent port, hopefully they will adjust the performance a little over time.

Ok but agree not as smooth as the iDevice. When it comes to games, it seems as if WP7 isn't quite Xbox lite yet, more like iDevice lite.As we say in England... close but no banana

Games speed have less to do with the coding rather than the fact our phones have older proccessors (1st gen Snapdragons) which have less power than the A4 chip

I am very confused about that. When testing apps, I can usually get silverlight to run around 50 to 60 frames per second but XNA is locked to 30. But I also read that the vsync of the hardware in WP7 phones is 30hz which means anything over 30 would probably be wasted from a graphics standpoint. Still updating at 60 fps should be smoother regardless because it means touch response should be twice as refinded.All I know for sure is it is an issue that Microsoft needs to fix. It isn't a deal breaker and the games are still great but I do prefer the smoother IOS version so far for sure.

for the guys wondering, i believe wp7 only allows max 30fps for XNA games for now, i think its getting updated in mango but im not surethats probably the biggest reason why it doesn't feel smooth atm

The trial is pretty lengthy. More than enough to get used to the game. I don't know how smooth the game is compared to IOS but I'm guessing is nowere as good.

The lowest regular price point for Xbox Live games is $2.99. Get used to it. But the Xbox Live Deal of the Week (which tends to be an older game) can be as low as $1.99.

All XBOX LIVE games are like this. They increase the price because you get achievements ... my best guess. I'd personally sacrifice achievements for 2 dollars saved on every game.

i know a few gamers that lives and breath for achievements, i guess it has its merits to be around lol(danm thing makes me look bad though...)

tbh I bought the phone as I was upgrading and achievements was the reason I swayed to this instead of droid, now I do love the phone more overral but I know about 20-30 people from xbox and personally around that achievements were the sole reason to switch to wp7 *achievement hunters go to extremely lengths ala import a japannese xbox to play games you can't understand for achievements*

Everyone knows that actual XBL supported games with Achievements etc... costs more than the average game. It's the premium you pay for the ability to prove and compare with others that you actually beat, and did certain things in a game....as opposed to just saying you did.

Nice!I can confirm it's not as smooth as iOS (and maybe Android, depending on the device) version. Scrolling is especially not that smooth. But this is common to most Windows Phone games... Is it the fact that it's C# instead of native that makes it slower ?Native SDK ? Hello Microsoft ? :)

I really don't get the fascination with this game. I have 0 interest in this but I guess its goodnews for those who love it. Xbox Live Arcade has a wealth of great games, I would like to see MS bring these to the phone instead of porting old games from iOS and Android.@warpdesign - I'm sure its not teh SDK but the game will be polished in the next update. There are other games on WP7 which are super smooth. However, I don't know why game engines such as Unreal is not available for WP7. I know the reason why its not on Android is due to file size issues on the app store. I wonder if there are these limitations on the WP7 market place too? For example, Infinity Blade is about 800mb. If MS are not allowing any other engine apart from those based on XNA then its really stupid.

I'm glad to finally have this game on my WP7. I got it for free on my PC a while ago, and my wife has it on her iPad, and so far I can't see any performance difference between them and my HTC Arrive.

MS you have to ensure you do MUCH BETTER than the other platforms if you are going push it as a mobile XBox

Agree. It's like 'Is WP not a viable platform without this game'? Rovio was very rude, in my opinion, towards Microsoft/WP from the beginning, and their arrogance is clearly demonstrated by releasing this game 8 months later and at cost. No free version? Only one version?

Mainly I find "Pandas vs Ninja" far more better. Seems the copy is better than the original. Sounds are funnier, and it's free.Microsoft can and must propose better games than Angry Birds. Harvest or Ilomilo are great and more impressive.

I've downloaded the trial and I have to say it runs amazingly fast on my HD7, the graphics are silky smooth. But it's too expensive - £2.49 and it's too late as I've played all the levels on an Android over the years and of course, for free. XBOX achievements do not justify that amount of extortion.

I actually like the physics in Chicks n' Vixens better. I also think it's easier to aim in that game. I wanted this to get the achievements because I'm a sucker for those. 2.99 is less than a value meal at a fast food joint. Bought!

Just Bought it, played trial for 5 min and said **** it I want my achievements, now when all my XBL friends see angry birds achievements they will be so confused lol. On a side note this app looks amazing on the Focus so crisp with the super Amoled screen, Wayy better than the iCrap phone

played the trial kinda fun seems to be the pick up and play one or 2 levels and then put down thing for me but hey can't complain for that price