Another white edition Xbox One hits eBay – still expensive as hell

It was not long after the reveal of the special edition white Xbox One units for employees, before they began to show up on eBay for large sums of money. The announcement of the console was made in August of 2013 and the following months brought in cash for those employees willing to part with their systems. Recently there has not been any listing for the Xbox One treasure, until today – an Xbox One special white edition unit has shown up on eBay yet again.

The system, currently being sold by “UntitledGuitar16”, is listed in “New other” condition and includes all of the original white system accessories including the white controller. As all other units did, the front of this one states, “I MADE THIS” and “LAUNCH TEAM 2013”. In addition, just to spice up the deal, a second Xbox One black controller is included.

The listing is in the form of a “Buy It Now” for $2,699.95 USD. Those considering buying the unit can also make a “Best Offer”, but so far, the seventeen people who have done so have been denied. The seller is only shipping to the lower 48 states within the United States and is offering free standard shipping, which for that price – we would hope it would be priority shipping.

Okay Xbox One lovers, get out your wallets and head over to the eBay listing by clicking here.

Source: eBay; via WinBeta


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Another white edition Xbox One hits eBay – still expensive as hell


$2700 is expensive only for poor people?❔... What❔..... I don't know about where you live, but here in America we have a middle class, dwindling middle class, but nevertheless a middle class... Sounds like your country has no middle class... ❔❔

Middle class are just poor people with decent appliances and credit ratings. $2500 or $50,000 is nothing to rich people and there are plenty in America.

I don't care what rich people can afford, $20 is still high for a Snickers bar... Rich people don't get, and stay, rich by not knowing the value of a dollar... And, middle class people aren't poor because they think $2700 for a gaming console is crazy...

Ok... Seriously.. Can you really say that it sucks?....
All those people in the MS store look like they're playing, and enjoying it just fine... And, it sells pretty good.. Can't be so bad to where it sucks...

Nope, its expensive for those of us who actually know the true value of money, and to say its expensive for the "poor", is deeply insulting. For instance growing up, my folks would give me and my bro £100 and for that we both had to get trainers, tops (jumpers etc) and pants (jeans etc), we would always go home with money left over even after a bite out. Yeah, we were those kids who shopped from bond street, oxford street, blue water, Stratford for the best deals and 3 items, never pestered our folks for cash and bought our first phones without the aid of our folks. Travel was way cheaper than, now £5 hardly gets you three journeys in London. So yeah, to generalise everyone who say's this ebay listing is expensive as poor just shows a lack of respect for your fellow people.

It's relative. A middle class person looks at an antique car for $250,000 and thinks that's expensive as hell, I can never afford that. I might look at it and think I can drive that for a few months and all while knowing I can sell it to a client for $350,000 because those are the circles I travel in.
There's a straight value of a dollar, candy bar is $1.50 and there's value of a dollar in relation to your cash flow. When your disposable budget percentage is big you can splurge. When it's small you cut back or make do. Do you buy generic peanut butter because of quantity/price or do you buy Jiff because it's actually worth eating and can afford it?

Do you want an assistant? To be fair though, I haven't eaten Jif since they changed the name to Cif. Just lost me when they rebranded. Same with the London Snickers, was much more fun when it was a Marathon.

Sorry, let me explain. jif, in the UK, was not peanut butter. It was a bathroom cleaner. They changed the name to Cif, as that was the name in mainland Europe. Cillit Bang is also a surface cleaner for around the house, but lacks the micro beads. It is also more of a spray than a cream. I apologise for taking the comments in to the realm of nonsense. Oh, and Barry Scott was the guy that advertised Cillit Bang.

@Novron I agree. I'm not wealthy like you. And I assume that many people aren't. But your point is valid. Nevertheless since money is no object on your behave. Can you loan me $500,000? I promise I'll put it to good use. PM me and I'll give you my bank info. :-).

No❕... If you ask Michael Jordan to pay $20 for a Snickers bar he would say you're crazy, and kizz my black a$$... Now, your theory works for people who get rich, and blow money... An investment is different, and that's a business decision.. There's nothing wrong with paying top dollar for what you want, and there's nothing wrong with deciding that certain prices are outrageous no matter how much money you have....
Seriously, a lot of poor people, I mean literally poor people, buy things like this Xbox, huge wheels, and big screen TV's... Having nice things doesn't have anything to do with being rich, or poor... It just means that you're either making wrong, or right, decisions...

You started strong, but missed the bigger point to tell your story. People who understand the value of money realize that this is an expensive console because YOU CAN BUY ONE FOR 500 DOLLARS. That means that the components inside have gone up in price per unit with no true value added. Its not better, its just white... but many people struggle with that concept so I can't say Im surprised.

No shit. Being rich and being wealthy are two different things.
Being rich mean you have money and don't give a rats ass, but at some point could run out.
Wealth comes from hard work and consistent income at a high amount, with no end of the money train in sight.
Poor people wish they were rich. Rich people wish they were wealthy.

"Money can't buy happiness," is what poor people tell themselves before they go to sleep at night. And yes, fools and their money are soon parted.

@Novron correct. Being poor is a state of mind. And being rich is a state of my also. Poor people are content. And the rich never have enough. Question though with rich and poor aside. What is different about the white one that distinguishes it from the black?

Actually, it's true that money can't buy you happiness. But it can buy you a boat big enough to sail right up next to it!

Remind me, how much are rare limited production NES cartridges selling for? How much do you think this white employee Xbox will be worth in 25 years? Your 4 million and counting black Xbox?

Another typical trait of the poor. They can rarely see past the moment.

First of all I was responding to Simb3 but that is moot. To respond to your remark about us "poor people" not about seeing "past the moment", all of us can see that however it is about priorities, I guess you are too "rich" to prioritise and plus some of us don't have the luxury to spend 2k+ on a console when the internal electronics are the same. For 2k+ one can put a down payment for apartment on a part-buy - part rent scheme, buy shares, buy a car, go on a luxury cruise etc. Oh by the way I will put something in perspective for you - without us "poor", people you wouldn't have the "luxuries", that you enjoy on a daily basis.

If I didn't buy expensive luxuries poor people wouldn't have jobs either. I can live without a white Xbox, can the person who built it live without food? I'd be willing to bet my cost of living as a percentage of my income is probably equal to yours. Just a matter of scales. My entertainment budget as a percentage is probably equal as well. The difference is a matter of scales. Anyone can get rich. I grew up in a rented house which spent most of the year without power. My parents had to pick which months got it, always in the winter.

These days, poor people can have power year round, TV's, appliances, etc... Goread up on the depression. Those were poor people. My father was a hoarder because of it, you didn't throw anything away, period.

My observation on what keeps poor people poor... Beer, cigs, drugs, lottery tickets, etc. Pissing money away on perishables and long shots instead of steady investing and networking to break into the next tier of scale. The number one killer of poor people's progression is having kids before they have a pot to piss in.
Hell, a Jet Ski is cheaper than a kid. And I think it was Tosh who said he's never seen an angry person on a jet ski. Wear a rubber, don't take her word, buy yourself a motorcycle or a jet ski. There's plenty of time. Have fun, get settled first, you'll stand a much better chance of not being miserable, poor, and always bitching about rich people.

@Novrom, of course it is about economic scales that I agree with but what came across was that you deemed the poor were single minded never looking towards the future, that is a very broad brush stroke which i could extremely insulting. I can relate to living with no electricity as well all year round, used rain water for sanitation, boiled and filtered rain water to use as drinking water etc. So don't think you were the only one that went through that. Unfortunately most of the worlds population still go through that. Also due to the scale of economics we have poverty, sweat shops and china became the worlds biggest factory. It is all about profit and expenditure at the end of the day. Not who pays whose wages so get of your high horse and think what would happen if you lost all that material wealth, you would be no different than us "poor" people.

Man, don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that in 2039 I won't give a damn about a 25 years old (likely not working) white Xbox one. It's not art, it's a console, white, but just a console.

Have you seen what 25 - 40 year old game consoles sell for? It's pretty crazy... not saying this is a good investment, but people DO give a damn.

I know, just saying that I wouldn't. Not a good investment in my opinion. But again, that's just my 2 cents.

You'll be surprised when you're old just how much you'll be willing to put down to reconnect to your childhood. A sixteen year old today who's a millionaire in his thirties or forties won't think twice about buying that Xbox for tens of thousands. Sure, he could probably dig a beat up black one in a garage sale but a pristine white limited edition he never had a chance in hell of getting when he was a kid? Who do you think shells out hundreds of thousands on baseball cards, old toys, comic books, etc...?

I'm not rich, and I'm not poor.... Like I said, here in America we have a middle class... But, it doesn't take money to understand appreciation, and depreciation.....
You just said that poor people are simple minded.... A lot artist and musicians live on very low income for years... Are the less insightful than you are❔❔

Re every reply to this comment: For the price of this Xbox One, you could buy a new gaming PC to handle the latest games, with enough left over for 4 future systems. Given that games don't advance beyond the current console generation anymore, and MS expects the X1 to last 10 years, that's 50 years of PC gaming.

Obviously the future is subject to change, so realistically you could build one or two with some extravagant peripherals.

QED rich/poor/wealthy/middle class, this is a retarded purchase.

Can't get my head around that kind of price hike. £100, yeah, fair enough. £200-£300, only for the committed. Much over that and I reckon you need to be committed. Each to their own though.

Damn... 2K+ for a console... For that you can get an x1, couple of games, pads, charge kits and a new tv and a decent surround sound kit lol. You gotta be crazy rich to spend that much on just a console and 2 pads lol.

I would build my dream pc with that money and slap xbox one creators (or the person selling it) in the face.

Crossfire ofcourse, I am more fan of AMD's than Intel. Building an AMD machine wouldn't even reach the $2000 mark, yet you can achieve alot with it.

People still don't understand the concept of "best offer". I guarantee this guy isn't thinking he's going to get $2,700. That's the point of best offer. He'll probably take half of that, but if someone wants to pay him almost $3K, why not try.

I could buy 5 black ones for that. And it would include 5 Titanfalls and 5 extra controllers! WTF is this guy smokin? Only a moron would place a bid.... Or Brewster.

I would so love this but definetly am not paying that price for it... :( Microsoft needs to just put out a white one!

I'd rather have the titanfall paint job but my black One is just fine. Oooh, its white and says I made this. Not worth the price this dude is looking to get, whether its 1300 or 2700.

It may be rare, but they didn't even pay to get the console lol. $2700 is not worth something that was 1) free, 2) used, and 3) is exactly the same as the console in black in terms of specs. It may be pretty but it don't think it's worth it.

It's worth whatever someone will pay for it. Who cares if it were for free? I used to get free hockey tickets all the time and then turn them around and sell them. If this seller even gets 500 dollars, that's still 500 dollar profit.

I don't get why its so confusing for some people, its relative, why do you think there are gold plated iPhones etc, to some people this is what they spend on.a night out, well less!

Yeah, I guarantee there are a bunch of nerds in SF that wouldn't bat an eye at paying this to show off to their buddies. It's really not that much money. Hell, some people already think $500 for the Xbox One is crazy anyway...

For everyone who think that we are poor people and you are rich people no feelings but you are just stupid (excuse me) if you buy such thing only because it's white, next must be LightBlue with the price of 5000$. poor=smart.

And another psyhological fact!
If it was from the start white you would say that black it's more awesome right? haha I'll buy one painted rainbow please!

The only reason I haven't bought an Xbox One at the moment, is that I want a white one! Make it happen Microsoft.

It's pretty much all but confirmed that a white-edition will be coming.  All signs point to that happening at some point in the future.

But is it white all the way through the plastics ala lumia? Are the alloy bits anodized? Debeers and glasurit paint systems at work would yield much nicer results and infinite color variations.... Or .... Eh . Meh

Who cares if it is WHITE? I think the black looks better, considering the xbox one is such an ugly design to begin with, and yes I own one, but I certainly didn't buy it based on its aesthetic appeal, as it doesn't have any lol

If I could sell one for even $1000 I'd be happy.  Why not try $2700?  I think it's a total ripoff, but you gotta remember, people buy dumb shit every day.  The backbone of the American economy is dumb shit.  TONS of women spend $5000 a year on shoes.  Many spend $2400 a year on starbucks coffee.  People buy V10 pickup trucks to drive to their white collar office job and can spend like $9600 a year on gas depending on the commute.  My friend's high school son goes through $2000 in hockey blades for one season (not even including the damn stick), many people have a $200,000 "vacation property" that they spend like 10 days a year at.  And these are the common middle class families that buy this stuff, not just the rich people.  And these families make up a HUGE chunk of the US population.  The economy is driven by dumb shit.  This white Xbox is just one of those billions of pieces of dumb shit.

Does it bother anybody else that a Microsoft employee is selling a custom made Xbox One that Microsoft gave them for being a part of the Xbox team and helping bring it to the public, especially for that much money? They obviously don't have much pride in the work they contributed to just sell it off like that.

The debate of whether or not the price tag is too high or not reminds me of a short fable...

A man, driving down a dirt road, passes a pottery stand. He pulls over to get a gift for his wife. He greets the merchant and starts to browse the pottery selection. After looking around he notices that there are two identical clay bowls on either side of the stand. One is $5 and one is $500. He goes over to the merchant and says, "There are two identical bowls on your stand. One is $5 and one is $500. Why is that?"

The merchant looks at the man with a slight smirk and says, "Some people like to spend $5. Some people like to spend $500."


Yeah...that's never gonna sell. That's like trying to sell your shitty iPhone with flappy bird for 100,000 on eBay. Stupid as faak.