AOL Entrance for Nokia Lumias gets a small update with better AR

AOL Entrance

Although AOL still gets jeers from those who think of the early internet days, the fact of the matter is they’re a huge media conglomerate who owns Moviefone, Huffington Post, Engadget, TechCrunch and more.

The other fact is this: AOL Entrance the app is pretty damn awesome. No joke. It’s powerful with some of those above services (especially good since the Huffington Post app is MIA), has music streaming built in (including Shoutcast support) and probably the killer feature: augmented reality for finding movies around you.

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The AR movie finder just received a minor overhaul with the current that just went live in the Nokia Collection. It now has a little banner on top that allows you dynamically choose the range and you can also glance by movies or movie theaters. You basically just hold up the phone, pan and scan around and you can see movie posters floating in their respective direction. Cool stuff.

In addition, the app also now has ‘article slideshow improvements’, which aren’t that exciting but do improve the user experience.

With the wide breadth of media news found within the app and the ability to “pin everything”, we really like AOL Entrance. If you have a Nokia Lumia, you should really give it a go.

Find it here in the Nokia collection.

QR: Entrance


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AOL Entrance for Nokia Lumias gets a small update with better AR


Tell your phone manufacture to make a contribution to the WP ecosystem other than making a phone then not engaging developers to provide apps to it. HTC and Samsung both were first in the ecosystem, but made no efforts to get apps; they simply put there 5 apps in there own apps zone included on the phone and that's it. Maybe if they had done more, Nokia would see fit to offer the apps on day one, but the fact is that HTC and Samsung to this point has not made positive ecosystem contributions, only hardware

Me too. That's why I'm switching back to Nokia from Samsung. That's my way of telling my current manufacturer.

I was too, so I switched to Lumia from HTC (and I heard it was strong like HTC). I liked some of HTC exclusive apps(weather was my favorite), but there were a few for Lumia that I really wanted like ESPN Fantasy Football.

A lot of the exclusives are nothing special.

Ok let's not start with this again. Let Nokia have its moment and hope the rest will join the party.

I have to agree. I had an LG before and it had a few exclusive apps, but nothing really cool. Even the few good ones disappeared after a while or never showed up to be free again. I used to be, darn Nokia gets it first. Now that I switched I get to smile. Is it enough to keep me in Nokias camp? No, but even if say someone else comes out with something better than the 920, I'd still go with Nokia because of the service and customer commitment. I think it's a plus for Nokia and their users.

I had the quantum and gave it up for my lumia because I disliked them disabling some features of the OS.

The title of the app makes me want to plug my 900 into a land line to dial AOL like I did in 1993.

Bullshit. I don't think android does the exclusive app bull. And I don't want to hear "go buy a Nokia" cuz my carrier only has 1 and it sucks...traded it for the radar

You're right, android doesn't have exclusive apps. It just has a crapload of different phones with no particular rhyme or reason to their hardware which means they will not all run the same apps and you may or may not have the latest version of android because the OS on an android may be anything from first incarnation to fourth. Sure there might not be official exclusives but your phone being unable to run apps due to hardware/version number creates this anyways. Hence why people complain about android being fragmented.

P.S. I bought my 900 for $150 bucks, I am on a prepaid plan that works beautifully. If your carrier stinks just go pre-paid.

If I can get the Lumia 900 for 150 bucks I buy at least five and give them out to some friends for Thanksgiving.

In my case I had a LG quantum. I installed Craigslist deluxe lite, saved an alert for the 900, and pinned it to the start screen. The 900 regularly comes up for between $175-250 bucks.