Windows Phone 8 next month with Nokia Apollo hardware by the end of 2012?

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While we're expecting Windows Phone 8 to be available later this year, Israeli technology website Techit has reported that Nokia are planning to release "Apollo" smartphones before 2012 is up, and the next major update for Windows Phone is slated for a June rollout. The website is citing a Nokia representative, who is also quoted to have mentioned full Hebrew support in the next version of Microsoft's mobile operating system.

As well as the release of Nokia hardware, and the support for Hebrew, the Nokia rep also reaffirmed June as the month for Windows Phone 8, but we should take these quotes with a grain of salt. The burning question on consumer minds is whether or not their current hardware will be upgradable to the next version of the OS. Unfortunately, we're still unable to confirm either way, but we expect concrete information to be released soon enough.

Samsung has also been reported to be looking at "Apollo" to release a number of devices to tackle Nokia, and even Acer has been thrown into the light with the rumours of the manufacturer working on a Windows Phone 8 QWERTY slider. We expect to hear more details unwrap as time goes on, especially with upcoming June Windows Phone Developer Summit and Nokia World 2012, which we will certainly be covering.

What do you guys think? June too soon for Apollo?

Edit: A more likely and conservative reading of the source would suggest June is ripe for the beta and SDK but not a proper, formal release of the entire OS. That still looks likely for late fall.

Source: Techit.co.il (Bing translate)


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Windows Phone 8 next month with Nokia Apollo hardware by the end of 2012?


June is too soon I think. I remember seeing an internal Microsoft roadmap somewhere and windows phone 8 and windows 8will release simultaneously in September October timeframe

Agreed and no reason lumia 900 won't be supported. It just came out over a month ago. BTW, I am loving my 900. gld I dumped the 4S..

Don't worry, Microsoft planned for all phones to get all updates. Its their way of keeping our ecosystem unfragmented.

Hahahah good one! Just like they planned for all updates to be rolled out by them, and we know how well that went! :P

First:  MS never promised that you could upgradde your current phone to WP8.  Second: WP 8 will  run better with new hardware.   SO, from an insider(not me, but a friend).   Current phones(including Nokia L900 and HTC Titan II) will NOT(repeat  NOT) be getting Apollo OS come this year.   Neverless, I bought my Nokia L900 (Cyan) just to support Windows Phone and Nokia, knowing that I will have to buy new Nokia Windows Phone 8 (aka Apollo) end of the year(up font-hence I already upgrade my phone for another 2  years)

While you may claim to have an "insider" to the matter, I'll be waiting for the official response from Nokia, Microsoft, and of course AT&T, mmm-kay?

A guy that worked on the design of the 900 said no official word but looks like devices will be updated with apollo, but not a full version.

I just don't see Microsoft making the wrong move by not supporting current hardware. Especially with the Nokia deal. Otherwise Nokia will for sure fail. I love my lumia 900 tho..

Hey everyone check out the skinit on amazon there all kinds of ones to choose from even for lumia 900 I'm getting a Dallas mavericks one :D

Much needed update.. So enterprises can adapt. Lot of big enterprises switched to iPhone and this upgrade must do some thing to bring enterprise market to Windows Phone.

I, likewise, would be sorely disappointed if the Lumia 900 were not upgradeable to WP8. All of my next purchases would be Apple products. I hope MS doesn't blow this.

Yeah, even if Apples phones have been upgradeable, you still purchased the new offering even if it didn't change cosmetically; ie iPhone 4 - 4s. Why can't we just purchase the next WP7??? I will if the hardware is better coupled with Apollo.

Not everyone can afford to throw out perfectly good phones for the latest flavour. New phones always cost around $700-800 in Australia (outright price) which isn't exactly cheap... compared to the US at least where they seem to be only $300-400

You seem to forget the tools with iPhones apperabtly made of gold who sell it for 800-900 dollars like morons

Absolutely correct, but the annoying subject for people is that they bought a product not even a year old. Me on the other hand will get stuck behind since i got a Titan on contract, so no new phone for one and a half year. :-( :-(

Would be a pleasant surprise but, if anything at all, I think it will be a beta version for developers to download and update/create their apps on. Apple did this with iOS 5 and continually updated the beta till its official launch. I highly doubt a final release rollout to all devices, although that would be most welcome :D

I find it hard to believe that they will release Apollo next month. Windows 8 won't even be RTM by then.

I hope they said screw tango and just rolled it into wp8.....only if it would actually be released next month though

June is not too early. It would be perfect to show up android with a significant update to all phones before ICS is not on some major competitors phones. It keeps interest in the evolving and competitive market.

Yeah, the Titan 2 is so nice that HTC is putting commercials of the One X android offering over it. Sad they don't at least give WP7 equal advertising!

June would actually be perfect timing for a beta release for a couple reasons.
1. It is the same month we got the Mango beta, so the timeline from beta -> device fits
2. Developer convention at the end of June, it'd make sense to have a SDK and an early version of the OS (perhaps they will have to give out preloaded devices at the conference instead of doing upgrades). What good is a 2 day conference when the developers won't be able to use what they learned for another few months?
It surely won't be coming to retail in June though, lol

Never too soon for a great update I say. As long as it can run on current hardware, bring it on. It can only bring huge improvements over mango, so hey, gimme gimme

Not too soon if OS is ready. Not like first version. Unlikely new wp8 will be rdy by june. Here is my guess

Announce apollo june
Developers get kit
Manufactures announced soon after
First batch of devices aug or sept to beat iPhone release

That would my ideal scenario. Aug/sept a good window to come out since not much releasing this time.

hrumph.... im still waiting on sprint to release the damn dissapearing keyboard fix. i doubt i will ever see an update from Hesse.

hrumph.... im still waiting on sprint to release the damn dissapearing keyboard fix. i doubt i will ever see an update from Hesse.

Too soon, my ass!!!! That's awesome. The sooner the better. We all know that the media will ignore Windows Phone 8 in the fall for the iPhone 5. I say go for it!!! Make some noise MS!

Wp8 is more hype then a lil iPhone release lol u forget Microsoft runs this world with its software fuck what apple has they suck they couldn't hack it as a computer company so they tryd to turn the brand into another Nike with ishit

Since June is the release of the Office 15 and the Windows 8 release preview, I'd bet we'll see a unified release of all three in beta with SDKs.

Hoping its June .... but fall seems more likely, now I just need TMo to come out with a phone so I can use my July upgrade ( fingers crossed)

Not a computer whiz but doesn't Tango have to be released before Apollo?? If Apollo were to be release in June, that would mean that every phone getting both updates would be getting Tango in the next two weeks.. I may be wrong, but that just seems like common sense to me..

Rumor drop:
I have a Lumia 800 on Telus and was having a problem getting MMS.  This is something that's commonly a Telus problem (they handle MMS differently which is really annoying).
While dealing with customer service, which is pretty good actually, the rep I was dealing with told me an update was coming out in a couple of weeks or so for the phone.
About 10 minutes after hanging up, and testing MMS, the rep sent me the following SMS:
Hi XXX, this is XXX from Telus, don't worry about that software update, not out until July, my mistake.
So this totally jibes with Nokia releasing it in June.  Looks like Telus is already in the loop for it.
This was about 2 weeks ago.

I know one thong the pages better scroll from left to right like every other Microsoft product out now........no more up and down and more left to right

Maybe a beta will be released just like last year, that being said I don't really expect to see Apollo till 9/27/12. It would be nice to see a full version in June tho.

Not to soon it would be great if it actually did release in June but I know that will not be the case. I'm do for an upgrade in September anyway but it would be cool if they threw a curve ball and shocked everyone here's for hoping.

I'm thinking about a marketing campaign called "Get an early taste of the new Windows .... on phone" for both WP8 and W8
That probably works since I believe Windows 8 will be Windows Phone biggest selling point. And Nokia might have to wait til the end of the year to release new hardware because of porting their PureView technology.

Yeah, it's probably going to be like all the Nokia exclusive bullshit - they make WP8 exclusive to new hardware to encourage / force us to upgrade

I just wish they would freaking come out and say if older devices will get wp8. Regardless of if my lumia 900 gets it or not, i just want an answer. :(

Wonderful... Dell ran like a bunch of cowards, in just enough time to make sure that those of us with a Dell Venue Pro get left behind and don't get an update. This is why I hate Microsoft not making their own device. The whole Dell Venue Pro experience leaves a real sour taste in my mouth.

Something people in the US should never forget is that your mobile environment is much more complicated than it is elsewhere. You use CDMA and GSM, and on GSM you have operators using non-standard bands. Do not expect phone manufacturers to cater to ALL your carriers from the start, because your market has made it a freaking nightmare to sell phones to, and this stuff takes time.

Actually my DVP is on the latest OS version 8107 right now... So I can't complain to much at the moment. But sadly it looks like if we won't see the Tango update

no way Apollo is going to run on current hardware especially if it is true that Apollo runs on the NT kernel. If they do allow Apollo on current windows phone hardware, I would imagine its going to be noticeably slower than mango and I doubt Microsoft wants that.

If it's true that current hardware will be unable to run Apollo, I hope Microsoft gives everyone who purchased the the latest hardware an upgrade deal..

I think the developers are only the ones getting it in June, they can't release Apollo before Tango even comes out and Tango is scheduled for a June release which would put Apollo in the Sept-Oct timeframe.

one million of us should just sign a petition, forcing microsoft to release info on the handset apollo situation :)

I need Tango to fix my disappearing keyboard issue on my Samsung Focus! I can wait for Apollo, but I can't wait any longer to see what it's about...

This is not accurate.
Most of the article was about that smoked by windows phone events in Israel. It's strange to do that when the phone doesn't support hebrew since that means it fails in a major requirement and is not a viable option for local users over there (it's also not available, so not sure why they did it).
At the end they claim Microsoft would reveal WP8 on June 20th (probably based on the same assumptions will all made about that event)
and then there's a qoute from a press released from the company that distributes Nokia phones in Israel and all they mention is that these phones will be available before the end of the year (we all knew that already)  and that it will have hebrew support (also already known and was mentioned by MS before)
Nothing about when WP8 will be launched or beta stuff, not sure where you got that from

Now this makes perfect sense. I would think MS would reveal WP8 first in order to gather interest from both customers and developers. I'm anxious to know what features WP8 will bring.

I love my Nokia L900!! Thanks Microsoft and Nokia!! So far the best phone I've ever purchased. I hope things keep getting better

New Apollo phones will be "superphones" on par with the iPhone & Galaxy, One X lines. Existing WP7.5 phones will receive the Tango update.

Current devices are going to get a "Tango" like release of WP8 which will only support a subset of features that the current chassis spec is capable of supporting.  The big deal is that it will get a WP8 kernel so that WP8 apps will run.

If I was a betting man (which I'm not) I would bet most existing phones except lumia 900 and titan 2 will not get the update to Apollo but I would suspect those 2 to receive it based on their release dates. Tango in June makes sense but no way is Apollo coming in June. Windows 8 probably October and WP8 around the same time with new handset goodness in time for the holiday season would make a lot of sense from a marketing perspective. Looks like I'm gonna be looking for a tablet and a new smart phone come the end of the year. I am actually almost as excited to see a tablet running W8 as I am about WP8!!!

I just hope microsoft doesnt make that mistake of not updating gen 2 devices if they do as much as i love my nokia i shant be staying once eligible for an upgrade. This isnt about demanding anything i took a 600 etf for my lumia and if this article is right and apollo comes out in june and new devices are the only ones getting it i take it as a spit in the face. I'd rather not have to constantly upgrade to a new phone every time they release a new OS update it just doesnt seem worth the money or the hassle. Some form of upgrade would be better than no upgrade at all heed my words microsoft....

Yes, apollo definitely too soon for June 2012. I would suggest too first put priority to the microsoft suggestion box and invest in improving the WP7 Mango ecosystem. I think microsoft is far too easy with their dumping stratey of previous OS'es. The improvement from NoDo to Mango was a good step. Mango to Tango a bad one. Once again I think the suggestion box should be the focus, and no they should not be tips for apollo but Mango.
The Mango OS is only just now starting to bloom. If microsoft focusessen more on Apollo Mango will certainly be a less florid system, a shame for all the investment MS and hardware company's put in building this new ecosystem. Why can't the ecosystem be as durable as a desktop (5+ years, instead of 1-2 years turnover)?

If the release comes out in June I'll be happy as a prisoner in a whore house!!! June seems unrealistic, although a new windows phone for the summer will give WP some extra swag and pimp!!! As long as it drops before the iPhone WP will definitely get a bunch of customers looking for a new "flavor".


I think I'm missing the boat on something here...why are ppl so concerned about getting WP8 on their current devices? Will the phones performance degrade if u don't update to WP8? Will it stop working as fluid and as fast without the new OS? U see that has me confused...from a common sense perspective (and I mean no disrespect)the phone's performance should not and will not deteriorate..the same windows pho experience will more than likely be the same experience u enjoy now.

I for one will not and do not want WP8 on my Lumia 710. Why? Because I do not want a sub par WP8 experience. For me to enjoy the new OS i would need hardware that can fully deliver on the new OS experience. The 710 has given me such a superb Windows experience that I will be buying a WP8 phone, and a flagship model too!!! We may all want the upgrade to WP8 but we may not enjoy the experience on old hardware. Just my 2c on that topic.

WinRT is short for Windows Runtime. It refers to the new API's. I wish I knew where people got the idea that Windows ARM is going to be called WinRT...

I think it will be in the fall when Windows 8 drops. It will be a simutaneous launch. I think and I have no proof but every gen 1.5 windows phone device will get a half upgrade. They won't get the full feature set, but they will get something. I have an HTC HD7, it's time for me to upgrade on T-mo. So any phone that came around the same time as the HTC Radar and ones after it will get an upgrade.