App Promo is a new way to show off your favorite Windows Phone apps

App Promo

Promoting great apps is half of what we do here. Now you can easily help promote your favorite apps too. App Promo is a new app on Windows Phone that you can use to show off your favorite apps and games on Windows Phone. Let’s check it out.

App Promo comes to us from Sébastien Lachance, the developer behind other popular apps like DualShot. It’s a really simple app, but it’s great at what it does. App Promo is going to be useful app for both developers and fans of their work.

What’s it do? It generates a QR code alongside the app’s logo. The QR of course is the universal link to the Windows Phone Store for that particular app. App Promo automagically pulls in the logo and QR code side-by-side. You can then select from a variety of background colors.

App Promo

Created your awesome promo? You can share it out via Facebook, Twitter or any app you’ve installed that supports sharing.

App Promo is an awesome way to show off your favorite apps to your friends and followers. Download it from the Windows Phone Store today. The trial is fully functional, if you want you can drop the developer $0.99 to show your support. 

QR: App Promo
Logo and QR made in App Promo


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App Promo is a new way to show off your favorite Windows Phone apps


This comes just as a friend is setting up windows phones for his parents and wanted suggestions for apps. Nice one.

i dont know where to put this, but flappy birds is in window store!!! my son just stored his ipod again and back to his 920

Hello Sam. Thanks for your articles. How does one send you an app for your consideration for promotion? I have started creating Windows Phone apps, and the first one I just published is a simple Metronome. I'm trying to invest time and effort in creating apps with beautiful UI and UX, and would be interested to know how I can get them feature through WPCentral :)


If you have any suggestions or comments, email the developer. I did, and he replied in a short time.
As a side note, he's pretty happy with the write up.

Why would anyone pay to share an app via QR on twitter?
If I needed to share an app I would use NFC Tap+Send.
I tried this app anyway....
Tried to share an app, could not share my Installed apps, had to search all apps.... And even then the app I tried to "share" could not be found..... #sad
Useless - Uninstalling

Hello David,

Thank you for taking the time to write a store review and a comment in this forum.

App Promo is a tool to help developers to promote their apps on social media like Twitter. The app in currently in 5th position in the US market in the category Tool - New+Rising.

It would have been nice to have the ability to share the installed apps, but it is restricted by Microsoft, I can't have access to the installed apps.

Developer of App Promo