App Update Roundup: Surfy, HERE Maps, Star Warfare, Video Trimmer and more

App Update Roundup

We're kicking off a new week with our Newsroom is full swing and Build 2014 well and truly behind us. That said, there's still some news and app updates to cover for you all to remain up-to-date with platform business. We'll catch a few apps and games in today's roundup to kick off the week.


Surfy 3.8

Surfy is a pretty decent alternative web browser to Internet Explorer on Windows Phone. The app was previously re-released late last year, but today we're looking at a new release with some highly requested functionality.

Here's what's new in version 3.8:

  • Share link via NFC
  • Save Login credentials
  • Find on Page
  • Voice support for Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

Both the free and the paid versions of Surfy have been updated. Check them out on the Windows Phone Store using the links and QR codes below:

QR: Surfy

Star Warfare

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion

This popular fast-paced alien shoot ‘em up game for your Windows Phone 8 device, Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, calls upon players to play the role of a soldier pitted against wave after wave of alien invaders.

The title has been bumped to, which includes the following:

  • Crash bug on 512M devices fixed
  • Arena bug positions fixed

It's a nice update and a game we recommend you try out should you be a fan of said games.

QR: Star Warfare

Odds and ends

Not only have apps and games received rather large updates with change logs to boot. We've been made aware of some minor release, which can be found below:

Thanks, Matic, for the tip on HERE Maps!


Reader comments

App Update Roundup: Surfy, HERE Maps, Star Warfare, Video Trimmer and more


Not quite sure what you mean but all of Asphalt 8's data is stored online so you can just delete it and redownload it without losing progress

You mean when we log in with fb account ? Does game saves with fb account. What if I uninstall and then reinstall, then i have to log with fb account to get the last saved game ??

Wow, I had even forgotten about the HERE Explore! When was it the last time we received any news from it anyway?

Don't get me started. Ever article I read on this site has misspelled words that make understand the intended point quite difficult and very annoying to decipher. I don't understand why it appears so difficult for the news writers to write their stories in Word for Office. The damned thing will do the spell checking and syntax corrections for you.

I've also noticed annoying mistakes on this site recently.

They used to be brilliant and WMPoweruser was the website full of amateur mistakes, but they seem to be making the mistakes here now.

And now that those 2 Wi-Fi proxies are closed it makes it harder to download non Nokia apps like Samsung's Video Trimmer which is better than Nokia's and actually gets regular updates, unlike Nokia's which doesn't. Nokia' hasn't been updated in 6 months, Samsung's has had 3 updates this year already following one in December...

I wish they would fix the HERE Maps bug where it just hangs most of the time when trying to get directions. It got introduced in an update months and months ago and has made the app almost unusable for me ever since :-(. Had to install an app to put the bing maps icon back onto my Lumia 820 instead so that I had a map that could actually give me directions again!

I have a problem with my gps. Its not showing me accurate location. neither in here maps or google maps. :( Lumia 720

Did u updated the maps ? Where you have saved maps of your state/country ? If in sd card, please move to the phone storage also reinstall here maps and drive. Also do soft reset by holding volume down+switch button for 10 to 15 seconds and then release it.

Have never been able to update Surfy this past 2 days. I don't know what's wrong :-/