App updates getting stuck in approval process, Microsoft looking into the problem

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There's nothing worse for developers than updating their Windows Phone apps to address bugs and for the release to get lost wondering around the vast plains of the Microsoft Dev Center. Our own Jay Bennett has experienced an issue with the latest version of the Windows Phone Central app finding itself stuck in limbo (or rather "Certification Passed" and "Not Submitted" stages of approval).

Microsoft has since acknowledged the issue and has stated engineers are looking into reports.

A number of developers have logged onto the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) to voice their anger and concerns that app updates are not rolling out as expected. This isn't the first time Microsoft has encountered some problems with its developer tools and developers submitting apps or updates. Should you be a consumer waiting for your favourite apps to be bumped to the latest version, you may have some time to wait through before you're able to enjoy the latest build.

There's an ongoing discussion in a number of threads over on MSDN (1) (2) that are well worth checking out for more details. A number of developers also touch on other problems that they've encountered while using Microsoft services. A Microsoft employee has made an announcement on the forum:

"Many of you have reported an issue with attempting an app update, getting a generic error and then unable to take further action such as Edit or Delete.  We have examples from some cases reported and are working with Engineering to investigate and fix.  We'll report back an update as soon as we have one."

At least Microsoft has acknowledged and is working on the issue. We'll keep our eyes open for more details. In the meantime developers are urged to remain patient and let the folks get on with solving the issue.


Reader comments

App updates getting stuck in approval process, Microsoft looking into the problem


Microsoft really needs to look into their quality control department. Too many problems on live software. The 7.8 tiles issue is embarrassing in its own right.

I also never had the issue but received an update today on my Lumia 800 here in The Netherlands

Metrotube needs to seriously update their app because top rated + featured have been stop working update for months now. Funny thing is, their older version works better than the new version so that's why I haven't updated metrotube on my 7.8 device.

Agree. I've tweeted both the company and metrotube twitter accounts a few times as well as changing my review to reflect this.  Its a shame because this was an app I used to show off WP8 to my friends when they were thinking of getting a new phone.

my app (IDOS) has been affected. I have the update xap file in my hard drive, just sitting there for 3 days waiting for Microsoft's engineers to solve the issue. This should be on their top priority! Why is it taking them so long?
For those who have no idea what we are talking about and think it's our fault here's what happened in my case:
A couple of days ago I clicked the "update app" button on the dashboard (wp dev site). A message in red alerted me "can't update app".  From that point the status of my app is "not submitted". There is no update option any more!!!

The past 2 weeks I've submitted a few updates to my app (A-League Ultras) and they've been passing certification in 2 to 3 days! I thought the update process has been sweet as :) Only thing that happened on Sunday just gone, I tried to submit an update and it would start the submission and then get an error saying it couldn't continue or something. I tried a few more times and wouldn't work. About an hour later it worked and my app just passed cert this morning for that update. Just submitted another update again with no issues. Hope it doesn't hit this bug now and passes cert in a few days again. I'm in Australia so I wonder if we'd get affected or not.

The infinite news loading bug in some regions, 2 live tile failure instances, the wallpapers section crashing, and ability to save images to Windows Phone 8 devices are the big 4.

No new features in this one, it's an entirely maintenance foccussed release, I needed to fix those defects quickly.

Right now I'm working on some very cool new audio based features ready for v4, which will probably also have lockscreen wallpaper features. As for fast resume, it's actually not a particularly requested function as the app does fast-resume (in the Mango sense) already. I'll certainly look into how that API works and how easy it would be to do.

What's the problem, hire people who know what the hell their doing so all the developers don't get pissed off and leave. It's not that difficult. Obviously Android and IOS are doing it right. Better get your shit together MS. Send a freakin spy over to google if you have to!!! Get it done!!!!

Yeah, they ain't doing nothing right. My bad. Sure looks like there 48 million users are really worried about this malware. I didn't say do exactly as Google, i meant they obviously have some idea what the hell there doing over there. Maybe I'm wrong, who the hell knows or cares

i am really angry on microsoft why they prefer bigger developers more then the 100000 smaller one. An example is that whatsapp can have 3 certifications in three days. For us normal dev center user is that not possible. And one other fact makes me angry too, if my app was aproved and i change only a color inside the app or even some little grammar spelling mistakes the certification failes because of a certifier says my logo looks like the microsoft logo and the logo was aproved 3 updates r more ago, after all i got the support via email that says my logo can be used and the app should not fail certification. I ask sometimes what kind of people work there for certification???