Apple stealing Nokia's thunder, iPad media event set on same day as Nokia keynote

Abu Dhabi

They say copying is the best form of flattery, but we're not ones to mess around with petty arguments about who copied who when it comes to smartphones. That said, we will sometimes dive into the pool of humor to rock around and troll slightly.

Today, we're looking at Apple hosting an event on the same day as Nokia. Coincidence?

So what will this event cover? According to our brothers and sisters over on iMore, we'll be looking at iPad and Mac announcements. This is for the date of October 22nd, the same day of Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, which we're attending ourselves. The new iPad 5 is set to be unveiled, as well as a possible Retina iPad mini. 

Nokia is set to unveil a batch of devices, including the Lumia 1520 and a Windows 8 RT tablet. It'll be interesting to see which company can attract the most attention. You have the well established Apple versus the super popular Nokia brand, which is essentially hosting a farewell party before being absorbed by Microsoft.

We'll be on the floor at both events, so remain tuned to our feeds for all the Windows goodness. If you're into Apple, head on over to iMore for more coverage there.

The good news? The events, even though they are on the same day, are so spread around the world that they will be nearly half a day apart--so no worry about any overlap.

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Apple stealing Nokia's thunder, iPad media event set on same day as Nokia keynote


Last year it was 23 October, but this is still pretty close (and Apple likes having their events on Tuesdays anyway which explains the shift by one day).

People here seriously think Apple would change such an important event just to target Nokia o_O? You guys missed what Tim Cook said about Nokia didn't you...

No I don't, and clearly you have no idea what talk I was referring to and missed the point. (Google "Tim Cook Nokia dead")
Anyway what I was trying to say is that Apple doesn't really think of Nokia as a competition anymore.

No matter how big or small a company is, they are still competition. One company can not be worried if another company is releasing new products.

My comment did not target any specific quote, how could I miss the point? And how would you know what Apple really think or doesn't think if you believe in/refer to what they say in public? 

Nokia is dead? The mass majority and actual portion of Nokia that would be a threat to Apple, is now going to be owned by Microsoft...so Microsoft is going legs up? That shows you how clueless Cook is and how crap just spews from his mouth.

last year, the Iphone 5 was hammered for not innovating enough in no small part because the lumia 920 (which was the most innovating smart phone of the year) was announced at nokia world on the 5th of september, days before the 12th of september iphone 5 event, rasing the bar for compitision. Apple is simply just gonna nip this in the bud, although the ipad is of course going to outsell whatever tablet Nokia has, it dosnt want a similier situation. if this was a samsung event, apple wouldnt care, but you never know what Nokia has up their sleavs, and it might not outsell apple, but Nokia does become a darling of the media

says the company that went from having 80 something percent of the market to 16 percent in just a couple of years.

Exactly, is more of a fiscal thing, about the reports thay have to make before october ends, apple did good releasing the same day, if they release before or after, no one (except us) will talk about Nokia, in the other hand, if you release the same they, IMO every one will publish comparisons between the 2 devices. wich is better for Nokia, Globally.

It is in the sense that last year was the first year they announced it at the end of the year and that was to throw off interest of the surface and windows 8 release on October 26. This is apple again just trying to make sure a competitors high profile event doesn't go down without them trying to steal part of the show.

You're joking...but it would make sense for Apple to actually get HERE services from Nokia, seeing how their Apple Maps SUCKS lol

Any scenario of Nokia destruction is appalling. So if MS manages to get their way with the devices division, Apple might as well try to get the rest of Nokia.

We already know Apple will attract the most attention.  The tech press has a constant raging hard on for anything Apple lol.  Nokia will be lucky to get a single article regarding their products on most of the major tech sites :(

Oh trust me, Nokia will get articles. They just won't be "good" ones lol.....Apple will get the, "OMG iPad mini with Retina, truly revolutionary" while Nokia will get the "Minor update to the Lumia line, will that make you switch"

Well , Apple will get more "After-the-buzz" articles because they announce price , availability and countries where its going to launch.

Nokia won't , they just announce a product and nobody knows when it will be available , which countries first or what carriers or pricing.

Last time Lumia 920 killed off iPhone 5's excitement but iPhone 5 took over everything because of availability and it gave clear idea to both websites as well as consumers where and when to buy.

If i wanted to get 920 , I had no idea until November or December.

This time , if they repeat same thing , expect whole press only focusing on Apple.

Nobody writes about Nokia when they just announce a product and disappear without mentioning anything regarding other aspects.

Could be different this time as WPC seems pretty confident that the 1520 will be available in "early November". That would be around 2 weeks after the 22nd..assuming the 1520 is announced on the 22nd..

They have a hard on for the same shitz that hasn't changed 3-4 years. Ooh finger print scanner! Oohh, I'm gonna explode right now!

ROFL guys you've made my day together :D but I feel like stopping my laugh and starting to weep as I understand you are both totally right

It takes longer to scan your finger in the lock screen than using a 4 pin. My brother ordered the Gold 64GB model, and says it will arrive the end of November, and says he is willing to wait, because he wants gold and LOVES gimmicks. -_-

Could this be intentional? With majority market share why do stuff like this? At the same time they have held all their events around the same time. So can we really blame them?

Apple will attract more attention, that's pretty much a no-brainer. What will be interesting is to see which company makes the most of the attention they attract.

while the middle east is ahead of California, it's not a full day, only 8-10 hours. Even if they do it in the AM local time, it will still be drowned in most tech websites by the morning news from Apple

Nokia must change it❕❕ Apple Sucks for this.. Now I hate them with much passion❕ This is just a sign of their weakness growing more, and more.

Well Nokia has another badass innovated device so it wouldn't matter what apple does I still meet people every day talking about the 920 and 1020 askin me hey is that the new phone with the big camera lol when really all I have is the 920 lol I did put my buddy Mikey from my YouTube videos on my plan and he got the 1020 he also got a clim case that fits perfectly on the phone its really a nice phone the pictures are very good

To me this shows apple is afraid of W8 and WP8. They are purposely trying to steal some of the crowd away. And like some have said Nokia will be lucky to get any mention on the tech websites. This just shows the kind of class Apple has.

I think if that were the case then they would wait for Nokia, see what they have, then make their move. This shows they are confident with what they have

Why? Apple doesn't owe Nokia or Microsoft anything. If I recall correctly, Nokia originally had plans to have their event in September then they pushed the date back to October (probably to accommodate Microsoft and the W8.1 launch).

Not only that. This is two years in a row they have held the iPad mini launch to spoil the surface launch. If I remember right, it was suspiciously close to the surface rt/win 8 launch last year. It may have even been the same day. They use to only have an even in September but last year they just happened to add the iPad mini launch 1 month later during the month everyone knew was going to be all about Microsoft.

This might be very smart. I know that there will at least be posts comparing both newly announced tablets on many sites.
The 920 was announced a few weeks before the new iPhone, and it did decent, but not great. Both events at the same time could bring different results. Nokia afterwards (but before new Apple devices are available) could bring different results.
Might as well try it all out.

It will make it harder for main stream media to ignore the new Nokia tablet, but I'm sure they'll find a way. Local news in the US always report on new Apple product announcements, never on anyone else. Having it on the same day only affects tech websites

As he lands on an Apple fanboy in the crowd reading their iPad and crushes it into pieces! Then he rips open his shirt to reveal a big red letter S on his (Windows) blue T-shirt! He gives that boy a Nokia tablet and it forever changes his life, for he is now a man! All hail the next CEO of Microsoft!! (The crowd goes wild)

Google did try that against the L900 I think and nobody cared. I'm guessing people will care about Apple maxi and mini pad 9 or whatever.

I wouldn't worry about this event. Besides what can you do? They've been in the tablet business a good bit longer and they are not about to yield the air assault or the ground game to anyone. Microsoft will simply have to be a better choice in tablets. So far, it is.

I remember Apple!
Availability after these events can be disappointing! Hate waiting for the next products to hit the stores.

I remember I wouldn't put out any cash for their overpriced " but well made" products. Innovation is lacking these days over there.

No coincidence.

But neither is the fact that Microsloth rushed the presentation of the Surface 2 to have them for sale on 22nd October.
They're all aiming at the same time and trying to shot each other.

Judging by this you would think so!

I would say "ask the Mayans" but they are clearly not to be trusted.

This is a strategic, competitive play by Apple and while I don't like it, I also can't blame them. One of the many reasons WP8 and Nokia have been having so much trouble gaining market share, to my mind, is that virtually no one is familiar with their latest incantations. Nokia launching 6 (some very notable, i.e. first tablet and phablet) devices would have been sure to draw at least a decent amount of attention, which would ideally help with that problem. Instead Apple is using their considerable brand power and notoriety to quash what benefit could have been gained. While unfortunate for us, this is, of course, how competition works, as we all know.
On the bright side, and again assuming this to be no coincidence, this might at least mean that Nokia/MS are giving them something to consider, if not worry about, in the competitive landscape; and that might not have been as much the case in the past.

Aside from the fact that Apple announced new iPad mini last year on the same date. Nobody is trying to undercut Nokia, if anything its Nokia trying to take away Apple's thunder by announcing their stuff few hours early.

It would be idiotic for a company that has frequently been called 'irrelevant' to purposely attempt to undercut what was just called "the most powerful brand in the world". There is no way that anyone at Nokia would be stupid enough to think they could do that, for one. Second, Nokia announced their event much earlier. Third, holding an event on one day one year is hardly proof that the same will done in the future. Instead, it seems more reasonable to suggest, though certainly not guaranteed, that where two companies compete directly in the same space that the larger, more powerful one will attempt to undermine their competitor is the opportunity presents itself. I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong, only that one possibility there seems more likely than the other (to me anyway).

Average consumers don't even know these events exist. Only the fans and the business is aware of them. I don't think this is the reason why Apple is still more successful. The problem with the selling of Windows Phones relies more in the perception of the public of the "Microsoft" brand.
"Apple" is "cool". Is "trendy". Is "fashionable".
"Microsoft" on the other hand is perceived as an "old" brand. Not "cool". Monopolistic. The ultimate example of the "bad capitalists". And there's so much the power of the Nokia brand can do for sales.
Nokia cares the sales of WP devices on their backs. They sell to people who like Nokia. Then, from there, it's really a word-of-mouth thing. If a person tries WP and really likes it, they'll tell it to their friends and convince them to try. If they like, they'll tell other friends, etc etc. So all MS can do is trying harder to present a decently developed OS on pair with iOS and Android yet different, that makes people want phones for more than just the OEM brand.
This is something they can't blame on same-day presentations.

@DJCBS I disagree only to say that more mainstream media outlets seems to cover Apple announcements than any other, and based on my Facebook newsfeed this has a more perceptible effect on the "masses" who don't read tech sites. Apart from that, I agree with everything you said. As something of a side note, I also can't help but think that by announcing 6 products with their first phablet and tablet in tow that Nokia was hoping for some more mainstream coverage than normal; whether they would have gotten it or if they will in spite of Apple is yet to be seen.

Oh the media does pay more attention to Apple. There's no denying that. But that's also derived from the same perception the consumers have. Lets not forget the media are composed by normal people. Biased people deliver biased news (it also doesn't help that Apple provides these journalists with free iPhones and iPads as a sort of bribe).

Ironic because MS is actually a great company who has contributed tons of cash to organizations, apple on the other hand... Did they ever really vie for superb conditions at their factories or donate money to organizations?

Bad to see that they will overwhelmingly overshadow due to tha massive amounts of media the new iPad micro pixel density

It's an iPad mini with a few extra pixels and possibly a fingerprint nsa scanner or whatever, why don't people just give something slightly different, but trusted (Nokia) a go instead of blindly following apple down Samesville Tennessee

God damnit, I was just cooling off from my rage about Google being a dick to Microsoft about YouTube, now Apple goes and does this?
This is obviously intentional, they're trying to steal the thunder from Nokia's new tablets and phones. Perhaps Nokia ought to reschedule? We all know that Nokia will get zero press coverage if they keep it on that date, everyone will be too busy flipping out over new iPads and shit.

Take last year’s Oct 23rd and align it to a Tuesday, you get Oct 22nd this year.
MS and Nokia have a whole year to avoid this date, and now it’s Apple’s fault…

It's competition. Any apt company in a power position would do that to a competitor any day of the week, including MS/Nokia if the tables were turned.

Microsoft and Nokia should fly the prominent industry journalists to Abu Dhabi for their event and not leave sufficient time for a return flight to cover the Apple event. Maybe even put the journalists up in a nice resort for a few days with exclusive access to the products whilst they write their reviews.
In short, they should make the timezone and geography work in their favour... Just sayin.

Scumbag Apple is looking to cast a shadow over good guy Nokia's potential farewell party.  :p
The cut-throat world of business, eh.

it might help... given Apple gets a lot of coverage... most tech sites etc will compare Nokia tablet to iPad... given lot of ppl look for iPad news they will be exposed to Nokia announcements also... if the Nokia's product is good it will speak for itself against the iPad
its a good competition if Nokia comes out to be the innovative one... they couldn't have asked for a better farewell... positive thinking :)

Dive into the pool of humor? "best" form of flattery? (Sincerest is the word you're looking for). Its a fine topic, but Rich, your writing needs improvement. It's like a high school newspaper editorial.

It's not the poor grammar, which can be fixed (though it shouldn't need to be) it's the style and voice, which cannot. His articles are oddly constructed, and are in need of editing for tone, style, and grammar.

Motorola did the same thing, but it's all good, NOKIA has a lot more interesting announcement compare to the new iPad, plus nokias event is in middle east apple is in the usa.

It is true that the Apple event will take away some MS/Nokia thunder by default as I'm sure most media executives own Apple stock, and that's also something the masses have grown accustomed to over the years. However, this does present MS and Nokia a great opportunity for if they bring unexpected and innovative products to the table and Apple just comes up with extra pixels, finger print scanners, and lighter products available in different colors, it might make some folks scratch their heads and rethink their priorities. At work the # of people taking a pass on any "S" series apple products is increasing as they didn't see any reason to upgrade. What MS needs to do like some folks said earlier, is to borrow a page from the Apple sales book and announce $ and Availably on the spot so consumers can weigh in their decisions on real data. We'll see how it goes.

There is hope that this might actually turn out not so bad for Nokia. I get the feeling that people were a little sour after the 5c/5s announcement so if the new iPad is just a minor refresh then there might be more backlash.

Let's see:
Probably a useless 64 bit processor (useless because it will have less than 4GB RAM)
Going away from the 4:3 form factor
Increased resolution in the mini
fingerprint sensor
BOOM new iPad

Oh you're one of those people who think RAM is the only advantage to 64-bit. I don't particularly like Apple, but how is it any different than with the Surface 2?

I'm doing a twitter campaign that day stanning for my Fav (NOKIA) to let everybody know there are new device's . Of course the media will cover the new iPad event cuz they are blind I say,
ain't nobody got time for a new iPad mini,

Lets think of this from the other extreme, Nokia had to reschedule their event from September to October... they picked Oct 22. What IF they were the ones who said fuhh it lets announce same date as Apples iPad event time frame, im sure Nokia is aware of Apples release date patterns. Its a possibility :P Growin' some bawls

I think Nokia will still get a very decent amount of attention from the press. They are launching a line of products including a brand new tablet. Apple's is nothing more than a refresh. What is the press going to report on for the iPad? Same fingerprint sebsor as iphone? New screen for the mini? Same processor as new iphone? There are only so many articles you can publish on a minor iteration. I think Apple's reluctance to be flexible with dates will actually cost them a LOT of publicity coming up against the full force of windows 8.1 device launches plus Nokia's massive last hurrah.

While I perfectly understand rivalry between various tech companies who tend to do stuff like this, I absolutely hate biased journalists and their even more biased editors. WPCentral and iMore and similar sites are ok because they are specialized in covering a certain product or product range. You'd expect bias there. But other tech portals, and the media in the whole, are just Apple worshipping asshole licking douches. With certain exceptions, naturally, not every one in the world is like that. But major ones are. What happened to simply reporting facts about a product and leaving decisions and choices for the reader? Well, I guess it's all about the clicks nowadays.

Everyone is heavily invested in Apple stock, products, and ecosystem. Herd mentality. The majority is always wrong at turning points. The product does have some nice features, but it is just a product. People seem to think it is a lifestyle thing, still hard to type on a 4" screen.

After reading the First lines of this artical i got bored. I don't care about anything with the word Apple other than the fruit.

Apple is going to announce iOS Blue :P
Seriously, unless they announce an untethered jailbreak for their iOass 7, I'm not interested. At all. XD

Since you won't be purchasing WP Nokia anymore, why are you here? Sounds like you should be on iMore from you statement.

Who cares.. these announcements are irrelevant to end users and are more media events.. And Apple media will not attend Nokia World anyway and vice versa..

Isn't it like Microsoft already stole Nokia's thunder
Even last year Apple had their iPad event in October and they always do it on Tuesdays even last iOS7 + iPhone5S + C launch event was on Tuesday only

I understand what you're saying, but a little professional courtesy would be nice since Apple like everyone else already knew Nokia annouced this event months ago. At least least year, Samsung held their event after Nokia's that had been scheduled for the same day.

So my dear friend isn't Microsoft stealing Nokia's thunder by 50% as much as Apple, because Microsoft too is launching a Tablet in competition to Nokia much like Apple launching iPad & iPad Mini on the same date as Nokia & Apple.
Conclusion: If you blame Apple then blame MSFT too who is selling their tablets with same OS too and that's what gives a more competition to Nokia to steal their thunder which is much less than Apple but Blaming Apple alone is a baised headlines... :/ Had the headlines for both MSFT + Apple stealing Nokia's thunder would've sounded like a totally unbaised headline .. :)

Eventually the post launch marketing would be more important for both Nokia and Apple. Nokia's marketing needs serious improvement.

Lets just hope the press use Nokia Here maps so they can find their way to the Apple event.

I wonder what Microsoft products Apple will copy next.

Nokia (MS) is definitely a threat to apple as they innovate and hold huge patents, just compare their camera tech to any other phone so Tim Cook is full of it and is clearly trying to dismiss them for Apples agenda. What has apple changed since 07? Half and inch of screen and pastel colour..... Yeah Nokia is dead that's why MS is buying them and they sell the most phones (Symbian feature) in the world.

forgot to mention, October 22nd is also the day Microsoft Surface 2 devices go on sale in the USA. I'm sure Microsoft will have some type of launch party or events that same. coincidence?

Microsoft give its competitors and OEM"s too much power by worrying about how to OEM's will feel when MS develops equiptment themselves like the surface line. They also let competitors steel their thunder by holding back on items the could have already made themselves, like a surface mini, surface phone, surface TV, etc, all spark by their concern for how OEM's will feel. It would be epic if tomorrow MS announced the surface mini/phone for Oct 22nd running WP-Blue.....Wishful thinking, I know. I wonder what MS is planning to do with its investment in Barnes & Noble's nook???

I sense fear and stagnation from the Apple camp to resort to such childish tactics. Good for MicrOKIAsoft actually to know that Cupertino is that afraid of Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablet success and growth, little as it is to their market penetration in comparison.

Nokia should have avoided Tuesdays in September and October. Unless Nokia announces a new high end Verizon phone I don't care.

And yet people do still go to apple one dispite the same look devices with different hardware....I wonder if iOS can do bluetooth file transfer like WP8 does.

If MS/Nokia are a genuine threat to apple or not isn't really the point. Apple obv feel they are that's why they refreshed iPad last year at this time alot earlier than previous refreshes to kill off press talk of surface. This time I'm sure isheep will flock to buy retina mini, something they robbed them of last year to make money from them this year and press will lap it up as usual, nothing Nokia can do about it I'm afraid.