Apple's CEO Tim Cook has a dig at Microsoft's Windows 8 PC and tablet convergence

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During the Q2 2012 Apple conference call, CEO Tim Cook was questioned whether there's a possibility of the iPad and Macbook Air converging into one product, much like what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8 and their "three screen vision". Cook answered with a resounding "no", and went on to explain that he believes combining the experience of both the tablet and PC is a 'forced convergence'.

As well as commenting on why he believes this isn't a particularly good idea with regards to the user experience, Cook compared the PC and tablet combination in upcoming Windows 8 much like a "combined toaster and refrigerator". Microsoft has been actively aiming for a unified user experience when it comes to their next major OS release, as well as pulling the Xbox console and Windows Phone closer together. 

The Apple and Microsoft ecosystems are fairly different and this type of comparison (or dig - however you wish to take such comments) is interesting. Apple ensures that each device performs best at what it does, while Microsoft is set to ensure that devices can do more than what the user would usually expect. A Windows 8 tablet running applications in desktop mode is a good example. We'll of course have to see how the average consumer reacts to the changes in Windows 8. 

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Apple's CEO Tim Cook has a dig at Microsoft's Windows 8 PC and tablet convergence


They aren't combining a refrigerator and a toaster.  If anything they are combining an oven and a toaster, and I think a toaster oven is an actual viable product.

I was going to say that the iPad seems to me to be a stove with only an oven and no burners. 
My company has 3 of the gen 1's that are doing nothing and 3 gen 2s that are just used for browsing at home, so not much use there.  I had a personal iPad2 for two weeks and returned it --  nothing wrong with it, it is a beautiful looking gadget, but it just doesn't do enough for me.
Gimme WP8 running on something like the Acer W500 with all the connectivity and horsepower of my current laptop, both my work and casual tinkering on one maching that docks at my desk hits the couch with me.

The gen 1 iPad in my house is essentially a Netflix streamer. Also like it for maps. Doesn't get much other use.

Exactly - this refrigerator/toaster analogy is a meme Apple is trying to get out into the media, and of course most of the mindless media will try to run with it.  But it is complete nonsense.   

This is basic Apple speech for we couldn't get it right, plus we make all our money by having a split format. They will have a converged system in the next 2-3 years. Believe me. So will Google.

Apparently Mr. Cook feels the need to live up to the legacy of the high and mighty turtleneck by also demeaning everything non apple.

Well, I think a lot of us do the same when it comes to products not Windows/Windows Phone related.

The only difference is that we know better ;D

Does he remind anyone else of a cross between the Dyson vacuum salesman and an infomercial schlepper ("But wait, buy now and there's more!")?

Translation:  Apple will wait to see how it resonates with the market, and if people like it, they will "invent" and "innovate" their own version, and all the fanboys will cry out from the rooftops that it was Apple's idea in the first place.  Then the patent wars will begin.

I love the unified user experience Microsoft is going for. Knowing exactly how to use all my devices because they're all the same is very nice. Especially when showing my 3 kids how to use our electronics.

Oh waaahh. This is the internet, lighten up. There's nothing to indicate that's how he meant that statement. Not to mention not everyone shares your views and screaming delete at anything that might be seen as "homophobic" won't help your cause. Let's keep this about tech.

"Fag" 'nuff said.
If you want to keep it about tech, have that comment deleted because it has nothing to do with tech and everything to do with insinuating that gays are inadequate and Tim Cook is the king of said inadequacy.

I don't think Tim Crook understands convergence technologies. They've only been able to combine a music player with a phone.

I agree.  Although this could just be a feint move to distract people from their real plans, if Tim Cook doesn't grasp the game change that convergance between PC, phone and tablet brings to the computing world, he is missing a very big boat.

Well maybe not a moron, but he's certainly no Steve Jobs.  Apple will change, once they realize that pretending to be Steve Jobs isn't the key to future success.  

Microsoft's major competitor says their products are superior to Microsoft's, big suprise
I've been using Windows 8 for the past month or two and loving it. Can't wait for the tablets to drop. I really hope they add bluetooth SMS pairing so you can send/receive texts on your desktop/laptop/tablet.

Bluetooth pairing with your tablet to recieve data from your phone?
Even though similar to what RIM did to blackberry and the Playbook microsoft should find a way to do stuff like this, get emails, text, xbl messages from your phone and maybe even have a tethering option (with benefits) to your windows 8 pc from your windows phone 8 device
Also why am I not able to get music off of my phone when I plug it into my xbox 360 like I could with my zune? or maybe my memories are just outdated.

Why would apple want to converge their devices? That would mean less products for their customers to needlessly upgrade every year! That would certainly hurt profits.

Shh your company made a big iPhone and called it a new product. You aren't allowed to say anything is a bad idea anymore.

But it haz retinaz now, bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And a camera so you can hold a 10" square up to your face and take mediocre pictures - WIN!  

Interesting.. Apple is more about how they could profit sells they can't say MS has a great idea, as it some apple fans will turn in to windows before they buy an Android device because of there pride. Apple HAD great ideas now it's there time to see MS do there thing & try to stop them.

They've made so much money selling ios apps that they themselves are post PC, or should I say post OSX. I'm not seeing any "PADs" running their desktop OS.
Microsoft porting the NT kernel to WP is massive. It helps put everything in place. Apple is more about design, and ripping off design from Braun, than it is about technology. The extent of apples rip offs is legendary. Do a search for the very first transistor radio. The Regency TR-1 and the iPod. http://tinypic.com/dpfrdz.jpg
They never come up with anything new. But if you wait long enough you can rehash the same old stuff.

I would personally love all of mu kitchen appliances in one package, bring it on fridge/freezer/toaster/oven/microwave!

I don't know what the point is of a tablet that is the same as your phone, just with a bigger screen. You get the limitations of a phone with the limited portability of a tablet. I'll always want a laptop (since it has a hardware keyboard built right in) and a phone, but not a combination of the two that deletes the best features of each.

Of course they say its not right. And to them, it wont be right until they do it. Thats not a dig at MS or Apple, its business.
Why would you praise a company doing something you're not. Its business as usual.

I hope Windows 8 does away with the kitchen entirely so I can live off take-out.  I thought Apple wanted me to get rid of a truck.

Apple is probably where Microsoft was over the past decade. iOS is so big and successful, they can't do wholesale changes. This is like Microsoft and windows, it is why every change windows makes angers people, because so many people use it. OSx had such a small user base, they could quickly drop functionality and change course with little/no repercussion. If tomorrow apple added live tiles, widgets, etc... to iOS, my in laws would be lost. This limits their mobility and is why iOS, to me, feels so stale. Microsoft has little/no marketshare in the tablet and smartphone worlds, so they can quickly shift and not anger 100million people. Apple has never been in this position

Dear Tim Cook,
If you are against device convergence, why does OSX have or need a Launchpad? Basically a screen with a grid full of icons that comes from... Guess what? Another device called iPhone!

I've been using Win8 on a tablet for 6 months, and it's quite nice to have a tablet that can become a real PC when you run up against something tablets can't do.

Why yes, I have used it on a non-touch device. I rather enjoy it! After a few day learning curve I find I can do most things faster on W8.

Yes, most of the time I'm using it docked and connected to a big monitor. It's just like an improved Windows 7 with a big start menu, which makes searching easier and app launching just as simple. Plus, live tiles let me check the weather and calendar just by hitting start. Metro isn't seamlessly or perfectly melded to the classic desktop, but even on the desktop I would miss it if I went back to 7. Windows 8 isn't perfect and metro is of most value on the touchscreen, but the old start menu feels pretty gimpy after using the new one for a while. And the other enhancements to the desktop are nice too. They just need to work out how to handle corner hotspots on multi monitor setups. Overall, Windows 8 is better than Windows 7 on any system, although the difference is obviously greatest on tablets.

I see it as Mr. cook sees the PC as a workhorse that everyone needs and a Tablet as nothing but a one trick pony that more and more people actually do without. Not a good analogy at all. Either Mr. Cook doesn't get the potential a Proper Tablet has to expand the workplace, or he derides its potential and those who use it.

You just have seen the future of apple post Steve jobs. From pc/truck to fridge/toaster. One understood the future and one doesn't. Bean counters running company a like apple will fail once they get past the jobs projects. Stick to spreadsheets and how much it costs to build a phone.
I was an apple fanboy. Traded my iPhone for a sweet lumia. I will throw my iPad out and get the Nokia tablet. I agree and like where Microsoft is going. Keep it up.

A good portion of the iPad users I know want their iPad to do every thing a desktop can and more.

I guess Cook is the new Ballmer. Do not underestimate a vision that you do not understand. Media needs to blow up this story so much, that when Win 8 picks up, it should come bite Cook's ass. 

I'm pretty sure before he passed that Jobs said they were going to merge Mac OS with iOS in the future...seems to me like Cook is just bothered that MS is going to do it first. Plus this is just a long line of idiotic statements coming from the brass at apple, along with other hits like "nobody will buy a phone with a screen larger than 4 inches", and "nobody reads for longer than 4 hours. They'll just charge the battery." and of course "we only want ajax/html web based applications that run in the browser." Don't pay attention to those guys.

I think Cook will have to take his words out of the fridge and toast them before eating them. What a fool. Typical Apple douchebaggery.

What worried him is this a real live tablet with a real live OS that jives with your home desktop and phone be worried apple the world runs on MS soon people will awake to the fact that MS is back from the dead

well at least this "combined toaster and refrigerator" works better than anything they have invented, yeah i will buy windows 8 hopefully the first day released, and yeah im using a mouse and a keyboard ;). I like my windows 8 sinofsky edition, it makes sense, and i want it. 

From what I read, the tablet doesn't run applications in desktop mode, nothing that you can install yourself anyway. Just what's available in the windows store? Correct me if I'm wrong..

I also think that he is comparing windows 8 to the iPad and that people want an easier experience.
We have yet to see how it will turn out, but it appears to me that Windows RT will be a much more useful tablet than an iPad. iOS has to copy the multiple apps runnig simultaneously, or I can never imagine buying one. I have a Kindle Fire now, because I enjoy it more than an iPad for movies and reading in bed, since it's lighter. I don't use it for gaming and I really like the kindle and video integration. I never plan on using it for "content" creation or that sort of thing.
If I was doing work on a tablet, I'd prefer one where I could have my email open on one side and then whatever app I am using open as the main app. I can then attach to a keyboard and the only time I'll see the desktop is when I am using office, to me this makes sense. Outisde of those documents, I'll never see anything but the metro interface, which I much prefer to iOS.
Now, on my PC, I will plan to get something like the the Lenovo Yoga. I will use it just like I do my current PC most of the time. I have no doubt I'll learn how to use it quickly. And, when I want that metro experience, I'll have it. I will use it that way on the plane and rarely at home.
Now, just give me Amazon Video in Metro and I'm sold day 1.

What else you expect to hear from a HARDWARE vendor?

If Apple unified their experiences, they'd loose half their profits.

Apple is going down and this guy knows it. With win 8 on tablets iPad will lose it's #1 position, they know it and there is nothing they can do about it. It must hurt. Not to mention that their stock prices is going to pop like a balloon.

All Microsoft is doing is keeping all appliances in the Kitchen. Apple wants to transfer the refrigerator to the living room.

I got an impression that Apple actually concern about Win8 tablet. I have been using Win8CP on Acer W500 since day one and already cascaded my iPad 1 and 2 to my family members... Win8 is way more versatile than iPad. I believe Win8 will be a game changer in tablet market. I also prefer x86 version since I can use my programs that I was using on my laptop.

I just bought an iPad a couple weeks ago. I have a BlackBerry Bold for work, a Trophy for personal, an iPad instead of a laptop, and my wife has a HTC Android phone. Honestly, I LOVE the iPad and I will never own another laptop, but every time I turn it on I wish if had some version of Windows Phone on it.

When you combine toasters, refrigerators and ovens you get a wholly functional kitchen, no?
I'm quite sure Mr. Cook hasn't even looked at Windows 8. I have it running on a Samsung Series 7 Slate and it has TOTALLY replaced my old netbook AND my old Core 2 laptop. And it's still in beta.
I can be a "consumer" on it (which is what Apple really wants everyone to be). And I can be productive on it. When I'm really serious, I can use the Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse attached to a real, live USB port because it IS Windows... it IS a computer. Granted Windows 8 will need some adjustment time for users on desktops & non-touch screens, but for portable form factors Microsoft is really ahead of the curve here.

This is basically why I don't want or need an iPad; I like it, but if it's essentially just a scaled-up iPod Touch and can't function as a "real computer" independently, then I really don't have much use for it. I'd much rather have a PC in tablet form. That's why I think Tim Cook is wrong about this. I've been a Mac & iPhone user for years, but I actually prefer Microsoft's methodology with Windows 8, converging PCs, tablets, and phones in the same OS (or should I say different form factors of that OS). If the iPad could do what a MacBook Pro or a comparable PC can do, I would've gotten one a long time ago. But the way it is now, I'd rather have a Windows 8 tablet. I'd like to see some OEM build a light, portable Windows 8 tablet that's bigger than an iPad (say, 11"-13") and can dock with a keyboard + mouse and become a desktop if needed. If I can someday replace my aging iMac with that sort of thing, I'll be set. It'd probably cost less than a MacBook Pro, too...
And I thought Tim Cook's fridge/toaster analogy was pretty silly; the fridge/freezer and toaster/oven analogies make a lot more sense.