AppoinTile for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds lockscreen support

AppoinTile for Windows Phone 8

AppoinTile is a Windows Phone 8 app that you can use as an alternative to the native calendar tile and bring a little more information about your schedule to your Start Screen. AppoinTile's live tile can display up to four upcoming events with the backside of the tile displaying a 42 day calendar with markers on days with activity.

AppoinTile was recently updated to version 2.1 and brings lockscreen support to the table. AppoinTile's live tile will show up to four upcoming appoints and the new lockscreen support will display three upcoming appointments and the number of appointments left in the day.


All totaled, the lockscreen support makes AppoinTile a very nice calendar tile alternative. There is a free, ten day trial version available for AppoinTile and the full version is currently running $2.49.

You can find AppoinTile here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

AppoinTile for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds lockscreen support


It won't have access to our email calendars I take it? I have things scheduled in my Outlook Calendar by customers and work so it'd be nice not to have to manually enter this into another app.

To be fair to devs, I think its a fault of MS. Correct me if I'm wrong but alot of things are blocked. Kinda of like how we'll never have a true 3rd party browser or another email app.
I think MS could open things up more while still keeping things secure.

They could write to outlook which will automatically write it back to our phone. This is something they can implement if they wanted.

Yes most APIs are restricted and even buggy in some cases. In WP8 they enabled "launchers" but only God and MS know why they didn't allow launchers for ANY installed app.
Also in WP8, MS introduced a way for devs to ADD appointments but not to EDIT appointments. Can someone explain that!?

This makes it hard for me now.  Multiple events in the lockscreen view is very appealing.
I like WeekView 8's week layout better than the agenda list in Appointile though.  So I think I'll stick with WeekView.
The flurry of lockscreen apps shows you how great it is when MS opens up parts of the API.  Maybe someday they'll finally open up the calendar API entirely, so we can get a proper PIM app. 

Same boat here. I have them both paid already, but will be sticking to WeekWiev8 for now because of the week layout.

again and again the same question, nobody answers me...if bing can update lockscreen in 7.8 why doesnt these apps for 8 work on 7.8?thank you

I would *LOVE* it if this app could simply launch the built-in calendar when tapped.  Let's me honest...the primary value to this app is the much improved Live Tile (and now lockscreen) improvements.  If I could keep that + launch the standard calendar app when tapped, well....that would be awesome.
Keep up the good work!

Great concept like most calendar apps but they are useless to me since no app can show the facebook-appointments like the stock calendar does, using this I would simply trick myself missing something sooner or later.

Great app but, most people I would think, have everything combined with their outlook calendar that shows appointments and to-do liss.To be honest the stock calendar is really good.