Developers: Find your local //publish/ event and check out Appy Mondays

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Microsoft does a pretty good job of courting developers and keeping them happy in the Windows Phone and Windows ecosystem. They produce a ton of content and resources to make developers successful in their ecosystem. Appy Mondays is a new program that you can watch live on Channel 9 or YouTube. The content will focus on new apps and development tricks. There's also a new contest going on that will give out developers prizes for developing apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. We're full of developer information after the break!

Appy Mondays

There's a new series on Channel 9 that airs every Monday live. The program is called Appy Mondays and explores new topics in HTML, C#, Objective C, Java and more! Each episode is about 30 minutes long, so something really easy to digest.

We've embedded the first episode above so you can watch it. Be sure to head to the shows homepage on Channel 9 for all the other episodes! You can also follow the #AppyMondays hashtag on Twitter to join the conversation.


You already know about //build/, but now it's time to //publish/. Microsoft is launching a new series of global events to help energize developers to build and publish apps for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. The events take place over May 16 and May 17 around the world.

Daniel will be at his local event in Boston. And there's a good chance I might visit my local //publish/ event in Orange County. There are over 60 of these events happening around the world. You'll get a chance to get experts to help you work on your apps and you might event win some prizes!

Be sure to head to the //publish/ website to find and register for your local event. Can't attend? Check out the //publish/ contest to still win prizes!


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Developers: Find your local //publish/ event and check out Appy Mondays


Just read somewhere about a massive update called WP 8.1.1 Can that news be true ??? Any info Sam ??? Or perhaps Dan ???

Daniel, I'm actually not a developer but I'm a computer science student interested in developing for Microsoft's ecosystem, do you think I can go or I'll fall into ostracism  there? Cause it seems a nice event. I'm already signed to it. So what do you think?

The Appy Mondays series will not talk any hardcore code. If code is what you are looking for, then look for other series' prepared by Bob Tabor, Clint Rutkas and other wonderful publishers.

If you want to learn and start developing apps Channel 9 has some excellent courses for beginners. Think you will like it. But if you want to really want to learn the even more afterwards Microsoft virtual academy and signup there also. You will learn alot... In development you can never have too many resources... Microsoft loves us developers and take care of us.

Article is written by Sam, why are asking Daniel? Also, just for your knowledge Daniel is not a developer.

Daniel will be at his local event in Boston. And there's a good chance I might visit my local //publish/ event in Orange County.

Daniel WILL be at his local event. And Sam is just thinking about it. I decided to ask Daniel for reasons unknown to me.

If you're referring to the //publish/ event, it's targeted at developers who have an app almost ready to publish and need an extra boost and advice to finish it off. Not for new developers. However there are many events for new developers as well so keep an ear out for those.

Appy Mondays however look very accessible for developers of any level.

Anderson, I'm not a developer and even though I have published 3 apps in Windows Phone using Windows Phone App Studio. This a little example that is possible to develop simple apps without knowing how to code. If your agenda allows you and I strong recommend that you go to this event. I will go in the Sao Paulo event and I will try to get some tips to polish my apps.

You will not be ostracized. I've been to a number of events (in Boston anyway) and everyone is always friendly. If you can't make it though check out Meetup.com for events in your area.

You can definitely go! As mentioned here, the event is designed to help folks with the last mile of app development (design help, perf tips, etc). I'd recommend staying on your app using the jumpstart webcast happening this next week, and set a goal of publishing at the event. We have some really sweet things planned for the global event - it'll be a lot of fun.

Mute the treads... Alot easier... And just look at more of the customization and then you can really make it work the way you want too

Ultimately this is not the place to post them, because comments are meant to be relevant to the article. You should try the forums or contact Microsoft about it.

While it's not really local to me, I'll be at the one in Orange as it's the closest to Las Vegas. I may have published my first app by then or I may be close. Either way it should be informative.