Archos will launch a Windows Phone 'when the time is right'

In an interview with TrustedReviews.com, French electronics manufacturer Archos plans on throwing their hat into the Windows Phone ring. Though no specific timeline was given, Loic Poirier, the CEO of Archos stated: “We will launch a Windows Phone handset when the time is right.”

Known for their Android phones and media players, we’re more accustomed to seeing Archos over on our sister site, Android Central. But with the growing global success of Nokia’s economy phones, like the Lumia 520, 620 and 720 series, it’s easy to see why they may turn to Windows Phone as well.

Windows Phone has seen a sharp rise in sales in emerging markets, especially in India and China, which has led other budget phone makers like ZTE, Alactel and Huawei to try their hands with it as well.

It’s unclear just what the “right time” would be to put out a Windows Phone device, but with version 8.1 on the horizon, it’s a good bet that it will be well after its release.

Although it is always an encouraging sign when another manufacturer decides to hop on the Windows Phone bandwagon, there’s plenty of reason to temper expectations. Firstly, given Archos’ track record of devices, it’s unlikely that we will see a device that is truly exciting come in the form of a budget Archos device.

Secondly, Poirier made it clear that Archos will continue to make Android their priority, adding, “Before anything else we are focused on Google.”

Regardless, we say that when it comes to Windows Phone manufacturers, the more, the merrier.

Source: TrustedReviews


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Archos will launch a Windows Phone 'when the time is right'


I've seen a few laptops of theirs and maybe a few PC monitors(in Europe). Other than that, I believe theyre pretty unremarkable and boring.

They made some groundbreaking and excellent mp3 players before Jobs had his way with that market. even after iPod the Archos players were vastly superiour, had digital and/or audio recording input and were the initial device that spawned the best opensource/multiplatform music player firmware/OS that is called RockBox.


The Archos 9 was the first touch screen Windows 7 tablet on the market, and yes it sold in the US.


Yes, they've made MP3 players here for years. I had one of there Android tablets early on in Android life.

Actually, they were making iPod-like devices 5 years before than Apple. I remember their multimedia players with video capabilities and camera modules way before the first iPod was released. Very innovative products and not very expensive, so yeah, they're pretty good, though not famous at all.

I'm still subscribed to an Archos mailing list that I subscribed to like 7 years ago because I was planning to buy a killer Archos media player. Although the list isn't too active these days :-)

All that I've seen of Archos in the US is crappy Android laptops & tablets... I mean really crappy, they feel like they are made of cardboard.

Funnily enough, I was in the market to buy a tablet for one of my kids. I walked in HMV in my home town. My GF and I noticed some 8 or 10 inch tablets with almost 60% off. Their RRP was above the price of a Nexus. I asked the guy about them, and pointed out to him that the Archos ones one display all had frozen or crashed. I assumed that they had just been highly badly used display models. Nope, he assured me that a high percentage are returned quite quickly due to crashing and general low quality. I got the Nexus.

And you take HMV as your benchmark? If they employed staff with more sense they could have avoided the massive number of closures.

No I don't take HMV as any kind of benchmark. The comment is about the shoddy quality of the product. They could have been sold anywhere, the store is not relevant.

My very 1st hand-held PMP (personal media player) was by Archos.

This was a ahead of its time. The one thing Archos can do for the Windows Phone ecosystem is bring inexpensive phones (of varying sizes) to the masses.

I welcome them.

The more the merrier...but I wonder, do you think they will compete with the higher, or lower end market? I haven't heard of them here, so what do they focus on android

If you haven't heard of them, that would indicate they make slow, cheap and completely basic Android phones. Which is true. This is nothing to get excited about.

They are the lower low class device manufacturer.. IOW, this is what we refer to similar as "knockoff" brand quality..
I do agree with you.. The more the merrier.

Knockoff quality, maybe, but they were actually the first in many things they do. As I said above, they were making multimedia players with video capabilities and even integrated cameras way before the first iPod was even released. I know because I used to sell them back then. Those were my first MP3 players.

I'm not ragging on them, but first, or last, their quality is what their quality is.. But, low end, and high end, don't always necessarily have to do with quality...
You get what you pay for, and any new OEM is welcome.

My 2003 AV320 looks and plays fine, even with its original battery. Can't say the same for my 2nd Gen iPod or 3G iPhone. I'm not implying that Archos makes higher quality products than Apple, but when they were sell mp3 players no one was knocking their quality.

Yeah, just because I we're all in the market for a budget WP device..

How much longer do I need to wait Microsoft/T-Mobile??

Had no clue, thanks for the heads up, btw my fellow Dallas WP user, did you watch inside man yet? Lol, you are awesome, I am not like NIST fyi.

Archos Media players are some of the best I've come across in the UK, expect any Windows Phone from them to have a heavy focus on media features.

WP8 is nice but it so lags behind updates are much to slow for this platform to really take off MS is much to slow for WP to be real major player the devices on the high end are much to exclusive and updates need to be done by MS to all devices just by passing the carriers this none. Updates like black is tiring ..

English obviously isn't his first language,, lets cut him some slack.. Look at it like this, he speaks better English than we could speak whatever his first language is.... Lol❕
Look how I worded ⬆hat..
Makes you think about who really needs the grammar lesson...

Lol❕❕ That was funny... You've got a point...
I can't save you from that one, jabtano

Android had three major updates from Nov 2012 to Oct 2013. Android 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4.

WP had FOUR major updates from nov 2012 to October 2013: Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8 Portico, GDR2, and GDR3. The Microsoft GDR updates are in line with the amount of features coming from 4.x android releases.

iOS had one major update from nov 2012 to nov 2013: iOS 7.


Microsoft has this weird reputation for slow updates from WP7 but how on earth is this slow? Just because they started behind doesn't mean they aren't developing more quickly than the others.

It's the fact that everyone wants major features in every, single release from Microsoft.  They have no idea on how development of products really works.  They want it all and want it now; it's the "I can haz mohrz" group.

I have an Archos tablet, the only good thing I can say is that it was cheap. Archos don't offer much in the way of support or updates. They also supposedly make Tesco's Hudl, we have one of those too, I wouldn't recommend it. I wouldn't touch a WP made by them with a barge pole.

while hardware wise, Achos isn't king of the hill, their media playing software is just awesome. I had a Gen 8 Archos A101, and it was an ok tablet, it played media better than most tablets at the time. I still use their media player on my Tegra Note as it plays 99.9% of my files with zero issue, including some high bitrate 1080p rips!


I would love for them to bring their media player to windows phone.

HTC makes the best Windows Phones. NOKIA makes the best software. Let's combine HTC's amazing design, with NOKIA's software and prices.

I've personally never heard of Archos, but I'm excited at least to see another OEM join the Windows Phone band wagon. I love my Nokia Lumia 822, but I am seriously concerned that Nokia has dominated the Windows Phone ecosystem too easily. I want competition, because it will force all OEMs to really aspire towards something better. I want to be forced to do a double take before I chose which manufacturer to go with. Windows Phone needs more than just Nokia. HTC has some great designs but they need to get their act together and also support their devices (especially the Windows Phone ones.) There's rumors of Sony on the periphery of Windows Phone, but still nothing concrete. Samsung has done nothing but bat its eyes at Windows Phone. I'm seriously concerned that once Windows Phone 8.1 is released and if we still have only Nokia that the longevity of Windows Phone is at risk. Hoping for a broad, varied, and dynamic Windows Phone future!

What a dumb move. HTC doesn't care about Windows Phone and they failed because of it. But at least they didn't say it out loud.. Sounds to me he wants his Windows Phones to fail. Maybe Google is paying him to fail and make MS look bad.

The best part of the interview is when after stating they will make a windows phone "when the time is right" he goes on and says "don't expect much commitment on it". Dafuk is the point then?!?! Gonna make a crap phone and leave it be for a couple of years, is it?!

This reminds me of something similar Sony (when it was still Sony Ericsson)) said back when a leaked prototype of thiers of a WP with slide out keyboard was going around.

I remember Archos coming out with internet tablets back in the day before the "tablet" became a mainstream tech product. I liked their products, but I chose a Nokia N810 over them. I'm surprised that Archos is even still around.

Dear God.... I use to buy those devices. THEY ARE COMPLETE GARBAGE. You don't want Windows Phone associated with those hacks, even if it is as a third party.

Never heard of this so don't care a whole lot, but props to them if they're investing in WP

Posted with WPCentral for Android on Asus Transformer Pad

I don't necessarily agree. I know people who blame Windows Phone for the general poor hardware they chose to purchase. Having lower end phones manufactured by a company like Nokia, where quality and customer satisfaction is still very high, is one thing, but flooding the market with lower end phones that are generally crap is not good for the platform as a whole. IMHO

Archos was mostly ahead of its time, it was the isheep that are their business. Glad to see them return.
I hope it is a budget device but still sort of all rounder
Like 4.3 inch, 16 gb internal memory with expandable memory option. Front and back camera With flash. And battery capacity of at least 2000 mah and 1 gb ram

No body cares they have always made a shit product. I have one of their mp3 players that didn't make it a year. If you had an Archos product that lasted more than a year consider yourself lucky

No loss. After the crap I went through with one of their media players and the terrible support I received I will NEVER buy one of their products or recommend them to anyone ever again.

I'll be honest about this because not a lot of people probably owned or had Archos devices.

I own one. It's ancient.

First and foremost, companies announcing they'll try Windows Phone in some way is a good thing, even if these are not very known companies.

Ok, with that out of the way, Archos had a line of multimedia players back long time ago.

It had strong points, but it also had bad points.

In my particular case, I'll tell the good points first:

- The device was a pretty big leap among multimedia playing devices back at the time. It's basically a laptop HDD enclosure with a display and a basic OS that plays all sorts of file formats... might not sound much nowadays with smartphones, but back when I bought it (2006 or 2007 if I'm not mistaken) it was a big deal; Music, photos and specially videos - I could watch my anime in it, and if you could watch anime back then in a device, you could watch basically everything (since animes were a mess of codecs back then);

- Construction was solid. Almost all brushed aluminium;

- Replaceable battery, solid stand integrated in the device, nice clicky buttons, interesting accessories;

- It had video recording (albeit VHS quality because... 2006) and sound recording (via cable or internal mic);

- It's still working today, surprisingly! Imagine that... a 7yr old device with an enclosed HDD that's still working (I think it's 30Gb or something);

Now for the bad stuff:

- Basically everything was proprietary apart from headphone jack. Want to send the composite signal to TV? Despite using a standard jack in connection, they mixed the cables so you had to buy one from them (or hack a regular one and make it work anyways). Extra batteries costed a lot. Then there was a advanced craddle of sorts which enabled you to record stuff from the TV, plus had connections for charging and sending the signal out. It was interesting but too expensive. It even had a lipstick cam designed for the device which I bought. Problem is, after a couple of minutes of recording, it would overheat the device and shut down. Also, for some video formats you had to pay extra to get them... I think mpeg2 and the native DVD format... .vod?;

- Kinda felt like they advertised a miracle product for a relatively expensive price only to get you when you discovered it came barebones as it could. Then they could charge you tons of money for the extra stuff;

- Screen res isn't exactly great, but then again, good enough at the time;

- Controls are a bit hard to get used to... they shoved tons of functions in 5 side buttons;

- To watch videos you had to basically navigate a windows explorer style "app";

- Back then, costumer support was non-existant. So much so that everyone that had the device discovered everything they needed using a forum called archosowners or something like that. If it wasn't for that forum, I wouldn't have gone too far with my device.

These are not bad points, but good to note that it doesn't have: wi-fi, touchscreen, bluetooth among other standards. Well, because back them those weren't that much common features.

See it here:


But anyways, I think Archos changed quite a lot. Probably in good ways and not so good ways. For instance, back them it was mostly a luxury brand making top of the line products and constructions that was a tad on the shady side with the high accessory prices and whatnot. I know they expanded the line quite a bit after that, with Wi-fi and touchscreen (though I only heard bad things about their touchscreen devices), and then they even released cheap and kinda crappy Android tablets. Dunno how the company is doing today though.

I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, "The Time is Now" since no one can say for sure what will happen tomorrow...why wait for that possible ELE to take opportunity away from you? =/