Will you purchase Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3?

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft today announced the Surface Pro 3, a new Windows tablet with startling upgrades on its predecessors, at the company's event in New York City. We're interested as to whether or not there's interest in such a powerful machine, which is targeting not only tablet owners, but laptop consumers too. Whether it's the high resolution display or the new pen, there's a lot to like about the new tablet.

So, the Surface Pro 3. Yes or no?

  • i3-4GB RAM-64GB - $799
  • i5-4GB RAM-128GB - $999
  • i5-8GB RAM-256GB - $1299
  • i7-8GB RAM-256GB - $1549
  • i7-8GB RAM-512GB - $1949

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Reader comments

Will you purchase Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3?



I'm also curious about incentives. I have an old XP computer I can use to shave $100 off (if that's still going?) and my student discount will chop another 10%... but the Surface Pro 2 is still fresh and I have tons of accessories for it (touch cover, power cover, docking station).


I'm middle class bro... I make enough to where I could buy it, but that ish still hurts and Microsoft could score some very good PR by offering something nice to owners of previous Surface Pro Gen 1/2 buyers.

MS will probably do that if SP3 is not selling so well.  The problem is that SP3 will be hot selling for a long time to come.  MS will have the same supply problem as they started selling SP2 and its accessaries.  This time around will probably be even worse.

Yeah, I want it, but I would need at least the i5 to replace my laptop... Maybe one day.... But, this is an amazing machine...

Not really if you compare this to what people in similar situations end up buying. I am ditching my 13.3 Macbook Pro retina for this SP3. It is a business expense anyway!

I just got my SP2 two months ago. I would have to sell it and get a good price for it.


Also, I am not entirely sure I want a larger device. I do like the new weight/thinness.

Yes sir, for sure. How? That I have to figure out. I pre-ordered my Surface. Skipped Gen 2, was waiting for Surface 3 or Pro 3.

I'd love one, but for the reasonably near future it is out my price range. Maybe in a year or so I will get one, but for now I'll stick with my current Surface.

Yeah, with my school supplying me with a Macbook Air next year, I sadly wouldn't have a good use for a Surface...

There's gonna be alot of envious purple in the conference rooms around my place of employment

That's the case with me already and my Pro 1.  I bust out my pen and touch cover and people stare.. then look back with shame at their iPad and/or Macbook.

I've only had my SP2 for a few months.  :-/
They would have to offer some sort of deal to SP2 owners for me to consider it.

No, I am looking for a mobile tablet. If I need to replace my home laptop, I may take a look at it.

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Define a mobile tablet.

Unless you can put a tablet in your pocket (if this is what you want, forget tablets and get a phablet), then a Surface Pro 3 will be just as mobile as any other tablet out there imo. When it comes to tablets you either carry them around by hand or in a bag. Carrying a 7 inch unproductive tablet by hand will be just as cumbersome as carrying the Surface Pro 3 by hand. Transporting in a bag will be no different.


A tablet that is 7"- 8", weighing less than a lb, having 8+ hours of battery life.

I don't want a tablet tied to a carrier. If the tablet is tied to a carrier, you will have slow or no OS updates.
All I need to be productive is Office.
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So.. a Dell Venue 8 Pro?

I mean, you have plenty of options; A 6" Lumia 1520 with Office, Multiple 8" full Windows 8 tablets, a range of 10" Surface tablets.


A full Windows tablet does not have the battery life I want. I prefer Windows RT.

I also do not want a tablet larger than 8".

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I'd love one to replace my laptop, but it's pricey. And since my laptop doesn't really leave my laptop anymore, getting one of these would be a waste. I love my Dell Venue 8 Pro (despite shortcomings in touch and stylus sensitivity), and it fits in my cargo pants pocket.

I'm am undecided. I was really wanting a ms mini. But I'm going to hear out the reviews and check it out in person. Maybe get rid of my surface get the 3 and like a venue pro for reading and light work.

I would buy it if they start to ship it to Croatia. I don't want to buy so expensive devices on eBay or Amazon. I want warranty with it and support with it.

Bas to.. Ali kod nas nema ni RT support kamoli SP3.. When will Microsoft start building their stores around the world??

Any idea when it will be available in the UK?

I waited and waited for the first surface. Gave up waiting and went for the dell xps.

Microsoft seem to always get it wrong, why can't they release things outside the USA in a timely fashion like apple do?

I'd love to, but I don't think I'd be able to get enough from selling my slightly worn surface pro 2 to replace it. Plus I'd need to sell my dock too./

I think it looks amazing, but I'm quite satisfied with my 1st-gen Surface Pro. In a few years when newer models are even better and my Surface is looking like a dinosaur, I'll get one.

In reality, I'm disappointed. I was really hoping for a Surface Mini with a digitizer.

I'm pissed. First, after spending $1.5k on a 256/8GB Surface Pro 2 and type cover, and getting left out on the processor update, they now dangle this in front of me. Microsoft, you suck ass.

you buy a product, a new one is usually alwayas around the corner.  So perhaps you should of known better or never buy anything ever again because you can just wait for the next version forever. 

Please please release it in India... I'll be sure to get one.... It'll be my one device and it'll look awesome alongside a Lumia 930

Would be a dream but my Lap top is in no hurry to die and I don't really want it to yet, gotta save some money to go with my Best Buy cards

So they announce the Surface Pro 3 but no mention of a Surface 3?  What is the point of a "pro" version if there isn't a base model?  I know that Apple does this now with their macbooks but come on!  A Surface 3 at $400-$500 would be awesome.

Just typical. I was perfectly happy with my SurfaceRT as a personal tablet and then the Pro 2 came out. Convinced my employer to buy me one for personal and work use. Now, of course, the Pro 3 seems to be compelling and I need to start working out the business case for either my boss or (failing that) my wife. 

MS does seem to up the ante with every iteration of the Surface line. Something that Samsung and Apple do every second or third iteration, MS is doing with every generation. Good on them. Compelling product. 

At the current price, abit too pricey for me... would like the i5 model but the cheapest i5 is a thousand bucks... you can make yourself a decent gaming rig for that price or get a decent ultrabook. I was hoping for a surface mini with LTE and pen support.. oh well. I just hope the SP2 goes down in price now or the UK Price is decent enough.

I would in the next 6 months, if I could get one for the price they are going to sell it in the US. However, it's going to be much much more expensive in Europe. So I guess no.

Yes!!! Neeed Bad!!!!
I can't wait till it goes on sale!
My surface pro is only a year and 3 months old but I don't even care! This is way more perfect for AutoDesk Inventor and PhotoShop!!!!!!

I am surface pro generation 1.  While I would like this new Surface Pro 3 -- I use my Surface Pro as a laptop mostly and even have visual studio, etc... installed to work on my apps.  However, the Surface Pro does what I need and while this would do what I need better.... it isn't better enough to justify getting rid of my Surface Pro 1.

I would recommend this to any student or professional looking for a laptop or professional grade tablet though.

Wow, lots of no's.  As the owner of the first gen. surface pro Panos failed to explain to me why I should purchase a Pro 3.  Yes, it's thinner, lighter etc.. but aside from the kickstand positions, I don't see much of a difference.  I didn't see anything that he did that I couldn't do with my current machine.

Overpriced, Microsoft is not Apple, Apple is the only company in all over the world which can sell overpriced devices. Microsoft come back to reality and smash California... :)



At least I would like to buy it, even if 1300 for cheapest model with 8 GB is a bit much.

But I wan't becouse Microsoft is going to be Microsoft and it will be at least to Christmas before I can see it here in Sweden and even then probably withoiut a Swedish keyboard.

By that time something new and awesome has tacken it's place. Sad face for Microsoft and sad face for me.

I just read that it has no 4G/3G and no GPS. No buy even if it arrives late August as annoused. Sorry it's a dead product outside US.

Yes! I'm a doc student and can't wait for the pro 3. The note taking ability and productivity of that device is amazing. I'm going for the $1549 i7.

One huuuge design flaw is that windows button. I dont see how that will work. So you're not supposed to swipe in from that side only. Dammit! I thought the had this covered. They should have ditched it all together, now it will interfer with gaming and right handed people drawing from the side.



The new SP3 looks fantastic! II would truly love to get one! I was hoping that there would be better pricing to compete with the OEMs and Apple, but the price on a Surface is out of my realm. So I guess I will go for the Asus Transformer Book T100 w/64GB. Just wish the the Asus had a pen:(

Hella yeah!!; although I got to sell it to my IT dept first, I'll take the i5 256 @ $999, plus keyboard and pen with case while we're at it

I was wondering, is the ram replaceable?
So that i can buy an i5 and switch to 8 gigs ram?

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no option for "maybe, I'm waiting for reviews"
this does solve my biggest issue with SP2, which was the thickness... but I want to see if the i5 will be good enough for me or if I need to splurge for the i7

also didn't see anything about the touch keyboard.

I have a feeling there isn't a touch keyboard given that they are aiming this as a productivity device. I would have loved a touch keyboard though.

Yes but only when I have a friend visiting from US. I cannot pay the same amount of pounds here as that would be the price for which it will launch in UK.

No. Overpriced. And I have no trust in the quality of Surface hardware after the horrible experiences I've had so far with them.

For Sale:  Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 w/8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, i5 and Surface RT 32GB w/Touch Cover 2

Call me...

Ha ha ha...  First things first:

  1. Warm up the wife...  (Already started.  It's not going to be easy.)
  2. Get the SP3 in hand on 6/20.  The Lenovo is my work laptop so continuity is very important!
  3. Give you my number.


But seriously...  I think this really can be the replacement for my laptop and tablet.  I was using the Yoga for that originally but it was just too bulky as a tablet.  When the Surface RT went on sale, I grabbed it and have been very happy.  The SP3 looks to make me ecstatic!!!

I love my RT. High quality hardware! Time to pass down my laptop to my daughter and upgrade to the Pro 3

I have zero interest in a surface 3 pro. 

I have a lenovo yoga 13 which converts to a tablet and that's too big, so how is this really any better?   Maybe for a graphics artist, but i fail to see how it will be effective as a tablet any other way.   Bottom line, without the keyboard, there is no way to reach all the keys.   So this is laptop, period, not a tablet.

3 hours and no surface mni announcement.  Other blogs suggest it's not happening, guess i should start preparing mentally for another MS let down.

Microsoft really needs to start thinking about what people actually do with tablets.  They sit on the couch and browse the internet while watching TV.   Something the mini would be perfect for.


That ad in the upper right hand corner of this page (not sure if everyone sees it) for a nexus 7 with 1080p for $229 is looking better and better.

without the keyboard, there is no way to reach all the keys

Regarding being able to reach all the keys when using the on-screen keyboard, there's a button at the bottom right to change the type of on-screen keyboard to a split keyboard for use when holding your tablet in two hands and typing with your thumbs. Then, while in split mode, just to the right of the left hand's space bar, tap and hold the 3 vertical dots and it'll let you pick the size of the size and distance between the keys to fit most hand sizes(there are presets for small, medium, and large).

I'm aware of the split keyboard, but it's still not as good as on the hp touchpad, swype on asus transformer (i like the layout, i don't actually swipe, or on the ipad.  All tablets i currently own along with the surface 1.

I find the surface to be the most useful tablet, but i like using the virtual keyboard the least.  I have to look at the splt keyboard more as opposed to just a glance with the others.

I know some people don't like 4:3 devices, but honestly as a tablet, they are better.

It's my dream device and I want to get it but its not available here in Saudi Arabia nor in the Philippines officially. I'm now contemplating whether to get it on eBay though. Looks like that's my only choice for now.

As much as I LOVE everything about the SP3, I was really hoping for a Surface Mini with the same kind of OneNote integration :(

Again, love the SP3, but I don't need a larger device than my SP2 for my daily use and needs.

Agreed, if they could get me a mini with those same features or even a regular sized surface pro with those features (thinner lighter faster) i wouldnt need a laptop (i dont have one currently I use a desktop at home to create, cause its cheaper, and use a tablet when i want to consume on the go) but id like something a bit more powerful than my nexus 7 to remote in to my desktop to work.

edit: forgot to mention that i use one note as often as possible to keep track of my projects

I've been using my rt as a laptop replacement. Now I want to start using VBA in MS access and excel and developing apps using visual studio. Not sure what version I should get. Anyone want give some advice? I was thinking an 4gb i5. I already have a 1T external hard drive.

Will definitely purchase the i5/256GB version.


Won't replace my laptop because I need its built-in optical media reader for import games/movies.

For college this fall, most likely. I was thinking about a MacBook but now that's in the back of my mind. I'm thinking about the $1300 one. I want it for OneNote.

Will that work for your college life? I'll be in college too and wanna know which processor would be best for me. I want 8GB RAM, but idk if I should get the i5 or i7. I multitask a lot and I plan on playing games on it.

I'm coming up to replace my old Dell Inspiron 1720. This, the docking station and a touch enabled monitor have just jumped to the head of the list, especially if a Surface mini were to come along to complelment it.

This sort of equipment is like my wildest adolescent dreams come true (sorry girls :-).

I like it, for a laptop replacement. but it wont replace both my laptop (which i actually dont currently have) and my nexus 7. When will they invent the stretchable screen...

I understand that the Surface line is meant to be a premium level device, but the price point of the Pro line is just ridiculous. After spending $620 on the Surface RT + TypeCover just a couple years ago, I can't really justify buying another Surface product yet. Maybe these prices wouldn't seem so insane if they would include the TypeCover. I don't see why Microsoft refuses to do this, especially with this product being marketed and deveoped to be a laptop/ultrabook replacement --- and I don't know the last time I bought a laptop without a keyboard. I bet Surface revenue would increase signicantly if they did so.

My dream device, yes. Will I buy it? No, probably not, but I do want it. I have a yoga 13 that is still pretty good with an i7 in it.

Same here got the yoga 2 pro, i7 haswell, 8gb ram 256 ssd for $300 cheaper at best buy.com  Still happy with it, might by the pen for it though.

unfortunately not available in India...none of the Surface is...as MS thinks it's too costly for the Indian Market..but still is a great product..it's actually what Surface intended to do..replace your laptop..and they are bang on with this!!!

I'd only get one of those if my company provides it (and I'd be really happy). I'd give no personal use to a machine like this.

Most likely yes. Been wanting a "Surface Book" and this is pretty close to that. I want the i5 8gb 256 but will probably go for the i5 4gb 128 or maybe even the i3 4gb 64. I'm not thrilled with that 64 storage though so ill probably get the cheaper i5. I have some thinking to do...

This is pretty much a guaranteed cop. I'm so ready for this, its not funny. Music creation on the road on a tablet has been fully realized for me. And before some says iPad has a slew of music apps and devices to connect to it, I own an iPad and pretty much everything you could mention in regards to that. I need Reason 6 at full tilt and Pro Tools, this is looking so close to dreams realized, I could shed tears. A full hands will determine that. Either way, my laptop is hitting Craigslist ASAP, the Surface Pro 2 will happily hit my wife's hands. Can't wait!

Hopefully Adobe will also create a Touch version of Lightroom as well.

This is finally the tablet that will be a photographers best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will be getting it but need to wait till the fall.  I have to sell off a few things I don't need first.

Agreed. Lightroom for the modern UI is the only thing keeping me from leaving my laptop at home when I travel. And I say this an Surface RT user.

Just wondering if MS would release it for India considering they have acquired Nokia- they can at least try to utilize their supply chain and logistics and get this in the stores. If Microsoft still thinks that India/emerging markets are all about the 520/525/630, they should think again, there's a market for almost everything in these markets.
Would've bought it had they released it in India as a replacement for my MBP 13" and if it was in the price range of INR 65k-75k ($1000-$1100)

off course how can I not?. My devices:

Surface RT, SP2
XB360, XB1
Samsung Focus, Lumia 900, Lumia 720, Lumia 1020 x2, Lumia 920.
Zune HD baby!

There is absolutely no doubt that I'm buying one....just have to figure out which model, and of course see how much more the docking station and keyboards are

I would like one but buying this year is definitely not going to happen.  I think the form factor of the Surface needs to change. More rounded corners rather than the Ginsu knife edges it has now.

It's purpose is to stop you from buying both a tablet and a laptop. Instead you buy the Pro 3 and it's got you covered. And anything with a core i7 in it is not to be called a ordinary freaking tablet.

Just bought the thinkpad yoga from the Microsoft store for 1099. That laptop has the specs what I need and nice tablet size to do anything what you need. I will be using for the next 3 to 4 years. After that I might buy the latest gen of Suface pro tablet.

The Surface pro 3 is a great device, but not enough to convince me to buy Surface Pro 3.

My use for a laptop replacement has dropped. I love my Surface 2 RT. The Office loaded on it has made me neglect my Toshiba laptop. I love my Surface 2 RT. Sorry for the repeat.

This is a pisser... I bought a SP2 8GB 256GB at the end of February..... The equivalent SP3 is $100 cheaper!

Love my SP2, but the real estate and stylus/pen of the SP3 are sweet.

Plan of action:

1. Travel to US on July 3rd
2. Visit a Microsoft store in Chicago or Vegas
3. Purchase a Surface Pro 3 (hopefully the i5 128gb version)
4. Purchase a Type Cover (Red)
5. Travel back to UK after road trip
6. Sell my current Surface RT and Type Cover 1
7. End up paying around £350 ($589) for a brand new Surface Pro 3 with Type Cover 3!

This is an amazing device. But i'm going to wait until Nokia Oye gets their hands dirty with MS hardware. I cant wait to see these two collaborate on a computer

Gonna wait a bit more. It's almost there, and definately the start of Bill Gate's vision of penabled devices. I'd like to see something that doesn't get hot (truely fanless, Gizmodo already commented on how hot certain areas already get), Connected Standby (no mention of this, but hoping for the next one), NFC (transferring files and photos wirelessly when there's no data connection or cables would be nice), Nokia OIS Oversampling PureView camera module for both FFC and RFC, and HAAC microphones. The only things I really want that my current SP1 cannot do is that marvelous free angle kickstand, and larger 3:2 ratio screen (probably the awsome pen-tricks as well).

Its an amazing upgrade, but I bought my SP2 only in December...also I don't really want a bigger screen. But I do want that hinge and that pen and the thinness and lighter weight...so I'll wait for the 10/9 inch pro with all that. And am still not convinced about using so much in my lap. The form factor really cant beat the traditional laptop.

As much as I like this device. The price points are just way too outta wack here. If the i5 with 8gb was 700 I might consider it. If I want to get it I'll wait until the holidays for better pricing. For now going to pick up a Dell venue 8 pro for 99.99 on Thursday when the new Microsoft Store opens up by me. That I can afford at the moment.

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They should let me trade in my surface pro 2 straight across because of the known wifi glitch with no fix in sight.

You already bought it, you and I both know that Microsoft doesn't have room to give out free devices. Not sure why people always think a company is going to offer some attractive buy back program. Best Buy will probably be happy to offer a $50 credit for your SP2.

I have an SP Pro and an SP2 Pro. I can't afford the SP3 for now. But do I want it? heck, yes I do.

However, I had my credit card in hand ready to pre-order the Surface Mini.

I'm not a marketing person so I don't know anything about this things; but, my feeling is that if they came out with a mini that has the same Pen/OneNote functionality as the SP3, and reasonably priced, I could see a sh*t boat of students and professionals that attend meeting getting a device like that.

Would love an i5 8 gig model but hell, I can't even afford to buy an RT model so ill just toss it into my hopes and dreams box.