Are you having issues with your HTC Titan?

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We are discussing Titan bugs in the forums today. The HTC Titan is a beast of a device for sure but is it defective? Are you having call quality issues? How is your WiFi? Some are saying that the Titan WiFi is sub par, that the Titan doesn't have as great signal strength as it should have. Others are suggesting that the Titan's Voice Call Quality is bad. Then there are the poor "4G" speeds. Is AT&T limiting or throttling our "4G"?

That's a lot to swallow, especially for someone like me who loves their Titan. If it's not happening to me does that mean everyone else is crazy? I think we need your help to sort through all of this, so come join us in the forums and voice your opinion.

I know with every ones help we can get this all figured out!


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Are you having issues with your HTC Titan?


Muffled voice problem here for 4 phones

Carrier: AT&T
Purchased on: November, 25 2011
Purchased at: MS Store, Los Angeles
OS version: 7.10.7720.68
Firmware rev number: 1600.2200.11004.502
Hardware rev number: 0002
Radio Software version:
Radio Hardware Version: 2.26.0.D4
Bootloader version: 1.10.160015.3(132409)
Chip SOC version:

The issues are real and I'm starting to see them.
So I decided to play some Reggaeton through Zune today and starting hearing a lot of buzzing and almost got me to turn off the phone.  I went in to the options and turned off the SRS enhancements and although it got better, it was much lower (volume... even though it was at 30/30) and still had the buzzing sound, but not as bad. 
I will evaluate for the next day and decide whether I'll be returning the device and getting the Focus S instead.

I have no problem with my Titan. This phone runs as smooth as a babby a s s.
i got this phone so i can see the screen i did not want to get a iphone witch i think is junk in my eyes.

I heard some buzzing during a podcast in the car.  It actually seems like GSM buzz.
I don't think there is a WiFi issue here by design.  Anyone with really poor WiFi ought to make sure their antenna connections to the rear cover are correct and that nothing is bent.  If you don't have full bars within 30 feet of your router, something is wrong, and it's not by design.  Try changing channels on the router, as well...
Data speeds are unimpressive.  Signal strength is unimpressive.  Switching from Sprint, I expected better service and better speeds.  It's not the improvement I was hoping for, yet.
I do not intend to return the phone though.  It is a really nice device but I hope HTC stands behind it and does whatever they can via firmware for us, at the very least.

I don't get the best reception as far as how many bars are on the display, but I haven't had any issues with dropped calls. I tested the bandwidth with and app, and the speeds weren't blazing, but it is fast enough for my uses. I switched from an iPhone to the Titan. I love the Tiatn and the OS.

I'm having a pretty hard time finding stuff I don't like about this phone. Slight purple issue in certain lighting, but almost negligable.

I purchased two Titans during the Black Friday sale.  Overall, I love the screen size and the WP7 user experience.  I have noticed the following:
- Poor reception when indoors.  I can be in a grocery store with my wife and she will have full bars and I will have two.  She has  a Focus S.  I have not dropped a single call (except for when my fat face keeps hitting the end call button).
- Call quality not what I expected.  I hear people fine but I have had complaints that others have had difficulty hearing me.  Issue goes away when I am on speaker phone.
- Big dissapointment on the data speeds.  I consistently get 1.7 - 2.0 mbps down and .7 - .9 up.  With HSPA+, I was expecting speeds of at least 3.0 mbps down consistently.  
That said, I have no plans to return the phone.  The data speeds work for what I need and I use that more than talking.  In this respect it is more of an expectation gap than a performance issue that prevents me from doing something.  I will be really upset if I find out AT&T throttled my speed as the expense of iPhone.  

No problems with my titan seriously the titan its a amazing device ...no speed network issues no callbquality issues the only problem is the lag thing after playing a youtube video or some like that hopefully we would get a update soon to fix lag issue

Only issue I'm having is terrible signal. Which, for a mobile phone, is a pretty big freakin deal. Pretty much lose can barely keep a bar where other phones would have 2 bars. So, for whatever reason, the antenna seems to be a lot weeker than normal phones. Never had a phone with this kind of signal quality.
I am running an older sim card.... though I don't think that has anything to do with it.

Let me tell you right off the bat you should NOT be using an older SIM card. Even though the phone might read "4G" on the upper left corner, you will most definitely not be getting 4G speeds. I'm beginning to wonder if this might be the root of some of these issues.

I am on a euro titan with at&t and the only problems I am experiencing is the disappearing keyboard and that's about it, I can't tell if my data is throttled its pretty fast, I only experienced a problem data wise at the chargers game because there were 65,000 other people at Qualcomm sucking down data as well

I'm chalking up most of these issues to the fact that at&t sucks. I get none of these issues on my HD7, I always get speeds above 3mbps and I don't drop calls or have poor quality. No wonder at&t wanted them so badly.

"AT&T sucks" is not what what I would call an objective statement. It is true that T-Mobile's "4G" is a bit more fleshed out than AT&T's at this point, but that is far from the only thing that determines a carrier's value.

My Titan is pretty rock solid from a build standpoint.
However, I do experience a "muffled voice" complaint from people I'm talking to on the phone. They will occassionally tell me I sound like I'm in a tunnel for a few seconds and then it goes back to normal. At first I thought I might be blocking a microphone hole with my hand, but the way I hold the phone, there's no way.
I do feel as though the "sound" when I have it plugged in my AUX jack in my car is "off" compared to what I experienced with my Arrive, but I generally expect having to fuss with audio controls with new devices, so I didn't think anything of it and still don't.
I think the wifi has been superb. Very fast connecting, and downloading anything (web or email or even apps/songs from Marketplace) has been super fast.
I'm in an area where "4G" is a totally bogus claim. You can call HSPA+ whatever you want, but 4G it's not, so it's laughable when I see the 4G icon sitting up there in the status tray. I have been getting MUCH MUCH faster speeds and better signals everywhere I've been compared to Sprint. HOWEVER, bandwidth testing does show that I'm capped between the 3-4Mbps range with full signal, so clearly there's throttling going on if AT&T claims HSPA+ supports higher than that.

I do not have any issues with the Titan other than the call quality. But, I drilled and enlarged out my microphone hole and that issue improved. But, all I need is a firmware update to fix the garble that still there, and this is the perfect phone for me. I'm going to hold on to it for a long, long time (at least until the next two years..lol. I will get a 3rd gen WP7 device then.. :) )
Some of the issues mentioned here have to do with AT&T, not the phone itself.
Most the issues people complain about are easily fixable with a software/firmware update. This is a new device just released on Nov. 21, and WP7 still has some kinks to work out in the software. I just hope HTC and Microsoft are on the ball.

The major problem I'm having with my Titan is that it turns on and off by itself on occasion. It happens at any moment, I work for AT&T and I contacted and spoke with one of our Window reps and he was not aware of this issue. I explained to him that I was not the only one experiencing this problem and that many folks on tech forums we're expressing their frustrations over this, he said that he was going to ask some of his peers and see if there's anything that could resolve the problem. Stay Tuned!!!!

Problems I've experienced are as follows.
Muffled audio when playing a tune from my Zune, then trying to search something with Bing. The music muffles in the search bar screen, then snaps back in when I'm on the web.
4G (wink wink) does seem throttled. Seems sluggish and weak.
Noticed while switching from windows messenger  someone then switching to texting, the device seems to stay in "texting" mode and I won't receive any more windows messenger notices. My Focus did not have this problem.
All that aside, I LOVE my Titan.

I noticed the change in volume while in Bing on my Surround. It is an issue with either Mango, or with HTC phones in general. 

I have the EU titan, using it in the US.
No call quality issues.
No WiFi issues.
Cellular signal strength is a little weaker than my old Surround.
No 4G support here, so I can't comment on 4G quality.
Sidenote: Surround had better audio quality going from the headphones jack. Can't replicate how amazing it sounds with my Titan no matter which preset I select.
So I still use my Surround (modded with a 32GB SD card) for multimedia.

I have used 4 Titans now (everyone in my family owns one, and we tested some at the AT&T store), and they all had very poor call quality and muffled speech.  Poor is an overstatement.... it's more like, whenever we call someone, the person on the other end says, "what? what? I can't make out what you're saying."
Very disappointing, but most of all, the customer service from HTC has been terrible as well. 

I have returned 2 TITAN's, I am done with all the issues it has. The worst 2 bugs is my "Muffled" voice to the person on the other end. And the other one is if there is any movement with the hand that is holding the phone, it makes a very loud rubbing noise to the other person as well. I returned the second TITAN and got a Samsung FOCUS S... I love it.

On my imported black unbranded Titan I have the occasional lack of cell service in some areas where my girlfriend's droid gets service; but other than that no problems

I get laggy YouTube videos mostly in the first minute or so while caching, at&t has confirmed that reception issues come from using 3g SIM cards on 4g phones. Also, sometimes the flash on the camera doesn't work even when chosen as on always and the settings saved. I click the lightning bolt icon many times even though it's already selected and sometimes it fixes it. Turning off SRS also helps get rid of game lag, especially in games where the music loops. Also helps on voice call and speakerphone quality.

I unlocked HTC Titan AT&T phone and using in India with BSNL service provider. My old Nokia phone shows full signal strength, where as my HTC Titan varies from 1 bar to 3 bars and the fluctuates every second, whether you hold it on top or bottom or even if you don't touch also.
Frequent call drops and the person on the other side complains of voice break.
I don't know whether it is a Windows 7.5 problem or HTC Titan problem.
Anyway lost $300 :(

All the same issues here. Muffled voice quality, disappearing keyboard, and signal's always dropping. I've had the titan replaced twice and can't seem to understand why att won't give us the firmware update.


The Screen goes black!!


First time when it happened, the screen went black for 2 hours, however, the phone was responsive to the touch, I could unlock-lock the screen. Second time it happened, it went black for 2 days, I tried restarting-taking the battery out without turning it off n what not... didn't work. I connected it to my laptop and erased the phone data, and the display, surprisingly came back to normal.


Now that my phone has just the OS, few messages and call history. Memory is free of any images/music/videos.... The screen again went black, tried connecting it to Zune too... Not working.