ARMED! Preview now available for free on Windows 8

ARMED Preview

Just before summer started, Dallas-based Sickhead Games announced they would be porting their popular indie strategy title ARMED! to Windows 8 and iOS. They weren’t lying, as ARMED! Preview is now available on the Windows 8 store.

Why the ‘Preview’ moniker? As most PC users know, Windows 8 hasn’t been officially released yet. Lots of people are running preview builds in the wild though, and ARMED! Preview is meant for them. The build is free and basically functions as a public beta; you can submit feedback through the Sickhead website. Not a bad move, as it’s best to test online multiplayer games as much as possible before you start charging for them. Also note that the promised cross-platform multiplayer between ARMED! on Windows 8 and Windows Phone has not gone live yet, but it’s still in the works.

Tom SpilmanIn other ARMED! news, Tom Spilman from Sickhead (pictured with a goatee that puts my own to shame!) recently guest-starred on episode 074 of The Metro Developer Show podcast.
Tom shares tons of great development details about the game, widely considered to be the most technically impressive game on Windows Phone. The podcast also has lots of general Windows Phone discussion, so it's definitely worth a listen.

Windows 8 users: get ARMED! Preview here. As for Windows Phone gamers (the finest folks around), the mobile version of ARMED! costs $3.99 and offers a free trial with full multiplayer support. Grab it here on the Marketplace.

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ARMED! Preview now available for free on Windows 8


Agree, after getting use to Wordament on a tab I think the extra real estate bumped me up 5-10% :-D

I thought this game ruled on my phone but playing it on my tab is the "Bomb". The graphics and gameplay are sick and should be checked out even by non-gamers. Very fast and fluid even on my cheap $500 Iconia Tab. It is an experience of things to come to this platform. May be the best game I've played on any platform or maybe its just the new of the "app on tablet" thing. Win8 on a tablet is fantastic BTW, and then this game shows how cool touch can be. The multiplayer on the phone is a wonder when it works like it should but I haven't found too many players on the tablet version yet. If they get mixed multiplayer going it will be a treat. Hard to believe this is not from MS or EA, its that good.

As I mentioned above, the game plays fantastic on my Iconia W500 Tab. Fast n Smooth, better than even my TII plays it.

Please make sure you hit the "App support" link from the store page or directly from our website at http://www.armedgame.com/support.

We've seen a few people report the issue and it seems to be related to Intel GMA integrated GPUs. Some seem to work fine... others don't... which is odd because ARMED! works on the lowest spec Windows 8 devices.

So this is just a bug we should be able to fix.

- Tom

hey Tom, yeah I have the same issue (EXOPC Slate). it's not only ARMED! though; this is a common issue on really low-spec atom tablets and W8 games. one dev I messaged regarding another, much less graphically-intensive, game mentioned my device is not Direct X 10+ compatible, thus the issue. not a huge deal for me as I got the tablet for $300 just to mess around with all the W8 previews and will be getting a surface as soon as it drops. just wanted to shed some light if it helps.

ARMED! can run on DX9 level devices, so it should run on every single Windows 8 device. Could you tell me which exact EXOPC Slate model you have?

I'm actually having this problem on an eMachine netbook with Windows 8 RTM installed (off TechNet for evaluation purposes of course), Intel GMA 3150 graphics, and the downscaling registry hack:
Without the above hack, netbooks will only run at a max of 1024x600 resolution.  Windows 8 "The Interface Formerly Known As Metro" apps (TIFKAM apps, as I like to call them) will not even run if the res is below 1024x768. 
So what happens is that most apps work with the hack in place, but some, such as ARMED! and a few others (Fruit Ninja comes to mind) will crash back to the "TIFKAM" screen.

Please email Tom as I have had the same problem. He has been very good with getting back to me! I'm sure they could use the feed back.

You have a graphics card issue. Happened to me once. Didn't install graphics card drivers correctly. So, everytime I tried to run a game like cut the rope, the app would close. After reinstalling everything, it worked.

This is great I have this one HTC HD7 the game rocks... Just did the download on my Win8 machine and I know what I'm going to be doing in a few min playing this game on a wide 27 inch instead of a 4.3 screen way to go....

Just downloaded and played through the tutorial and a couple games on easy. The only issue I have with the game on my Lumia 900 is I wish the screen was bigger - so Im really looking forward to playing this on a Surface. Still though loved this game within 2 minutes of playing.

I'm just gonna "purchase" the preview in case it goes Xbox Live in future updates. That's how I got Fruit Ninja for free :)