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1 year ago

Up to $100 million in Windows Store gift cards will be available this holiday season

1 year ago

Windows Phone app creator Rudy Huyn says he plans to make Xbox One apps

1 year ago

Microsoft claims Windows 10 upgrades for all Lumia Windows Phones


Whether or not all current Windows Phones would get the Windows 10 update due next year is certainly on the minds of many people. In the past, I have detailed why the chances of a Windows 10 update being available were much higher this time around, as opposed to the trend-breaking Windows Phone 8 OS.

On November 11, the official Lumia Twitter account has publicly declared all Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8 would get an update next year.

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1 year ago

Kalimba! is the new name for Project Totem and is coming Dec. 17 for Xbox One

1 year ago

Hike Messenger gets a new Windows Phone update with several new features

1 year ago

Why you should buy Microsoft Complete for your phone, Band or Surface


Buying a new device like a Surface Pro 3 is a significant decision. Not only is it a substantial financial commitment, but there are many other questions that come along with it. Which configuration should you get? What accessories are "must haves" from the start?

Today, we want to answer another question: Is it worth buying the extended Microsoft Complete warranty?

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1 year ago

Microsoft open sources .NET framework to work on both Linux and Mac


Microsoft appears to be a new company since Satya Nadella came into power. Yesterday, the tech giant had another announcement to make - its .NET framework is going open source. Microsoft will allow the free code to run not only on Windows-based computers, but also systems powered by Linux or Mac OS. The company has been making some radical changes, and those interested will soon have access to .NET code that will run on multiple platforms.

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1 year ago

Austrian Airlines chooses the Surface Pro 3 to replace paper flight manuals

1 year ago

Microsoft outs Movie Creator as a powerful app wizard for Windows and Lumias


Update: Microsoft has confirmed that Movie Creator is for Lumia Windows Phones only

In 2014, taking a photo, quickly editing and sharing it across various social networks is a common as the smartphones they are created on. There are no barriers to entry any longer. Video, however, is a different story. Sure, there is the odd looping Vine or a straight up video on YouTube, but the idea of creating more artistic creations on phones is something users struggle with these days.

Today, Microsoft is looking to fix that with the release of Movie Creator BETA as a universal app for all Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 devices.

Movie Creator is just one of a few video-creation apps released on Windows Phone in the last year. Movie Creator builds off of Video Tuner and Movie Moments, sitting in between as a sort of "Goldilocks", at least according to Microsoft's Matt Collins.

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1 year ago

Cricket Wireless has special prices for four Lumia Windows Phones starting Friday

1 year ago

E FUN will sell 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet for $99 at Walmart during Black Friday

1 year ago

Enjoy dual-layer protection for your Lumia 1520 at an incredible price of $4.95 today!

1 year ago

A partial exploit in Windows Phone was found as part of HP's annual Mobile Pwn2Own event

1 year ago

ISO files for Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise build 9879 are now available

1 year ago

Dead Earth: Trigger Man Duty & Last Shooter Call, battling the machines from your Windows Phone


Dead Earth: Trigger Man Duty & Last Shooter Call is a first person, Sci-Fi shooter for our Windows Phone where you find yourself in the middle of a war against cyborgs.

You patrol the streets taking out as many rebellious machines as possible before your oxygen supply (a.k.a. game timer) runs out. The game does take on a RPG gaming feel with character advancement and equipment upgrades available.

Dead Earth: Trigger Man Duty & Last Shooter Call is available for low-memory games and comes across as an entertaining action game for our Windows Phones. Graphics are a little on the dark side but game play is full of challenges.

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