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10 months ago

Microsoft Lumia 550 review: The latest entry-level Lumia brings some good with the bad

10 months ago

Dell XPS 13 (9350) with InfinityDisplay grabs optimizing 1.1.9 BIOS update

10 months ago

The launch of Windows 10 didn't stem the decline of PC shipments during 2015

10 months ago

Remote Desktop Preview now supports Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile

10 months ago

Mail and Calendar gains archive reading mails, find text button and more for Insiders

10 months ago

Students in the UK can purchase the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL at discounted prices

10 months ago

Making a break for freedom with Run the Joint for Windows Phone

10 months ago

Unravel's trial on EA Access only grants access to the game's first two levels

10 months ago

Flipkart is now a universal Windows 10 app

10 months ago

Windows Camera app updated for Windows 10 for .63 release


Now that app updates are resuming in the Store, Microsoft has pushed out a new build of their native camera app for Windows 10. So far, we only see the update on our phones, but it may be coming out for PC users as well. Edit: We now see it for PC too.

We have not noticed any differences yet, but the build shifts from 2015.1215.41 to 2016.107.11 and is likely tied to optimizations in the .63 OS update that went out recently. Likewise, there may also be improvements for those on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, who have received the new firmware recently.

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10 months ago

Big Baconit 4.6.5 update brings many changes to memory usage and design

10 months ago

Skype for Windows 10 Mobile to add group video calling support soon

10 months ago

Sporadic issues causing app update failures for Windows 10 Mobile users


Update: As of 3:30 PM ET we are now receiving app updates through the Store on our phone. Other reports are coming in as well confirming the fix.

All morning we have been receiving tips from users via email and Twitter that the Windows Store is no longer reporting app updates to users. Case in point is the new Slack (beta) update, which we reported on earlier, but is not showing for many. The same applies for yesterday's rather critical Insider app update that matters for Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL owners.

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10 months ago

EA Origin Access offers 15 older full Windows PC games for $4.99 a month

10 months ago

Sorry, HTC 8x owners, you won't be getting Windows 10 Mobile

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