Microsoft wants to make it easier for victims of "revenge porn" on the Internet to see said content removed from its services. That's why the company has set up a new website that allows people to request any nude or sexually explicit photos or videos that have been shared without their permission to be taken down from services like Bing, OneDrive and Xbox Live.


Slightlymad Studio's ambitious racer, Project Cars, has received a new DLC pack that brings with it a new circuit to tear up and a selection of new cars from Audi to race on it. The circuit, Ruapuna Park International Raceway, is from New Zealand while the cars boast some of Audi's most successful prototype racers.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella repeated his stance, in the company's quarterly conference call with financial analysts earlier this week, that the company is committed to participating in the smartphone hardware business. He did admit that Microsoft doesn't currently have good phones for the high-end flagship department, but hopes to change that with the release of Windows 10 Mobile.


Squadron - a fast paced arcade shooter for Windows Phone

Squadron is a fast-paced arcade shooter for Windows Phones that sends you to the depths of space to defeat a host of enemy spacecraft. The game reminds me of the classic arcade games such as Galaga with a dash of more current games such as Impossible Shoota.

The Windows Phone game has plenty of upgrades to give your ships a little pep in their step and plenty of gaming levels to fight your way through. Controls are simple and a little on the unique side. All totaled, Squadron is a fun time waster of a game for your Windows Phone (which includes low-memory devices).


Microsoft has detailed the specifications Windows 10 Mobile will require for future mobile phones to run the operating system. It's a strong insight into what we can expect to see from future hardware, released not only by Microsoft but partnered OEMs too. As an added bonus point, Intel is included for x86 support on phones (as well as Intel-powered tablets).


Saavn is one of the leading music streaming services in India and has over 14 million active users across and Saavn for iOS and Saavn for Android apps. Saavn offers free music search and ad-supported streaming, and there's Saavn Pro subscription that allows offline listening without advertisements.


Microsoft's Xbox division apparently had a solid period during the fourth quarter of its 2015 fiscal year. The company said that revenue from the division was up 27% compared to the same quarter in 2014. It also stated that it sold 1.4 million Xbox consoles worldwide during the quarter, which is up from 1.1 million consoles compared to the year before. As usual, Microsoft did not break down which of the consoles that were sold were of the Xbox One, and which ones were from the Xbox 360.

Microsoft said that the revenue growth was"based on strong growth in consoles, Xbox Live transactions and first party games." Platform revenue went up $86 million, or 10%, which Microsoft said was "driven by higher volumes of consoles sold, offset in part by lower prices of Xbox Ones sold."

Xbox Live transactions revenue went up by $205 million, or 58%, which Microsoft said was due to "increased users and revenue per user." Revenues from the company's first-party games went up by $63 million or 62%, which was due in part to sales of Minecraft across a number of platforms.

Source: Microsoft


The future of Microsoft's Windows Phone division has been under attack recently due to cutbacks and continued reorganization. However, all is not terrible as sales of Lumias are still inching up in sales.

In Microsoft's FY15 report for Quarter 4, they are saying 8.4 million Lumias as being sold "growing more than 10% over prior year full quarter sales". Although that doesn't sound terrible, it also noted that overall revenue is down due to only low-end Lumias being sold. This decline should not come as a surprise though as Microsoft has not released a full-fledged flagship Windows Phone yet, leaving only small margins for profit in current Lumia sales.


If there is any mystery why Microsoft's Panos Panay just received a promotion, you can now know your answer. In Microsoft's 4th quarter earnings for FY15, the Surface stands out as one of the few bright points for their hardware.

According to Microsoft's report, Surface revenue is at $888 million for the quarter, which is up 117%. For the 2015 fiscal year, all Surface revenue exceeded $3.6 billion an increase of 65% from the previous fiscal year.


Gloomlogue is an excellent Windows Phone photography app that lets you edit images in a gloom paint style. The Windows Phone app has over 150 special effects and borders to apply to your images as well as the core adjustments to get things just right.

Gloomlogue typically runs $.99 in the Windows Phone Store but through the myAppFree partnership, over the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Gloomlogue free.


According to a new report, AT&T may be raising its upgrade fee to $45, and introducing a new $15 activation fee for AT&T Next and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) customers, starting August 1. Droid Life is reporting that the $5 increase in upgrade fee, and $15 activation fee will apply to all customers beginning August 1, though those currently making payments under a Next Installment Plan won't have to pay on their next upgrade.


The Microsoft Edge web browser that will be included with Windows 10 was built from the ground up to be a better web experience than the older Internet Explorer. A recent independent look at how the current version of Edge performs against its competition, including Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox, shows that it compares well against those two browsers, and outperforms both IE 11 and the January version of Edge, which was released until its old code name "Project Spartan".