Ascendo releases four language dictionaries for Windows Phone 8

Italian English Dict+

Windows Phone developer Ascendo has released four language dictionaries for our Windows Phone 8 devices. The dictionaries include Spanish, German, Italian and French.

Each dictionary includes a keyword search field to allow you to look up your words. Find the word you need and you can pull up the translation, conjugations, and an audio sampling of the word.

Spanish English Dict+

The dictionaries pull from a offline database, that varies from 70-90,000 entries depending on the language, with the free versions. You can make an in-app purchase to extend the dictionary entries (takes things into the hundreds of thousands) and online lookup for words not in the offline database.

The only downside to the dictionary is that the audio pronunciation doesn't cover the translated word. Still, these dictionaries provide a handy resource when you're trying to look up foreign words and their use.

You can find the free versions of Ascendo's language dictionaries by following the Windows Store links below or scan the QR tags. Each version is free and you can purchase the extended versions within the app ($4.99).

Spanish English Dict+                       German English Dict+

French English Dict+                          Italian English Dict+

QR: Ascendo Language Dictionaries


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Ascendo releases four language dictionaries for Windows Phone 8


We just released Portugues English Dictionary + along with a major update for all languages (Spanish, French, Italian & German). New features include a Word of the Day flip tile and phrasebook. A complete list of improvements can be found on our What's New page.
We have rebranded our dictionaries as VidaLingua. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.
Best, Marc, CEO VidaLingua

Re: Microsoftjunkie
The verb conjugator is the aweseome, yo.  (At least for the 2 verbs I put in there to test, conduire and aller.)  This should prove very handy indeed.  WordReference has an app that is ok, too.  WordReference.com has a pretty good handle on dictionary stuff.

Hi Steve,
One big difference between our dictionaires and other apps is that the data for the dictionary, phrasebook and verb conjugator is stored on the device, so an interenet connection is not required. 
Purchasing the extended dictionary unlocks an additional feature. If a word is not found in the dictionary (250,000 translations) then it does a lookup in 3 online dictionaries including WordReference. 
Best, Marc, CEO VidaLingua

Why would you use this over the free Microsoft Translator app that has had 6 offline languages for almost a year, and it's free?