Ask WPCentral: Any PayPal apps out there?

HelpPayMe for Windows Phone

Are there any PayPal apps for your Windows Phone? One reader sent us this question and we took a look over at the Windows Phone Marketplace for the answer. There are two apps currently available that have PayPal connections, HelpPayMe and PayPhone Lite.


HelpPayMe allows you to send money, request money, view transactions and view your current PayPal balance.

PayPhone Lite

PayPhone Lite is similar with the ability to view your balance and transactions history but also throws in a Live Tile to show the balance and a PIN to secure the app.

Here's our reservations. Neither of these apps are official PayPal apps and you are basically allowing a third party access to your PayPal Account. With PayPHone Lite you log into your account and grant the app permission to access your account. With HelpPayMe, you have to set up API access with PayPal. While we haven't heard of anything nefarious occurring with either app, we'd prefer an app that provides a more secure, direct access to PayPal.

Hopefully, we will see an official PayPal app hit the Marketplace and eliminate the need for a third party conduit. Until then we suggest proceeding with caution. You can find PayPhone Lite ($.99) here and HelpPayMe ($1.99) here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

If you've had any experience with either of these apps, feel free to sound off in the comments.

Thanks, Billy, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Ask WPCentral: Any PayPal apps out there?


Enough of these 3rd party apps. Pandora, PayPal, Zynga, etc. has to have a heart and make an official app.

Pandora blocking these 3rd party apps are more work than making an app. Really?

What goes around comes around. Knew there was a good reason I never bothered to look at Pandora, or any clones. Plenty of other options.

I actually just emailed PayPal yesterday asking about a WP7 app and this is what I got:

"Thank you for taking the time to write us with that great question.
PayPal is always updating and adding the latest and greatest software updates. They have not yet released any information on when they will be adding the Windows products. Stay tuned for further information."

I still don't understand how there's an Ebay app and not a PayPal app. It really makes no sense

YES! Square > Paypal. I know there's not a lot of WP7 users, but this is a chance to get some by offereing something Paypal doesnt. 

Never mind using caution because these are third-party apps. I suggest using caution because it's PayPal, period.

Or 3) you personally know someone burned by their arbitrary account freezing, without explanation, and without any willingness to cooperate in rectifying the situation. Sorry, but they've got a lot of work to do to ever gain my trust again.

I'm trying payphone lite it o my has access to read I formation and accept payments. It cannot send payments. I'll keep you all informed

I agree. More and more websites have app-like mobile sites that are very fluid & easy to use. On that note Paypal did not auto redirect to the mobile site.

Now that I've got it up it appears to be like something from 2007/2008. Not great but functional I suppose.

PageOnce also has a tie in to PayPal which is very nice. Lots of steps to get it to show up on your account, and you have to do it through their site on your computer, but once you add your Paypal account to your PageOnce account, it looks wonderful.