Assassin's Creed Pirates brings treasure hunting to Xbox Live on Windows Phone

Assassin's Creed Pirates brings treasure hunting to Xbox Live on Windows Phone

Two Xbox games on Windows Phone in one day? Earlier we saw Tentacles: Enter the Mind drop onto Windows Phone with a limited release. Now we're looking at Assassin's Creed: Pirates for Windows Phone launching with some Xbox support. Let's play!

AC Pirates is a new game in the Windows Phone Store with Xbox support. It comes to us from Ubisoft, who recently gave us another game with Xbox - Hungry Shark Evolution.

Here's the game description for AC Pirates:

"Become one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusive Assassin's Creed adventure on smartphones and tablets! Play as Alonzo Batilla, a young and ambitious captain, a pirate eager to take on the fiercest of enemies… Break all the rules, challenge empires and make your own fortune!"

AC Pirates

We're downloading the game now and will get a hands-on/impression up soon. In the meantime you're going to have to commit to this game if you really want it. It goes for $4.49 and doesn't include a trial.

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Assassin's Creed Pirates brings treasure hunting to Xbox Live on Windows Phone


Ubisoft is totally into making XBOX games ! Hats off to them and their support for Windows Phone ! :)

Sam after you install the game and get a hands on can you please get back to me stating whether it has cloud saving please ?

I'm also wondering about cloud saving and whether this is a universal app or not, as it has been announced for Windows 8 as well. Can we buy once and get twice and 'pause and play' our progress between devices a la Halo: Spartan Assault or Skulls of the Shogun?

Yes Sam, if possible can you let us know about cloud saving. I'm a little reluctant to buy/start games as I know I may need to do a full restore soon and can't really be bothered to start games over. MS promised app data backup with 8.1. Is it that they have failed to deliver or devs aren't using the azure infrastructure provided?

Maybe this site and others should stop promoting those 512MB devices so much then. Cant urge people to buy a cheap phone then come back and tell them they should have spent more, if the cheaper phones arent capable they shouldnt be sold.

If you want to play games on your phone obviously you wont buy a 512mb phone. It doesn't mean those are bad. They are meant to people that want a good smartphone for someone who doesn't want to pay too much and doesn't care about games. And they everything else you need.

The cheap phones are very capable and should be pushed. However, people have got to be realistic; you aren't going to get many decent, graphic-intensive games with 512 RAM, and people shouldn't be expecting it either.

It's almost exclusively the high-end games that require more than 512MB.  Many people never play those, and then 512MB is fine for them.  Perhaps you should do some more research before buying instead of blaming it on WPCentral's recommendations (which likely came with that exact caveat).

Makes no sense what you just said. This as silly as saying "stop promoting PS3 and Xbox 360! They aren't getting all the new cool games!" .

"If the cheaper phones aren't capable they shouldn't be sold"...what a riot

His point is that a fragmented userbase is not ideal, and it's a good point. It's not good for the Windows Phone ecosystem to have this divide. If the Xbox 360 can run super sexy games at 512MB, less ambitious mobile phone games can as well. It's just a matter of developers taking the time to optimize it. Not everyone can afford a high end phone. Let's empathize with them rather than berate them for not being rich.

Ummm Xbox 360 has a dedicated GPU probably as big as a Lumia 520 or other words it's not just about the RAM.

Xbox 360 games have access to almost all 512 of that RAM. Windows Phone games on a 512 MB device have access to about 133 MB. That's a world of difference.

You just can't compare the architecture of a GAMING device like a Xbox 360 and a mobile phone. Even less a low cost mobile phone that is NOT AT ALL designed for gaming. Just because they "both have 512 mb" isn't the logical argument that will justify games to run on both devices.

I don't think we ever recommend 512 MB devices as gaming phones. They can play some games but are not especially well-suited to that purpose.

I bought my son a Lumia 920 on eBay for $110 a few days ago cause be broke the glass on his 520. Now he can play all the games. Even a used 920 is a great phone to replace a 520 with. You don't have to buy the latest.

I get its a ball ache having a 512mb but this us like buying a Fiat and expecting a Ferrari performance.

512mb should never have been introduced to WP, its caused too many issues.

What's going on with Xbox Live integration is that Xbox Live integration rocks. #SaveXboxWP. Go tell @UbisoftMobile thanks! Details here.

It's still dying off, but not all of the games in development have trickled out yet. And Microsoft might still release a new game here and there, as with the upcoming Zoo Tycoon.

And it's also the cause of any growth it is experiencing. Without 512mb there is no way WP is going to compete with Android on the low-end. The low-end is only going down further as there are still people unable or unwilling to pay as much for a smartphone. There income will increase in the coming decades and its one of Microsoft's only shots as expanding their marketshare in this otherwise saturated market.


Having said that, owners of a 512mb device shouldnt expect to play high-end games. And most dont anyway. But when you find yourself on this website then obviously you have an above average interest in smartphones, YoIf possible, then you owe it to yourself to get at least a mid-range device.

Heres my ? - would this game run with any semblance of smooth on a Moto G?  I highly doubt it.............anyone have one to see?

Everyone that have a 512mb phone relax if I'm not mistaken the 8.1 update will allow you to install games to your SD card but if you don't have a SD well that's a bad thing and also if the game requires 1GIG that's another bad thing for 512 users

What does that have to do with it? 512mb is a RAM issue, not a storage issue. I don't think 8.1 allows you to use the SD card as a flash memory boost.

If it did, I would be doing intergalactic calculations with 128GB card. Imagine, a 128GB of RAM on a phone.

dont work like that, a memory stick is no where near as fast as ram, if anything it 128 gigs of that would be worse performance wise than 512mb of real ram.

He didn't deserve that. Mentioning that a game isn't available in a certain country can be helpful to others, and he certainly wasn't complaining.

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Now I'll just wait to see if there are crash errors, and it there aren't I'll buy it for my 1520!!! :D I'm excited about this game.
Update: Oh! I'll also wait to see this available in the store, I'm in Mexico and it says it isn't available.

Can you elaborate? I was hoping it comes out for W8.1 so I can get it on my Surface. But if it's crap I'm gonna pass. 


I'll elaborate. The game is like reading a story that pops up on your screen, and when you're not reading, the actual mechanics of it are setting a course for your ship on a map, and then shooting at ships in a way that I didn't find to be very much fun. There is nothing "Assassins Creed-like" about this game. It has some nice visuals, but I found it to be disappointing because I expected more out of it. YMMV.

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Excellent! Not only I love the AC franschise, the game comes with Xbox Live integration. I normally wouldn't buy it without a trial but I'm buying this just to support Ubisoft.


I think we can really say "F you, Gameloft" now.

Yes! Me too. Gameloft lost out on 16 straight purchases from me. I'll gladly support Ubisoft by buying this and their other recent Xbox games for WP and Windows 8.

Gameloft, like other developers are paid by Microsoft to bring their titles to Windows Phone. I only wish they would do a better job of bringing ALL of their games over, and also provide better support for them after release. While it's good that Ubisoft brought this game to Windows Phone, they only did so after sales of the game basically flat lined on the iOS app store and Google Play.

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No, most publishers are not paid to bring games to WP. Some are (we know that Nokia paid EA to do so), but most aren't, and it's not clear that Ubisoft was.

Microsoft pays Gameloft, which is pretty obvious. And Gameloft is where a majority of Windows Phone games come from as far as I can tell.

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Exactly... Even though I won't be playing the game, it'll totally be worth paying just to show Ubisoft the proper support and respect they deserve... Aside from #SaveXboxWP, we should have a #BoycottGameloft...

We actually have a Gameloft employee that has his very own thread here in the forums, why don't you ask this question there instead of here?

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Sigh... Can't we just get Sid Meier's Pirates back instead?  I mean, it's great that there's new Xbox games.  I'm just feeling far less motivated to try or play any of them with how many games I've bought that have been pulled over the years since I first got a Dell Venue Pro.  (And before you say it's WP8's fault, no.  Many of these games worked perfectly with WP8.)  I mean, it'd be nice once in a while to think that Microsoft actually gave a crap about its own users.

Couldn't hold it. Bought it and the game is smooth and fun. Buy it and have fun 1020 owners. Played for an hour or so, and the phone didn't even get that hot. FPS will be fantastic when the 930 or 1520 get it working. FPS is like I said smooth and game played very good. This is a time eater, its fantastic fun. Nice small variations.

Also, its a battery eater. Your battery will be slowly, but surly drained even when plugged.
Side note. I'm on cyan 8.1 + update 1.

They probably built this game for WP 8, and people on the Dev Preview are going to have problems.

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Hmmm, not a Universal app = no purchase for me.  Not going to purchase any game of this caliber unless it is at least listed as a Universal app as I will not pay twice for the same game, and I do see this coming to tablet too.

Hats off to Ubisoft Mobile, thank you guys, hope to see this as Universal App so I'll be able to use on my Surface too. Rockstar why you don't do what these guys are doing? It's so hard to include Xbox Live achievements on the Windows Phone? Answer: NO

I'll buy this guys, see you aboard!

Why does this already get 2 1star rating? (without giving explanation at that...) Please... People these days is too fast to judge something

It is crashing instantly on 1520s and 930s. If you pay almost 5$ for that I think you have a pretty good reson for a bad review.

Yup, won't boot on an AT&T 32gb 1520 (WP8.1 Cyan/Preview for Developers gdr 1.) Bummer, I've been waiting for this game since they claimed it was coming soon back in March.

WOW, 3 Xbox live games in a week and 1/2 ? Way to go MS ! Maybe #SaveXboxWP is starting to be taken notice by Microsoft, I use it all the time on Twitter....

This is great, now Microsoft needs to fix the Xbox hub in  8.1 for

1. Show Xbox one games/achievements

2. Allow a option to have all the games only in the hub...

Epic news, no question, now if only a lot mor devs will take notice and start adding Xbox live to their games.

Maybe Xbox live on Winows Phone is NOT DEAD YET ????

I know I'm a negative Nancy, but these releases are not a sign of increased support. In the case of AC Pirates, this version has been in development since at least December last year. Probably both Pirates and the shark game got approved at the same time. After an excruciatingly long porting process, they are finally out. That doesn't mean Ubisoft will (or won't) release any more Xbox WP games.

Tentacles showing up is good, but it's not a good thing that Microsoft and Press Play didn't even bother to announce that a WP version was coming. They deliberately announced Windows 8 only. I just don't know what to make of that, except that somebody is really bad at his or her job...

But Microsoft will still keep putting out a game every now and then. One game every couple of months is nearly indistinguishable from a dead platform/initiative IMO.

It seems strange that everytime I view this game on the WP store, the ratings change from quite a few single star reviews to 0 reviews.

Yes, everyone with 1520s and 930s that have bought this game can not play it due to it crashing... They need to quickly fix this.

Doesn't work on my 1520 running 8.1. At times like this I wish we had the 15 minute refund thing that you get on the google play store :-(

Anyone else having problems with this game? I loaded on my icon this morning, but as soon I start the sailing training, graphics are all messed up. It's as though the visuals are updating, but the previous are not being removed. Essentially overlapping. Can't play it.

It is now unavailable for 1520's. Hopefully there's either a fix coming soon or $5 back to my account. Man! I've been lookin forward to this too.

Looks like ubisoft may have temporarily removed from the store because I bought and installed it this morning, doesn't work right on Lumia icon and now it's not available for my device. Hope they fix it or refund my money

For all the people that think the 512mb device wasn't designed for gaming, well take a look at the 625!! Windows & Nokia made sure that phone had a big screen!! And its main purpose is for videos, internet & gaming!! So the developers who make games with just the 1gb ram in mind!! Are not reaching the whole market..

Purchased on my 1020 WP8.1 Update 1 (Lumia Black) device. Was playing great... Rolled back to WP8.0 applied AT&T Cyan and upgraded to Update 1 again. Now store is reporting this game is not available for my device.

Short story Lumia 1020 Cyan WP8.1 Update 1 Dev Pre can't run this game.


It's because of problems on so many devices, that it's currently unavailable. No one can get it at this point until they fix it, or so I would imagine. I have it installed on my phone, but it's unplayable as is. And the store now tells me it's unavailable for my device. I'm anxiously waiting for a fix or at least an official response