Asus Windows Phone 7 also heading to AT&T?


Looks like that secret Asus device featuring Windows Phone 7 that appeared awhile ago is rearing its brushed-metal slabbiness again. Moreover, at around 6:40 in the video (featured after the break) you can clearly see an AT&T logo under the Marketplace.

Assuming this is accurate, AT&T will evidently have a whopping five phones with Microsoft's new OS, living up to their WP7 'premier carrier' title. (And we haven't even heard from Dell yet.)

The video was recorded at Gnomedex 10 and features Larry Lieberman (LinkedIn profile), project manager for the application platform of Windows Phone 7, who proceeds to take us through the usual WP7 tour of features.

In that sense, not too much is revealed. The usual "by Christmas time" release date is mentioned as well as the infamous "reboot" of the whole mobile OS program when Microsoft switched from 'Photon' and the old model to 'Metro' and the Zune paradigm. What's impressive about that is Microsoft has done all we have see so far in just 20 months, which isn't too shabby for the lumbering giant, especially when compared to the "evolution" of Windows Mobile.

Check out the video after the break!

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Asus Windows Phone 7 also heading to AT&T?


I thought the first leaked photo of that phone looked horrible but seeing it in decent lighting and real-world use, this looks like a nice thin, 4" device. Guess I'll have to play with these phones when they come out to see what fits best.

>That's almost certainly just based on the SIM he's using.

But it's also known that carriers will have their own sections in the Marketplace, much like Sprint/Android on the EVO.

I'm not convinced that it's just based on the SIM.

Can we start to get some official hardware specs with these phone leaks now? We've got a basic idea about the LG and Samsung storage wise but what about the rest? RAM? Screen size?

Oh one thing I'd also like to add that you notice from the video, he says he's targetting an "internal" marketplace, not connecting up to the global "cloud" one we'll all get later. Why I bring this up is simple because of the business aspect. The hub is there, but It seems to hint that if some enterprise rolls out WP7 devices they can either add their own stores (where we see AT&T at the top) or they can have the phones connect to their own private in-house enterprise marketplace by default and push out their internal apps that way.

I'm guessing they'll probably have both options, maybe not at the start for the 2nd one but the first one should be there early on. This should cover any sideloading problems for business that was one of the early issues people would bring up.

I am certainly hoping that this device is coming to ATT it looks really good and the os if really smooth.

Maybe I've seen the movie "Conspiracy Theory" too many times but does it strike anyone else as odd that AT&T would become the "Premier Carrier" for Windows Phone 7 while Verizon would wipe their shelves clean of WinMo devices and disappear from the ranks of WP7 launch partners? The cynic in me would say Verizon is prepping to introduce the iPhone while AT&T is going all-in on WP7 to blunt the impact of losing "sole carrier" status for same. The darkest cynic in me would say that Apple will schedule the announcement for their relationship with Verizon the same day as MS officially launches WP7.

Honestly, I consider Apple to be so stuck up that they'd think they're better than Verizon. Yes, they'd gain better 3G coverage, but CDMA doesn't allow one of the things they liked to brag about in some iPhone ads, which is surf the web while you're on a phone call. Besides, Verizon really seems in love with Motorola and Android. I doubt Apple's going to rush getting in the mix with that.

Also, I don't think Verizon had too many WM phones to begin with. Additionally, they're also going to clean out the 2 Palm devices they have and BlackBerry stuff, so, really, I don't think that means anything about the iPhone.

How can I contact Larry? I want to ask him some questions regarding this phone. Does anyone have his e-mail address? Thanks!