AT&T announces Windows Phone Mango plans, 3 new phones and updates

Today, AT&T has announced its Windows Phone 7.5 plans, including new phones and updates (see earlier AT&T roadmap leak). The three new devices, the HTC Titan, Samsung's Focus S and Focus Flash will all be available in Q4, though no specific date has been specified. Most impressive is the announcement of the first 4G Windows Phone, coming from Samsung.

We've all seen (and drooled over) the HTC Titan, with its gigantic 4.7-inch screen, 1.5GHz processor, 8MP camera with dual LED flash in addition it's front-facing 1.3MP camera. No doubt that the Titan will be highly anticipated and a weclome addition to AT&T's offerings.

As for the Focus S (SGH-i937 aka Kapua) it will "build on the success of the award-winning and highest selling Windows Phone in the U.S., the Samsung Focus." and will sport a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.4GHz processor, 8MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front-facing camera, all snuggly tucked into a svelte a 8.55 millimeter profile (the current Focus is 9.9mm thick, for reference)

Finally, the Samsung Focus Flash will be geared for the more price-conscious consumer.  While it, too, will have a 1.4GHz processor, the screen measures in a tad smaller than the Focus S, at 3.7 inches, and will only have a 5MP camera.  All three will have front-facing cameras, which seems to be a standard for any new, Mango-native devices.

Speaking of which, AT&T also took the opportunity to say that they will be among the first to roll out Mango to their existing lineup of phones.  The HTC HD7S, HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus will all see Mango updates "this fall,"  which could even come to mean this week.

Source: AT&T


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AT&T announces Windows Phone Mango plans, 3 new phones and updates


I will not be buying another Samsung WP7 phone. I'm on my 3rd Focus in 7 months about to be the 4rth. Build quality is rubbish. Corrupted firmware twice. The first one didnt last a day! Never dropped, never wet, mine randomly turns off now. Standing still with in my pocket listening to music and 5 minutes later, poof. Its off.

I do have a case, but as I stated. The device has never been dropped. It goes from my pocket to my desk at work to my pocket to my desk at home. I've had it shut off standing still.

Bad luck for you mate, you're actually the first person to have ever told me (or that I've seen rather) about ANYTHING wrong with WP7's. I run my own tech website so I would know on this front. Perhaps wait for a Nokia WP7 then?

I've heard of these isolated reports of bad Sammy phones. Can't say we get any more or less complaints when compared to HTC though.For the record, we have numerous Focus phones here at WPCentral (I myself have two) and we've never had to return/exchange a single one.

thats because u probly dont relies that its not set to 720 by default and every time you re-open your camera you have to set it back to 720Pthe FUCUS actually has the best VID/camera out of the phones so far lol.... so I dunno what your basing this on.sound quality sucks??? even when my VOL is full i find it better then HTC HD7 did you blow out a phew decibels from your ears at a rock show? lol ;)

sound from and HD7???? you get sound out that? can not listen to music without cans on. playing game? sound is so low. play something on utube never not lest in front of other people with other devices the comments are put the volume up..er it is...

i dont have an HD7 i have a focus .. so no i dont get sound from it.... just to point out that the FOCUS is FAr from the wrost.

I work professionaly with sound, so I know thie samsung focus s*cks in sound quality.... try it side by side with iphone and you'll see the focus has a horrible sound.... very poor in low freq and sibling highsthe camera s*cks too... even in 720, it always films super contrasted.... try it at a concert, try filming from the last seats of the stage, you'll see that samsung focus doesn't record the faces of the artists, it just records so white that u can't see their faces, even if u tweak the camera to everything 'low'

well first of all it a cell phone... loli dont compose or master music on my cell so it really doesn’t matter. hahai have my STUDIO for that with my High end speakers .. lol ... and in my car i just use my car stereo with radio adapter, witch is ok i guess. lolwhen i TALK on the phone ( lol ) sounds good )as for the camera , focus still has one of the best CAMERA out, out of all the phones. so if you dont like it buy a REAL camera... Also try watching your VID on your PC or TV it should be better. The AMOLED screen kinda kills it some times.i recorded a live Show in the dark and i had a NIIICE picture..( i wasn’t sitting in the back doh )

I have had no need for exchanges with my focus still on my first very few issues at all looking forward to Mango and glad to see the announcement that ATT will be among the first to rollout the mango update. This week would be nice. I want to see how the focus integrates mango and then try out a 32 gb sandisk microsd card and see how that works as well. Then maybe on to the focus s or the titan or a remote possibility the iPhone 5 o ATT. Or I may just stick with the focus with 35 GB of storage.

I have so such experiences with my focus. I like it a lot sorry to hear of your troublea. I am glad to hear that ATT will be among thge first to rollout mango update I hope as early as later this week. May keep focus if 32 gb card install goes well. Otherwise its the focus S or Titan the iPhone 5 is a remote ;possibility.

Outstanding news from the Death Star. While we have 3 focii on the RTM Mango software it's good to know the official release is imminent. Of the Focii we have had we only got 1 bad one. Very much looking forward to the Focus S.

This is very exciting news. My Trophy arrives in an hour and from there I will be eagerly waiting for Verizon to follow suit with AT&T and update to Mango.

the peple who say samsung focus is the best wp7 have 'no ear at ll'..... samsung focus has the worst sound quality I have ever heard! when I go to buy my next WP, I'll go with my PRO headphones to test it before buying it, I had to buy an mp3 player to have decent mobile audio, so, I have a phone and an mp3 audio,... I wish the wp7 nokia has a great sound quality, if it does, I'll buy that!

im a Musical Composer . and i don’t find the focus having that bad quality in sounds... maybe YOU have something wrong with YOUR ears???**WOW DEJA VIEW** lol.... bottom line we say its the best SIMPLY because its the WP that sold the MOST... ok so the sounds doesn’t beet the speaker on the HTC surround . but my screen KILLS IT BY 100000000 MILES!! Lol..

of course the screen is the best, I already know that..... but the sound s*cks! and I am a PRO in audio too.... I can see that you didn't try an iphone..... iphone sounds 50 times better than samsung focus

i don’t care much for sound on cell to be honest . i RARLY use my speakers .nor should you if your a Sound engineer lol. ;) maybe iphone is better but like i said quallaty generaly sucks on cell phones ..

I have no such audio kissues with my focus If anything mine is too loud. Even on vibrate only and volume off it vibrates loudly or should i say LOUDLY!

Hello Focus S, nice to meet you. I plan to switch from T-Mobile to AT&T, and would like you to be my next phone. I really like the look of the Titan, but its just too big, my HD7 is too big sometimes. I think you, Focus S, will be quite nice.


Sigh. Where's the CDMA love? I'm enjoying my Arrive, but I'd prefer to have something like the Titan or the Focus S. I don't want to switch to AT&T... and I really doubt that I ever will. C'mon Sprint and Microsoft and everyone else - let's get the ball rolling on some higher-end CDMA devices so I won't be tempted by offerings like the Galaxy S II.

I don't want to be a downer, but Verizon (and Sprint) seem to be behind the curve as far as mobile technology in the fact that they are the only major carriers in the world that still use CDMA. Yeah, aparently it has it's benefits, but I just don't ever see us going *back* to CDMA as the primary transmission technology.

actually BELL still supports CDMA... we also have HSPA+ but we still support CDMA and we will for the next PHEW years.. WHY? cause if we kill CDMA we have to give free HSPA phones to all CDMA users lol. ouch$$$$$$but i agree Verizon and sprint do need to catch up . i hope they skip strait to LTE over HSPA for there sake.that fact that CDMA is slowly dyeing OEM`s are less Prompt to make CDMA phones.... look at the Iphone, here at Bell, APPLE RUFUSED to make CDMA iphone when they first came out , we only got them once we launched the HSPA+ in 2009.

"Verizon (and Sprint) seem to be behind the curve as far as mobile technology"Yeah because LTE is soooo far behind.*Rolls eyes*

lmao!! LTE si the most advanced newtwork int he world and its ahsent even been out for 1 year :P lol and they are launching it no??

Love my Focus though I wouldn't mind better sound quality from the on board speaker. Everything else is great. I use a case to protect it for sure. I'll look at their new line but HTC is looking good and also eagerly awaiting the Nokia. They need to hop to it!

This is upsetting and happy. I'm happy there are more phones and 4G all coming soon. But since I'm on sprint obviously it doesn't matter. I wish they had more windows phone choices on sprint. I was saving up for the newest update on windows phone before I bought it. I have a regular phone(like a free one that has basic functions) but I do not like the arrive. Something like what they are offering at AT&T would be nice but I will not switch over since At&t keeps giving me drop calls when I used to have the service.

For those on Sprint and VZW, dont forget its up to those carrier, not Microsoft or OEM's to decide what phones they will carry. It probably wont help much but seeing as how VZW in particular is so chummy with google I wouldnt expect more than another token WP7 device from them. Sprint is only slightly better but likewise have done nothing to promote WP7. Even T-Mobile seems to be solidly on the android train. So I dont think its anything to do with the wireless tech thats being used, if the CDMA carriers wanted WP7 there's really nothing stopping them. After all, it hasnt stopped them getting android handsets, has it? Time to start looking at which carrier meets your WP7 needs and maybe move on.

and CDMA chips cost almost double to make then HSPA/LTE/GSM chips for cell phones ... that also makes company not want CDMA as much.

Original tweet from SamFirmware: "Samsung will stop Windows Phone End 2012 so we think 1 new phone and then.........."So basically this is already technically incorrect being as ATT announced TWO new Samsung devices.

They are doing yearly refreshes. So is that tweet is saying we will get another phone from Sammy at the end of 2012? In which case contradicts everything. Either that, or they were wrong about the number of devices Sammy will release.

Will believe Samsung is not making W7 devices anymore when Sammy announces it. Hopefully, these announced Focus follow ups and the Omnia refresh will be profitable. That will hopefully kill that rumor.My right to be in denial for as long as I want!!

I'm gonna say the same thing I said when AT&T talked about their NoDo rollout...I'll believe it when I see it. And while I'm happy to see the Galaxy S... I mean Focus S, I don't like AT&T and I'd much rather see what phones other carriers will offer. Unfortunately, Sprint has pretty bad reception where I currently live (even though there's a Sprint store right up the street) and Verizon has been mute about their WP7 offerings.

The Focus S and Galaxy S use completely different processors, cameras, and pretty much every other internal component, so good point. If you mean they look alike, who cares. Why change a winning formula?

I will be jumping ship from Sprint to AT&T the moment the Focus S comes out! I can't wait to finally get a Windows Phone!

The irony here is that I want to jump to Sprint from AT&T, but the lack of windows phones on Sprint may kill that thought. The Titan really has my interest. That Focus S is really tempting as well. Heck, update the HD7S to Mango, and I am happy with that!! Come on Sprint... what have you got to lose by offering a good, high end W7?????

Was just waiting for news like this. Titan is too big for me. Focus S sound pretty good with 4G. I prefer a 4" but can live with it if it's 4G. Was hoping to hear Nokia launch some of their phones on AT&T. Hope they announce before I get my hands on a Samsung Focus S. Either way this wait is killing me..One last thing, if Focus had so many issues...wonder why it's the best selling WP7 phone out there. Hmmmm!

Yeah for me it is the Titan or Focus S for my next phone. Not looking forward to the unlocked pricing but I want the upgrade. A couple questions, do they have gryoscopes in them and the Focus S has better have at least 16 GB of memory. Would love 32 but 16 would be OK.

Oh man, I have a Focus right now and it's great. I would love to get a Focus S. Too bad I'm only about six months into my 2 year contract :(

If there are any CDMA W7s coming, now would be the time to start hinting at them. I just do not think Verizon or Sprint care. If Mango takes off, they will be fine getting some W7 devices in for next year. There just doesn't seem to be any interest. These are great choices for AT&T. Really tempting. How do I get what I want in a carrier (just decent customer service and less than 3 - 4 hours on the phone when I have problems, good nation wide coverage) all together with a W7 device?????

To all the people commenting on Sprint and Verizon....relax!!This was all about AT&T(the Death Star as someone put it)....it's only Monday and there are supposedly more Mango announcements coming this week....let's see what happens...

Funny indeed. After having waited months and months for AT&T's updates for my wife's Captivate, Fall clearly means December 21, 11:59pm. No sooner.

I'm within the 30 day trial of my Focus and so far it's been AMAZING. I came from an iPhone 3G and it's a HUGE improvement. I don't even know what an iPhone is anymore. The only complaint I have is the lack of love the Focus sees from companies such as OtterBox, Trident and Seidio(not counting the Surface case they make) for a good, protective case. It's almost enough to make me trade the phone in for one that has support from these companies, as silly as it sounds.

It's pretty disturbing to me that so many people on this thread have vastly different experiences with the same phone. What gives?

That's going to be with any phone though. Kind of like different foods. So many people have vastly different experiences with any one particular food. I love sushi. Some people hate it. Some people think it's just okay. It's human nature. An Iphone or Android thread could be started and you would still get people praising and complaining about it features or lack of thereof.

Really wanna see the focus s, and how much internal? Leaning towards focus s but yitan looks sick too, just that SA screen....and 4.7 might be too big.

I love my Focus. No problems, ATT only sux for me in NY. Would love the Focus S, but internal memory is going to be a big factor in my next WP. 16 minimum, and the ability to expand without issues. Wold love a Titan, but I will have to hold the phones in my hand before I decide what will work for me.