AT&T is giving you at least $100 for your old smartphone

Trade-in AT&T

Starting tomorrow you can save at least $100 off of your next smartphone from AT&T. The carrier is starting a new program that gives you credit for your old devices that you can apply towards your next purchase. It sounds like a good way to get into new Lumia 920 or HTC 8X. Details below.

To qualify for the deal, you need to bring in your old smartphone that isn’t older than three years. The phone should be in good, working condition. Take it into an AT&T company store and you’ll receive at least $100 for your account that you can apply towards a new smartphone, your phone bill, or new accessories in the store. Some trade-in devices may value higher than $100 and you’ll receive that higher value, but you can’t go below it.

A lot of trade-in programs usually have a max amount for what you can get for your old smartphone, so it’s nice to see AT&T offer a minimum instead. The company started the trade-in program to help customers support the company’s sustainability initiatives. Customers win by getting a little cash out of their older electronics.

You can get more details below in the press release or at the trade-in programs website. Anyone thinking of using this towards a potential Lumia ‘EOS’ in July?

Source: ATT Press Release


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AT&T is giving you at least $100 for your old smartphone


Of course. Trade-ins make sense for people that don't have the time to find a buyer or aren't too tech/business savvy. 

No, its not about time, but effort.  It takes less time to post an item on Craigslist or Ebay, than it does for most people to drive to a local AT&T retailer.  Craigslist and Ebay are rediculously easy to use today.  Trade-ins only make sense for those too lazy or afraid to try something new. 
I have nothing against those who choose to trade their smartphone in, but I refuse to buy into the fallacy that other options require a larger investment of time.

AT&T is the best! They get all the best phones before anyone and I've had no problems with their service. Just wish they were faster with updates.

There is no "best carrier". It varies by location. I get LTE with Verizon at home, but I used to get 2G (yes, EDGE) with AT&T. They still only have edge, and they didn't work with me when I wanted to leave. Switching was the best phone related decision I've ever made.

I'll take you up on that. Im switching from at&T to T-Mobile. Why? Because for 5 lines at $110 total, I'll be paying $22 per line and get unlimited calls, text, and data. Yes I know im throttled after 500MB, but on at&T I would get penalized for going over my 200MB. So find me a plan for that same value on at&T. Honestly, I'll switch back if they release a plan similar to what T-Mobile has now.

That's 500Mb for the entire account I believe, so the 4 other lines will also help chew that up rather quickly. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thats what I initially thought as well, that it was a shared data plan.  But nope, its 500MB per line.  Crazy good deal compared to AT&T.

Do you think AT&T has an eBay team sitting and waiting to sell your phone?  This is likely a partnership with someone like flipswap.com.  I'd rather have them deal with selling it, than getting 20 calls with people trying to trade me their old Galaxy for it or undercutting my price by half.  I've sold stuff that way and it's just plain annoying.

If that EOS comes out, I'm going to try to trade both my Lumia 900 and 920 to help pay for that sucker.  Well, only if MS fixes XBox Music, otherwise I'll have to keep the 900 to use Zune as my MP3 player.


Well, that means you're getting $39 premium, since they will still give you the $100. I can see how our 900's have fallen in price. The market for a used phone drops significantly even when the phone is new. We got caught on the cusp of a generation change, so the 900 will be undervalued.

I checked mine as well and it also says $61. According to the press release, it does say "Beginning May 1" and "at least $100 off", so perhaps the values will change tomorrow. It also says current smartphone though, and my L920 is technically my "current" smartphone. Who knows if that's a technicality.
I'd take $100 in store credit though. L900's look to sell for about $150 on eBay, so you'd net about $125. Not having any hassle seems worth $25.

16 dollars for my Samsung Flash, eh? No thanks, tired of being rape shredded by ATT. I'll keep my extra phone as a back up Mp3 player.

Uhhh... I thought the whole point of the article is that they will give you a MINIMUM of $100. So that would seem to be a great deal for you, right?

You can get more details below in the press release or at the trade-in programs website. Anyone thinking of using this towards a potential Lumia ‘EOS’ in July?

Youre working 920 is worth 120 bucks Sam.  just sayin...

Wow, really tempting to trade in my HP Veer that I have lying around somewhere and barely ever used.  I think I got it for $50 off contract, so this would somehow end up being a profit, which would be awesome.
I'll have to check tomorrow, since today it says I'd get a total of $13 from it.

The $100 minimum is only if you're buying a new phone on contract. If you're just trading in you'll get that quote.

Yup, gonna have to trade-in that Samsung Focus.  I love you Focus but with a 920, Titan, and 900 in the house, there's just no room for you.

I'm excited to see that my Lumia 810 is coming up $201.00.

It may be time to say goodbye to T-Mobile completely!

Have kept my v1 focus this long, used it to mess with custom roms now etc being that I upgraded to the 920. Not sure if I am ready to upgrade yet so probably gonna hang on to my little piece of history

Coming from Sprint, I have an old Evo 4G and Evo 3D, both of them being WiMAX. Thanks to Sprint flip flopping on WiMAX/LTE, my phones are next to worthless to anyone, even those on Sprint. This promotion is a huge break for me!

Hmm... Wonder if my HTC Fuze qualifies... I didn't see anywhere in the PR about it being less than 3 years.

Sweet, I had been just recently trying to sell my Samsung Focus for $60 on CL.  Only got a serious offer of $35 which I was going to take but the guy lived an hour out of town.  Now I am going to trade it in toward credit on our bill.

I just punched in my focus and it popped up that they'll give $100 for it.
Now the question is if i want to keep it for the game progress on it or not. :P

That's not what I was referring to specifically. I meant games like Angry Birds and such where it takes a while to progress through levels and there is no way to transfer progress to WP8 afaik.

I get it. I already started them all over. It's a pain but I still enjoy playing them. Wish MS would add game backup to Live games, perhaps to SkyDrive.

I have a working one too! Kept it as a backup but for $100... ;) That was a really good phone. I wonder if LG will ever try again.

They altered the press release this morning. Its now only good for buying a new phone. ATT just refused me for credit on my bill.

Just did the checker and found out that my wife's Droid Incredible is worth $100 and my HTC Surround is worth $5. Yay for the first, boo for second. Going to head in store tomorrow to see if I can finagle a better deal.

My Samsung Focus got me $100 on the website. Did you enter both at the same time? Perhaps there is a 1 per household limit? I didn't read about any limits in the fine print though, but doesn't mean they don't have them.

Well I am not sure why but I was able to use the Website and get my $100 credit WITHOUT buying a new phone.  Don't know why the store demanded that I do so.  I am hoping the $100 credit I get from the Website can be applied to services (ie bill).  It's ambiguous abou tthat in some areas it says Services but in the fine print it says products.  Will ship it out tomorrow and hopefully get the credit soon and will let you know.

Eh. There's always a use for an old smartphone. 
Personally, I use an old Nokia N85 slider as a workout mp3 player for the gym and running;  I recently switched out an old 4gb microsd card for a 32gb card and voila: infinite workout playlists and audio books, plus the old Nokia Symbian phones had FM transmitters that you can use to tune in to a gym's TV audio broadcasting, so you can listen to CNN or CNBC or Bloomberg, while you run on the treadmill.
And if you connect to a gym's wifi, you get Nokia's Internet radio (sort of an early version of TuneIn Radio).  Those Symbian phones, pre touch screen, were surprisingly feature packed and pocketable.