AT&T has no plans to add Internet Sharing to original Samsung Focus?

Samsung Focus -- no tethering?

For those hoping that AT&T may deliver that firmware update to the original Samsung Focus to enable WiFi tethering/mobile hotspot, you may want to temper your enthusiasm just a tad. Over at Windows Phone Down Under, our friend Sheeds has been going back and forth with AT&T over their plans for the Focus in this regard and the results are not positive. At least according to one AT&T PR rep:

"What I was able to secure:  at this time, AT&T has no additional upgrade plans for the first generation Focus.

Know that response doesn’t address your specific desire to know if/when those plans might change or touch on plans for subsequent generations, but I’ve also reached what I think is the limit on what I’m going to be able to secure as responses on this issue."

This was after numerous back and forth with other AT&T folks, all of them signaling that no update was coming for the Focus because it was not part of the final Mango build that AT&T received for testing back in late summer.

Of course, we all know that the Focus can run Internet Sharing just fine, it even performs darn well. In fact, many of us have "hacked" our trusty Focus to do just that (just be careful not to get snagged by big blue). However, it looks like AT&T is putting the Focus behind it (except when they need a stand in for the Focus S) and are solely concentrating on so-called Gen 2 phones.This seems like quite a weak excuse on their part as other Gen 1 phones have received the Internet Sharing update--heck, just about all HTC devices have it on board now. But nothing is written in stone and perhaps AT&T will come around at some point--after all, the original Focus was one of the top selling Windows Phones here in the States, it deserves some respect, eh?

Read the whole saga at Windows Phone Down Under.


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AT&T has no plans to add Internet Sharing to original Samsung Focus?


I have it on my Focus, but don't use it much because the data caps are so low, that you'll go over it for sure, with mild use. 

Haven't received the update on TELUS in Canada either. After talking to a few reps it seems like the reason is for starters that TELUS no longer supports my HTC Surround and they aren't going to do much more Gen 1 WP phones anymore. Only other Windows Phone they have is the LG Optimus 7. With word on the street that says they are getting Nokia Windows Phones.......

I've dont the XDA hack for my dad's focus. I was just going to go ahead and purchase the tethering package for the phone. Anyone had luck with this? Does ATT care what model you're using if you are paying for the service? Also, when I was transferring the phone info over with ATT, I noticed that the IMEI was not displayed in the about section. Any ideas?

While this is disappointing, I guess that means there won't be an update to add Visual Voicemail either. So much for being a premier carrier.

Pay the small fee and get it unlocked, then run the interop unlock, then follow the internet sharing procedure that exists and you'll have it.  I did it on my Focus and it works great! Just wish my phone had LTE, but that's what I'm waiting on the lumia 900 for next month!