AT&T HTC Titan - Did you get yours? [Part Two]

AT&T HTC Titan

We're still guessing the answer is probably not.

The HTC Titan launched yesterday over at AT&T and it appears supply and shipping headaches are still present.  We tried to order an HTC Titan online and was informed that the Windows Phone was on backorder, not expected to ship for another 5-8 days.

There are about half a dozen AT&T retail stores in my area and all are still waiting to see if the new phones are on the UPS Truck.  One rep noted that the phones were due in stores last Friday but due to a shipping error, were not picked up at the warehouse.

And I don't think it's too far a stretch to expect the Titan to be in stock, even if the release date was on a Sunday, when the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash were launched on a Sunday and there were no reports of supply issues.  Hopefully shipping will catch up with demand over the next few days and we all can sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with a shiny new Windows Phone in our hands.

In the meantime, again, feel free to vent in our comments section and let us know if the Titan has arrived in your neck of the woods.


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AT&T HTC Titan - Did you get yours? [Part Two]


5 more days...
Why couldn't the penny sale be in store as well as online. Oh well, but the sound of it not like the employees would even know what I was talking about. 

An AT&T rep just told me the motivation for an online-only sale is because they don't need to pay reps to be on the phone (or in-store) to assist customers with their purchases.

Any way to save a buck. Though a guess I shouldn't care when the phone is going to cost me $0.01.
Just nice to be able to get the phone right away instead of having to wait ;)

Yes, I got mine. Had to go to the Microsoft store to get it though, but I got it and I'm now one very happy camper. Unfortunately if AT&T offers the phone for .01¢ I won't qualify. Oh well, such is life.

I've been working on details of this penny sale for a couple days now.. I believe I've come to the conclusion that I'm ineligible because I'm a AT&T PREMIER customer. Premier told me they have no plans of having such a sale. So if I log in at 12:01am ET on Saturday, my HTC Titan price will likely be $199. Looks like I may be sticking with the Focus S, which is a good device, but could possibly be superseded by the Titan.

I'd really appreciate if you guys can test this out on the Titan. This is a serious problem with Mango.
I posted this in the forums as well but didn't really get a response. So I thought about posting it here as well.
The Focus S can only do 9 background apps instead of the 15 that the original Focus was able to do. So I went to the ATT store to check out what’s really going on with this problem. We pulled out a new Focus S and installed mango enabled apps on it…And voila !!. That has the same limit of 9 background apps as mine. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that either Samsung or Microsoft has imposed this limit on the either the focus S or all new mango phones. If someone can check out an HTC phone, that’ll probably answer that question. But either ways, it’s a bummer. It’s a big shame that old phones can run 15 and the newer ones can only do 9. You’d think it’d be the other way round. Anyways, I’m gonna return this one. The old focus will have to work for now.

Have you actually tried on a focus with Mango? The 15 apps is for toast notifications, I think the background apps is a different number. 

I own both devices right now. Focus and the Focus S. There is a clear difference between the two devices regarding background apps. The same pop-up message says 15 for the old Focus and 9 for the Focus S. 

Accuweather / BBC News Mobile / Fandango / Fuse / GroupOn / Prime TV / Tasks / Toggle / USA Today / WPCentral / Vevo
These are the ones that were running on the original Focus and the Focus S doesn’t have all enabled. It changes to “Off” after 9. When I try running more, it gives me the message “Your phone cannot run more that 9 apps in the background”.
And it's not that they keep running constantly. They're in a dormant state really. For reminder/toast style apps, it's important. Even when they're "on", they can only check on things every 30mins or so.

FYI, I got the HTC Titan at the local Microsoft Store for $0.01 as I was eligible to renew the ATT contract I had on my iPhone 4... The Titan is a fantastic phone :-)

Can you provide proof of this .01¢ deal? If you can I am going to contact Microsoft for the same deal. I too got it at the Microsoft store here in Oakbrook and when I mentioned the .01¢ deal, they said they knew nothing about it. So I would appreciate it if you could provide proof of your fantastic deal.

Checked with 6 AT&T stores in my area here in Texas, and finally found a store with one Titan in stock.  When I got to the store they had one on display as well, and it was marked $99 instead of the $199.  As I was checking out they saw that they had made an error when they rang it up.  The manager came over and told me that he would honor the $99 anyways.  I upgraded from the Samsung Focus, and am so far loving the Titan!  The only problem I forsee is not wanting to upgrade to a phone in the future with a smaller screen size!  

I'm actually just down the road in college station. I called and they have one more titan at the location at the corner of Texas and Harvey in college station. Road trip? ;)

Did you do an early upgrade?  I noticed that im eligible for an early upgrade too even though I only had my focus for a little less than a year.  Reason I was asking is because I want to know whether or not this upgrade will add 2 more years to my existing 2 year contract, or will it reset it and create a new 2 year contract.  You seem to have been in the same situation as me.

I have had my focus for only a year, and was not eligible for the upgrade. So I decided to add another line to my family plan for $10 a month. This way I was able to get the titan at the upgrade price instead of $549. So yeah I'll be paying $240 for the extra line over 2 years, but $249 plus $99 (what I was charged for the titan) is still cheaper than $549. Kind of a waste I know, but that's how bad I wanted this phone!

Hmm, I ordered the Titan last night and according to the status, it has shipped, along with my wife's new phone.
Too bad I was impatient though.  Evidently one of the sales people got approval from the district manager to waive the activation fee for 2 lines (which he says never happens) was well as match the $0.01 deal.  Too late for that now.  Dumb.
Though I am still not convinced this deal is even real.  It says Windows 7.  Not Phone.  Then again look at Amazon (minus the Titan).  Everyone's doing it.

Was the first one to play with the Titan at my closest store today.  There were literally getting it ready to go out when I walked in and asked about it.
Feels good in the hand, hard to judge real weights with the security attached to it but it definitely feels solid.  The grey back really isn't bad, but I can't compare it to the black.  Played with it and the Focus S side by side for a few minutes and while I'll like the Titan better, the screen on the S does look good with the brightness turned up.
I didn't have time to talk to them about Saturday's sale so I'll probably head back in Wednesday and give it a go.  For a penny I'll deal with a shipping delay if needed but I'd much rather instant gratification.  Just wish my wife's renewal wasn't two weeks away.  I imagine we'll see another sale again quickly though.

Not sure if anyone is still following this thread but I stopped back by my store today and talked with an associate about their instore specials this weekend.  While she said that they don't have anything planned, if it is on the AT&T website, they would price match it no problem.  I also had very good luck with this store when I bought my wife and I iPhones.  This was back during the Bing cashback days and the manager matched the 35% that was going on for AT&T web orders during that time.
So, might be worth stopping in and talking to an associate if you're worried about getting one online or if you don't want to wait for shipping.  I'll probably stop by again Friday just to verify stock, but so far looks like I'll be getting mine in store Saturday!

I am facing an issue with the Tango video call application on samsung Focus S. I am not sure, if this is mango issue or device problem. I am able to place and receive a call without any issues. However after a few minutes if someone calls me onTango the application would not respond as it is no longer running in the backgroud. My question is what is the use of a VOIP application that cannot run for longer duration in the background. It could be a limitation of background agents in wp7, if that is the case then Skype will also face the same issue. Why cant VOIP applications run like background audio. Is anyone else experienced the same issue ?

I managed to get my Titan today after work. It is beautiful, solid design. I had the Samsung Focus S before switching it for the titan so ive messed around with the focus for 3 weeks now. Is it just me or does the frame rate on the Xbox Live App on the focus s run better, sometimes at 60 fps compared to the Titan which looks like its always at 30 fps. I also think the frame rates are possibly higher in Hydro Thunder Go on the focus s compared to the titan. The super amoled display on the focus s is also better in my opinion than the titan's slcd, but the screen is so huge, lol, its just awesome. The colors on the Titan are just fine though, no serious issues like the HD7 (My first windows phone...). Also the music is much louder on the titan compared to the focus s (focus s volume for music is pathetic honestly... i didnt like it, titan is awesome) But besides that, the phone is zippy as hell, the huge screen is awesome and worth it (typing is much better), and I love it which is the important part :p