AT&T Lumia 900 delayed till April 22nd? Say it ain't so...

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Not minutes after we teased about the Lumia 900 coming to AT&T soon, BGR is now reporting from their "source" that flagship device has been delayed by over a month till April 22nd. In a way, this explains why things have been so quiet around the stores e.g. no SKU leaks, product shipments, internal emails, etc.

While no official date was ever given for the AT&T Lumia 900, Paul Thurrot and Mary Jo Foley both claimed "March" for a release month with Thurrott getting more specific with the 18th. Later, BGR "confirmed" the date as well.

The price point of $99 on contract remains but if accurate, this is surely some bad news for those hoping for an exciting weekend next week.

Source: BGR


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AT&T Lumia 900 delayed till April 22nd? Say it ain't so...


It's kinda like movie releases in the summer. you don't want to go up against a big movie (Would you want to release your action movie on the same weekend Dark Knight Rises comes out?)
For Nokia/AT&T it's even easier since no official date was announced. they just need two-three weeks separation for the ipad3 craze to die down. it's not a competing device really, but it will get a lot of attention and no one will talk about the Lumia 900.

if that's the reason it's delayed then Im definitely not switching to Windows Phone.  We'll be chasing our tails forever if that logic prevails...

I agree. You cannot be successful in this field if you do not have confidence in your product. iPad 3 is not EVEN A PHONE!!

IPad 3...really? It is the same old iPad with a more expensive screen. I was told if you hold an iPad 2 next to an iPad 3 you can not tell the difference.

Oh fruck that.. I was expecting it would be delayed but not like that. If this is true, they screwed up big time by keeping it all under the wraps. At least start advertising.

These phone companies keep doing this to themselves. Looks like Nokia won't get my money by default. I switched to ATT this week just to purchase the Lumia... Err regret now.. Looks like I'll have to sell my Titan and trade up to a Titan 2. Come on Nokia, your killing your launches before they start.


lmao i know they do lol I'm trying trust me believe me i am lol. I work for DevryInc in Oakbrook, il as an IT Analyst. I have convinced our entire IT Department to switch from Blackberry to WP7 pending the new release...currently we all have the Samsung Focus (1st Gen) smh I'm still saddened by this turn of events.

And this guy works in IT? Doesn't know what period is?
As already mentioned NOBODY announced any release date!

Jeez Louise  turn off the bold and the caps  and get a life.  Its not the end of the world.  If you cant wait six more weeks  then get an android or and iphone and enjoy it. 

Oh no!! Well, I am going to breathe........ and take it easy..... and say to myself " Good things come to those who wait".... :-)

Announcing a product and launching it 4 months later is retarded, don't announce it if you are not ready to launch within a month. Nokia should move away from MWC and CES completely and unveil all of their new products at Nokia World and separate keynotes around the world. Announce it and release a week later. This will give them the ability to plan a keynote in time for production of a phone. They did great with L800 but this is pathetic. If Apple can do it with 1 factory, I am pretty god damn sure Nokia can do it as well with all of their available factories. If this is true, this is a horrible, horrible start  of your North American journey.

It's like they just announced it to announce something other then the 710... Which released right away, and selling well... Didn't hp do the same thing with their webos phones? Announced them, then Released them months later and no one cared anymore?

Palm did this with webOS. HP was even worse. They announced the Pre3 and NEVER released it. Let's just hope it doesn't come to that. I don't want to switch mobile OS's again.

I AM SO PISSED!! GOD DAMN IT! My Focus broke last month. I have been making due on my buddies old E71X!!

OMG major fail...
They keep failing, fail after fail...
It's times like these that makes me wan't to jump ship like suggested in one of the forum threads.

We need to flood AT&T's and Nokia's tweeter and facebook to see if they comment. They will eventually if there is enough pressure.

We didn't.. That's what makes it even worse. It's been 4 months and no news about price or release from Nokia or AT&T. They wanted to take US by storm but this is exactly opposite.

Anyone got a good explanation why the Lumia 900 disappeared from the Nokia - US homepage? It's still on products, but no longer on home.

They have had to change that in just the last hour or so. I was on the site earlier and the 900 was still the main page.

This is my biggest fear with Nokia & Microsoft: neither is known for doing anything quickly. This Market moves so fast and changes almost daily... You just can't announce a flagship device, that is supposed to put you back on the map, and then, let it slip 4+ months before release. This phone has already lost significant momentum and will see more and more 2012 Androids released if it continues to slip.
It does not look good for Nokia and WP7. Not at all. They just can't have this release pushed back another month and a half.

NOK is doing everything possible to fail. 
Miss holiday season for u.s which would been a huge period to get handsets out. 
Announce Lumia 900 phones at CES and say nothing else over the past two months
News on phones outside of the U.S, receiving launch dates for 900 in other countries before U.S?  When u.s was announced first?
Completely ignored U.S during MWC.  Talking about bargin bin versions of the lumia more than the 900?
Doesnt matter if you have a "better" or "faster" OS,   NOK needs to undercut the competitors by releasing great phones earlier, now, they are looking at a release window near the galaxy 3.  Good job NOK. 

If Europe gets this phone BEFORE North America, Nokia failed. US version was announced almost 3 months before European. They better give us a date soon or cancel the product completely if they can't make it before shopping season.

The phone is already dating itself. An iffy 8 mp camera when Htc is launching a 16 mp and they have teases a 42? I was siding on this phone for the screen but the Samsung has an 8 pm and a solid amoled. Nokia you should hire a new marketing team . I would have been fired for doing any campaigns like this at my tech company! Or better yet, hire me and I'll fix your problems !

And you know the sad part? Thousands of Lumia 900s are probably already manufactured and ready for shipment, just laying in those brown boxes in a warehouse..

This is absolutely ridiculous... This partnership has been a complete fail for the U.S. so far. I'm not even sure I want my preorder now... I might as well wait 8 more months for WP8

I 100% agree. Nokia says"your the last place to get a modern wp7 Nokia phone, but hey buy this in May abs 5 months later buy our 42 mp dual core windows 8 phone..." hmmm ok. Why don't you spend the next 4 weeks planning how you will sell all the phones you have when you already leaked a $99 price point. $49.99? Horrible marketing campaign.. Only comparable to the Chevy volt! Buy me, I am not being produced now and catch on fire. I'm only $50k!

Why do that?  You will really lose it when your 8 month wait for Windows Phone 8 turns to 12 months.  

This is another perfect example of why WP is failing so badly with the masses. MS has no clue about marketing and controlling the hype and then waiting toolong to get the devices out in the wild. We all know the specs arent the most important thing with WP but when the Androids come out with a new phone every month with all the hype on the specs who is going to get excited about a WP with specs from 2 years ago. We all know we dont need those specs on WP but without them you are never going to get anyone to even WP a second look when its high end phone is always months away.

We're not waiting until April 22nd to get phones.  Our Verizon contract was up in February and the only reason we considered giving up unlimited data was to get this phone.  By the time Nokia and AT&T get this thing out it will be so behind everything else they won't have a chance.   Obviously Nokia can't keep up in the fast and furious smartphone market.   I also think it shows a complete disregard for potential customers to refuse to give a release date and leave people chasing rumors for months.  It's a nice phone Nokia but its not worth it.

I WILL JUST WAIT FOR WP8 IF THIS IS TRUE!!! What a joke - 6 months after they finally release it and it will be trash b/c WP8 will be launched on better hardware.
You suck Nokia!
Someone send these comments to there twitter account!

So, what your saying is, if the phone came out on the 18th of this month:
you wouldn't have just waited the 7 months for WP8 devices to come out but because it actually will come out the 22nd of the next, you're going to wait until the end of the year?
Over-reactionary behavior is horrible.  

The problem is that by the time the 900 does get here, Nokia will be releasing another bigger, better model.  Talk about screwing yourself out of business.  I was going to look at the 900 and was willing to pay full retail, but not anymore, I'm just going to upgrade to the Titan II.  Your loss Nokia and AT&T.

I haven't seen a firm release date for Titan II, either. It might be ATT putting on the breaks due to the expected onslaught of morons buying ipads.

As an engineer, I can understand delays in a project like a flagship phone release. Think about all of the firmware issues that slipped through the other Nokia phone launches. The people at Nokia and MS aren't idiots, they are making sure that this phone will perform exactly they intend it to and that's why the release date has never been confirmed. Lets hope they nail this release with a quality product since most customers come in off the street and ask a rep which phone they should buy. With a good reputation this phone will do well.

Skype is still beta; and there has been nary an 'Amazing Everyday' teaser ad, or campaign, in the U.S. for this device by Nokia...with March 18th just around the corner, given these two facts, how anyone could believe that this device would be released on March 18th is beyond me.
While the rumored April 22nd is quite a ways off from the date the device was revealed at CES 2012, anyone who was holding on the rumored release date of March 18th (not to mention a $99 price tag) as gospel has only themselves to blame if they are disappointed by this 'new' rumor.

I've read all the comments and did not see anyone suggest that, perhaps, the Tango update was not finalized on time and a few weeks were needed to make sure all phones get pre-loaded before they hit stores?

Good thing yet another revision of iOS is out. Microsoft and Nokia are begging to FAIL. This is crazy. Where is this WAR on Android? Obviously if they are afraid of the iKotex 3 they mize well roll over and play dead. This is WAAAYYYYY TOOOO SLOWWWWW. Why do us Windows Phone users always seem to have to WAIT for everything? Updates, New Devices, Patches... ETC -- iOS BAM. I really can't see how adding another month to the wait time on this device can be any good at all.

Fail. I was holding out. I called Nokia. I've tweeted them and NOTHING!!! They need to give us something. You follow rumors BEFORE a device is announced. Waiting this long doesn't do so much getting the word out as it does making it old news. How can they compete with a company that can release a product 10 days after announcement? Way to really jump back into the US market Nokia. They are really failing at getting their company up and going again.

Thats a disappointing rumor but I will take a conservative estimate over someone who over promises and can't deliver (BGR cough cough)

Hearing how these supposed insiders know the release dates, every one under the sun then jumps on board and now it feels like a let down that the phone may not be available on 03/18 even though the actual companies who make the phone and software and sell it have not given us any expectations other than to expect one of the best smart phones to date. I would not say that this was bad reporting as clearly they just screwed the pooch which happens from time to time but I would say that it is a sign of how this day and age a little bit of information is dangerous especially when you do not have the real story!!

I love how BGR is trying to get some wiggle room for what they said was true and it turns out it is not, can you say egg on face?
Quit trying to hide your epic fail BGR and take some ownership, you exclusively got it wrong and then a bunch of other bloggers copied your exclusively wrong story and now a bunch of consumers are disappointed because the wrong expectations were set.
I would have posted this on the BGR site but their comments seems to be exclusively jacked up too...go figure huh. Wifey gonna be mad with me too because I told her she would be getting a new phone March 18th lol. Enjoy the BB Torch for another month baby. (Side Note: Thanks a lot BGR, your breaking up a happy home now too!!)

Let's hope that when they release they release the 900 in all colors, including white, which could be the reason for the delay....

I make you right. I'm starting to get disillusioned with the whole WP7 situation. How can you annouce a phone in January and not release till late in April?  What kind of crap is this? My contract expires at the end of June and I will be having a good think if I want to replace my Omnia 7 with another WP or get the new iPhone.

You guys needa get a grip. Just because a rumored release date was pushed back doesn't mean that this is a fail for Nokia and WP.

Its not as much about the "release date" or the "rumor" it's more about a phone that was anounced and siplayed in janurarry and has had 0 released information since. 

And yet the only reason everyone is going berzerk here is in direct response to these rumors that were never official to begin with.

I'm bummed about this, but I don't really understand the people who say they are losing momentum. The majority of people don't know a phone is coming out until they see the first commercial or see it in the store. Most people don't follow phone announcements / launch dates as much as the people on here. The 900 is only losing momentum for the people that know about it. If Nokia launches it next month with a kick-ass marketing campaign, the uninitiated masses won't know the difference.

I Guess people really forget to take rumored release dates with a ""HUGE GRAIN OF SALT""........ now your tasting the bitterness for not following the rules of device rumors. Yea I know its a let down, and i can understand your anger, but shit you do it to yourself. Granted Microsoft/Nokia needs to control the flow of information and debunk rumors if necessary.

"Granted Microsoft/Nokia needs to control the flow of information and debunk rumors if necessary."
I think this is the problem right here.  Microsoft and Nokia are terrible about controlling information.  If you are going to pretend to act like Apple, then you need to not spring leaks everywhere.  You also do not show devices at trade shows when clearly they are not remotely ready to be launched.  

I am very disappointed with Microsoft and Nokia. My contract was over more than 7 months ago and still waiting for a decent Nokia phone and now april 22nd ? Microsoft is moving slow like a snail with their development and Nokia will loose their game if they release products 4 months after their announcements. I will go upgrade to Iphone 4 or something. What a disappointment.

the rfelease date of the 900 has nothing to with microsoft and there nver was an actual release date set bt either ATT  or Nokia.  Its noit a fail it's a dissapointment for many of us who jumped on "rumor" as fact  when its just a rumor until ATT announces.   And its just a phone  its no the end of the world.   My contract was up in October.  I thought long and hard about thge focus s  and titan and passed waiting for the 900  It's not here yet.  My daughters iphone 3gs cratered  and I let her have my upgrade yesterday and I will now have to wait until May 6, 2012 for an upgrade. Get over it.  By an iphone ?  at this point whay not wait for the next iphone in September

LOL @ BGR obviously they suck. WP Central files under rumors BGR files under exclusive. I think that pretty much says it all!!!

I don't understand why some people are putting so much stock in rumors. Those people are the fail ones, not MS or Nokia. If you want another rumor to calm you down, I heard from a source that March 18 is back on and that the other rumor is stinky doodoo head. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If the phone is announced in January, they should of released it shortly after, a month at the most since the phone is still fresh in the consumers mind. 
If they did not feel that they can release that early, find a date and announce the phone on a date where they can release thereafter.  Not announce and literally go almost two months with no more information and not saying anything during MWC. 
Consumers are easily swayed, they hear something new and make purchases on impulse and as time extends, the impulse goes away and they are off to the next big thing. 
I thought the March 18th rumor date was a disapointing date to start with, but if this the April 22 date is true, total debacle by NOK at the least. 
WP7 phone are already playing catchup, and to string out the time period between announcement and release only makes things tougher, especially when new models of droid phones come out frequently. 
This is definitley a misstep on somebodys part, now if it comes to light that ATT held this up, not really NOK's fault, but we will see how it plays out. 

It's always some type of delay with AT&T. If it's not something named after a fruit, it takes forever. Knowing how ATT delays everything my guess is that the delay is on their end not Nokia or MS. They sleep with Apple and won't do anything to piss Apple off. I think they will wait because of the not so new iPad. Only time will tell. I won't upgrade till I can get a WP phone that's LTE but if they hold it up too long, I'll stay with Android

I think this is an AT&T gaffing boner, they are first and foremost, WP premier partner notwithstanding, planting their their lips in the rear of the late Steve Jobs memorial statue...too soon? =/

So, as disappointed as I am - I just returned a Focus S and reverted back to iPhone 4 until the 900 released - let's all take a deep breath, and remember a few things:
1. This is as much rumor as the March 18th date. "A trusted source" is often wrong. If you believe trusted sources, the New iPad would have had Siri and haptic feedback.
2. As soon as the iPad date was known to be March 16, a March 18 release date for the 900 became implausible. Yes, it's a tablet and not a phone. However, AT&T will be *crushed* under demand for the new iPad. And as amazing as WP7.5 is and as cool as the 900 should be, it's not going to garner the same enthusiasm at launch that the iPad will.
3. The one competent reason I can think why we don't have a launch date here is that the iPad release date became known to Nokia late in the game (why would AT&T share that bit of info?), and some furious renegotiation has gone on behind the scenes.
4. What's the release date for the HTC One X, or the Titan II, both of which I thought were also around mid-March?
It's sad, and it sucks. It's also one hell of a phone, and I'm not waiting until some day in the future when WP8 is launched and a new crop of phones is out. I may as well wait for iPhone 5, in that case. No, I'll be out on launch day for the 900. (I just wish I knew when it was so I could schedule a day off work.)

That's why I got the Titan this week for a penny. What a display, I can't imagine having a screen smaller..next time Nokia!

Bad move Nokia/ATT. I will still likely get it when it comes out, but the love is gone. You guys are fucking this up.

OT: Rumored dates notwithstanding, Nokia and MS should really step up their game and get Apollo out ASAP. At this rate, they are being battered into submission.
The only good thing about this is that I am in Singapore where I don't see it till probably June. So that's good for me.

Just realized one thing. These are the same people that came out with the original 3/18 rumor. So, instead of admitting that they might have gotten it wrong to begin with, they slap a "delayed" moniker to this latest "rumor", as if it was somehow confirmed to begin with. And in the end, it is the loyal fans who get disappointed because even though we know it was just a "rumor", our inner fanboy somehow believes/wants it to be true.

The 3/18 launch was a rumor so TECHNICALLY there is no delay.  I do agree with the rest of you guys, the sooner it comes out the better.  Coming from webOS this all sounds too familiar. However,  I really do hope it comes out next week!  

Eh, all this does is delay my switch from Sprint. I'm out of contract right now, so no biggie. I'm also used to this from webOS: getting psyched for a phone and then having it either a) not released on my carrier, or b) not released at all. The 900 is still an amazing device, and will be going into the future. Patience is a virtue, and it's only one more month than some rumor mongers over at BGR posited in the first place.
Also, why the hell does delaying this phone to not compete with the iPad make Microsoft and Nokia appear to lack confidence in their phones? If Jesus was planning to come back on March 18th and Apple announced they'd be releasing the iPad SuperDuper HD that day, I'm willing to bet Jesus would reschedule too. That's the way it is, no one can compete with a new shiny piece of fruit these days, and companies are smart not to. Especially since there will be a non-stop tsunami of iPad adverts over the next 2 months.

Lumia 900 delayed to 4/22? WTF? If so, epic fail. You have a small window to get this right. Lot's of Windows Phone believers who have been waiting for the 900. We have your back, do you have ours?

The fact that it was "delayed" until April tells you they were going to release it and something. When companies go silent you know something happened.

The MS/Nokia partnership was supposed to do special things. To say they've failed so far is understating it. There is no other way to put it.

I've come to the hard realization that WindowsPhone will never be anything more than a nice little OS to mess with and nothing. Even with RIM being near death, WP's numbers can't seem to go up. Nokia was supposed to change that. It hasn't.

Soon a new and bigger iPhone will be what everyone will be talking about. MS and Nokia had a chance to give potential converts a moment of pause. That's all gone now.

As for me,my iPhone will be what I use now and my WP will be something I tinker with. I won't be buying any more apps (any app I have that had a pay version I always bought it) or music. Which I did alot.

Btw my keyboard disappeared so many times i literally lost count.

If anybody thought that Nokia was releasing a phone in the US in 9 days with zero marketing, you only have yourselves to blame. Nokia, MS and AT&T didn't mislead anyone into thinking this phone was being launched in less than two weeks, bloggers did. Nobody has seen the roadmap for any of the companies involved. Nobody has seen the marketing strategy for any of these companies. Enough with the tantrums. Look at how some of you sound. Flaming the comments of this article is ridiculous. It is just a phone. I'd love to have one and don't mind waiting. We all knew it wasn't coming in less than two weeks. This is the sad epitome of champagne problems.

Was looking forward to my first ever smartphone. Did lots of research and decided on windows phone. Was buying focus s until word of lumia 900. Now I'm a little cranky and thinking about iphone 4s, out of spite!!
Now you can tell me no upgrade to appollo for lumia 900 and you can go screw yourself into the ground!!!! Still Cranky!!

Now that the cranky mood has gone, maybe another windows phone will satisfy. Titan? Kinda big. Focus S? Nah. Focus? Felt good in the hand, but too low end.... What to do?? Kinda like thinking your gonna get laid at prom, but nobody will leave. GO AWAY!

I am to receive a review unit end of March and my review had to be done fast I was told for its eary April release. FYI BGR is full of it once again. ;-)

The one good thing about this awful article on BGR is that so far, everyone's just been parroting BGR. Nobody has confirmed the rumor from another source. (I know BGR calls it exclusive, but it's not like they are the only ones who know about it ... or maybe they are - let's hope it is so, and thereby untrue - they and their hopefully misinformed source.) There's certainly a lot (more what should be and is not than what is) that points to the phone not releasing on March 18. But surely not as late as April 22!

And this is EXACTLY why Microsoft is no longer doing CES, it doesnt fit with their release schedule! If they don't show something, people will say Microsoft has nothing in the pipeline. So they show stuff thats already out or way down the line. Now people are going bat#&i* crazy over a "rumored" date not happening! The Lumia 900 is an award winning phone for a reason and it will be the same phone when you get it!
For those screaming about Apollo, what are you going to do when Apollo comes out and they release information about the Ares updates that increases resolution to retina display , and a new multi-core gpu?  In Tech you guys will just be waiting forever
*Ares is just a placeholder for the next thing after Apollo, not a real code name

I think they F****ing ditched it. This dead silence from Nokia & AT&T is Bull crap. More than 2 months after announcing the product, no sign of it here in the USA but pre orders going up all over the world including Canada...WTF! This is Not way to launch  a high profile product Nokia. You are screwed here in the US.

First of this rumor is incorrect! As of right now today, At&t has lowered their prices on the HTC Titan, obviously to make room for stock of the the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900 for this upcoming week. This is how they run their business, especially when it comes to debuting new phones. Get rid of the old ones and in with the new in less than a week. Next week they'll be here just have patience.

Instead of the phone launch, they will start taking orders on the 18th without a proper release date. Screw them.