AT&T Lumia 900 now offered for $49.99 with pink version now available too

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Now officially $49.99 thru AT&T

Nokia has announced on their official blog that the Lumia 900 has indeed had its price slashed at AT&T, which now sits at just $49.99 with a two-year contract. 

We published an article on Friday unveiling the potential offer, using multiple sources familiar with carrier plans. The high-end Windows Phone is perfect for those seeking a slick design, large display and a full-blown Lumia experience.

This deal comes in time for the debut of the pink aka magenta Lumia 900, which is set to be released this morning as well. While many would argue that the wait for Windows Phone 8 hardware is worth more than taking out a two-year deal with current generation hardware, we'd like to counter by reiterating just how brilliant the current Nokia Lumia family is. As well as wielding a device that has won multiple awards, you'll have access to all the OEM apps that Nokia have promised to update, even after Apollo is here with next generation Windows Phones.

Four colours are available including white, matte black, cyan and the now-available magenta (pink). To recap, the Lumia 900 features LTE, a 4.3" AMOLED display, 8MP camera (with FF shooter), 16GB storage and a 1.4Ghz chip. To top this offer off nicely, AT&T stores are still bundling $50 worth of accessories with each purchase. So, who's picking one up?

Source: Nokia Conversations; thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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AT&T Lumia 900 now offered for $49.99 with pink version now available too


My wife didn't care about windows 8. All she wanted was the Magenta Lumia. I picked one up today and they told me the stores are not stocking them and I had to order it. She was hoping to have it today.

They need to sell these asap they need the space for new Nokias & that was fast seams to me like it was just yesterday when the lumia 900 came out. Come on t mobile get the 900 w the 12mp & be wp8

To answer your question... I think no one is... who would have thought that the 2nd gen WP7 devices would not get updated to WP8... and on top of that, that any app for WP8 would not run on WP7...
To be honest I think the first point is not really the killer one, the second is... I suggested a Lumia 710 to my girlfriend and she likes it, but she is always complaining that some apps are not available (instagram anyone?)... with the further division of WP7 vs WP8 apps, this will only get worse!!!
This really was a big f*ck-off to all the previous customers from MS... and honestly, I think Nokia in this case was just collateral damage... it actually goes to show that perhaps the Nokia-MS partnership was not the greatest of deals for Nokia... I was always a previous Nokia owner (now I own a LG Optimus 7), and no way Nokia would have done this in the past with its customers.
Anyway, just my 2 cents...I'm honestly fed up with this WP8 stuff.

Yes, because when were you ever able to upgrade your current devices software to the latest software with features that were hardware exclusive? I don't see why this is such a big deal. This is how the tech industry works.

did you read my post? I'm mostly complaining about the lack of APP compatibility between WP7 and WP8, not about the fact that my phone (or my gf's Lumia) will not be updated to WP8...

Do you not understand that the compatibility of these apps is a result of changing the architype of the OS which is then supported by the abilities of the new hardware, i.e. Quadcore processors? This isn't just changing the availability of the apps.

I think your link actually supports him more than you. You can target both WP7 and WP8, or you can target Windows 8 and WP8 - which do you think most developers will go for? Sure some will also include WP7 if it's trivial, but most will ignore the small (and dead) WP7 share.

WP8 SDK can be used to build WP7 applications. The link proves that fact. He lied. That's the fact. No amount of bullshit that you are trying to dish out supports his case. Unlike you, I prefer to deal with facts, not insinuations, assumptions or heresay as I do not wish to look like a complete jackass when they are proven to be false later. People who don't know the facts should learn how to shut up so they don't make complete fools of themselves later.

Where did this idea come from? It's completely false. They have shown NT runs better than CE on ARM hardware. There are a ton of new non-hardware features in WP8. Those won't be coming to WP7 phones. Face it, you all got screwed big time. Luckily I have an old Dell Venue Pro which I was planning on replacing this fall anyway, but you sorry bastards with Lumias are going to be pretty upset come 6 months.

There will still be app development for WP7, but, in the long run this architecture change is the best move.

And to be fair, its not just up to Microsoft. They have been trying to push windows phone. They didn't succeed. However, why is there no blame in instagram for not developing for WP7? Their user base isn't larger than WP7. Even at 2 to 3% market share, there are more wp7 devices in users hands than instagram users if I remember correctly. And still, nobody is stopping devs from making windows apps wp8 or not. Microsoft is giving wp7 owners updates the best they can without mass bricking of phones. They could perhaps had made the wp8 update available via local Microsoft stores but they may not be worth the ROI for both consumers and Microsoft. It would show good will but 7.8 is good enough for what I paid for my HD7 and for what most people paid for their handsets

Well, there isn't much sense in blaming developers. After all, it is up to them if they want to code for a certain platform or not. Also, your asumption is a little bit flawed! Not everyone using a Windows phone would install Instagram (where Instagram is only an example). Only a tiny fraction of users would actually be interested in it. :)

The blame is most likely with Microsoft and their OEMs. After all, they didn't convince enough developers and users to jump onto WP7.x. Now, with the kernel switch, it will be even harder to convince them.

If Microsoft isn't doing anything extraordinary with WP8 that isn't available on other platforms, then thge situation won't change much. And, as you may have noticed, Microsoft isn't going to! All the unique software / intrefration features are coming as well to the iPhone / iPad: Office, XBOX companion ... and so on!

+1 to you my friend... I just had a great laugh with her reading your post. But anyway I won't dump her, I honestly think she just wanted to check it out, not use it like craaaazy as those hipsters... 

Actually most instagram posters aren't hipsters. The social network of instagram is just average people and instagrams actual software is about selling filters to people who don't understand photography enough to use a real photo editor.

There are other apps out there besides instagram. People see one app on a phone and think it's the only one out there. I think there are better photo apps on WP.

Think of 7.8 as next gen's Tango. Nokia has stated that they will not stop supporting 7.8 devices in the near future adding enhancments etc via apps or firmware upgrades.

WP8 fuming aside, this is one heck of a phone for $50. Gotta think the July 15 date is a meaningful milestone though...October 15 for WP8 phones maybe? Three months out?

No one. Honestly guys how could you recommend anyone who visits your site buy one on contract? With WP8 three months away that would be the dumbest decision. And responding to the posts above, there was an article on the site a few days ago pretty much saying that Windows Phone 8 could definitely run on our phones but there would have to be considerable effort by the carriers and oem's to make it happen. Obviously that's not money well spent so it won't happen, but all of WP 8 features are NOT hardware specific so it's not like we couldn't be getting some of it. Who knows, maybe we are.

Better background tasks, Skype integrations, IE10, more voice control, Wallet (not just the NFC features, boarding passes, movie tickets, and loyalty cards are also features of Wallet), background location sharing, third party messaging integration, VoIP integration first and third parties, DLNA Play to built in are just some of the SOFTWARE features for WP8 that WP7 users got screwed out of. 

How would you even know that we're not getting that. Microsoft didn't give us the details about 7.8. People are just bitching. They already told us their announcement was aimed at developers, not consumers and that there will be more features to 7.8 than what they announced. Why are people ignoring this?

And you know that 7.8 won't have any of these software features how? Because you are already running it right? I'd like you to share where you got it so we can all have 7.8 now. Oh... What's that? You don't have it? Probably best to not post speculation as fact then.

Because it's still a great phone, wp8 or not. Everyone has different use cases. I personally dont care for apps or miss them at all. I wish for a couple of banking finance apps but the mobile counterparts suffice.

I understand what you are saying but I really disagree. It would be a bad decision with such better phones around the corner.

I see that the non committment price has dropped $50 as well, and is now $399, and the 1yr contract price is $299.
Would seriously consider getting it if ATT would let me use my paygo/3G plan with it, but I don't think they will.  I just don't need 4G speeds at this point.  Oh well.
I hope they sell a lot more, and I hope that they can get a new TV advert featuring all available colors.

Lol!  Well, the phone works at the time of purchase, and will continue to work and function for as long as one takes care of and respects the device, so that doesn't fall under my definition of obsolete.
I am well aware of the OS update 'situation' and...I.Dont.Care!
I am willing to purchase a Lumia 900 (at the no committment price) provided my phone/paygo plan conditions are applicable.  And guess what?  I will purchase a Nokia Lumia with Pureview device.

Listen up bitches! Who care if apps work or not, or if current phones cant be upgraded to wp8. The million dollar question is where in the fuck can I find unlock code for art lumia 900 phones? The suckers are selling cheap on Craigslist, and I just want one to use on mobile.

I know what you mean. I have a new with plastic still on it blue 900 for att. I can't find a unlock code anywhere so I can use it on tmobile. Every since the W8 announcement I've had it on Craigslist for $250. I sold my Titan 2 instantly for $300. So I can't unlock or sell mine. This sucks

Yeah i m pretty sure if Att starts unlocking it, people will start buying it especially for tmobile here in the US


Should be free since it is now obsolete.


It will get new apps for 6 months, then WP8 will have eclipsed it. No one will develop for WP7 anymore. The marketshare is tiny and will only decrease once WP8 is out. WP8 apps share the same codebase with Windows 8, meaning people will develop for THAT Platform instead of WP7 since the user base for that ecosystem will instantly far larger than anything WP7 was able to muster up.


There really is no reason to spend a lot of resources to develop WP7 apps anymore, it's been deprecated and will slowly die, just like Windows Mobile 6.5 did. Remember their promise of it being used on low end devices for years to come? Yeah, that didn't happen. 


WP7 phones will get WP7.8 with a new start screen and maybe a couple new features and then it's the end of the line. No new apps, no OS updates, nothing. Save yourself a lot of regret and don't buy a WP7 phone.

@peterfares...Essentially, you are saying that HTC, Samsung, and Nokia should not have released devices in November 2011 going forward.  
They all knew that WP8 was forthcoming, but you seem to be saying that they should not have released any more devices until WP8 is released, thus them foregoing a full year of new WP devices sales and depriving consumers who are really excited about WP7.5 - as is - the pleasure of experiencing the OS.
You don't speak for, nor could possibly know, what course all developers will pursue with WP8 around the corner.  And new apps are showing up in the Marketplace daily, and I'd wager will continue to do so for quite some time.  And for those needing or wanting specific apps, surely they would peruse the Marketplace for said apps BEFORE purchasing a WP device?  Someone needing or wanting the Mint app would not purchase a WP device if that app was absolutely crucial for their needs.
You purchased a DVP, knowing that many popular apps were not available (and when there were far less than 100K apps in the Marketplace)!  Currently, there are 100K+ apps available to new and current users - plenty of useful and desireable apps for users to wade through over the lifetime of their contract.

They changed from CE to NT (ARM), what don't you get about that. It won't change again. They made a good choice by going with an OS that's so much better then what we have on WP7. I have a phone that works, who cares I can't get wp8 apps on it. I also can't get Nokia apps on my HTC Trophy, it happens. Every time I see there's this or that for lumias does it make me want to switch to Android or iPhone, no.

So, these things are for sale even as wp7, will be superseded with wp8, this year. Do any of these companies understand the concept of repated customers? 50$ for your reputation?

Peterfares, the sad thing is us that bought 6.1 and 7, are a very small group and with the win phone market share so small. Why would anyone serious believe that the same will not happen with win p8? I feel like MSFT want us to leave their ecosystem.

Haha stupid ATT lady yesterday said she didn't know where I get my info, but the lumia WILL NOT be 49.99 this Sunday haha. And i replied, I have my connections. Lol It just shows you That ATT needs yo hire people like us.

By some of these people's logic on here...it seems to be similar to if the new refreshed 2013 car is coming out...why buy the 2012 model? Ummm... Because your getting a good deal and it still works and has many uses. Maybe I just don't get the uproar.

ok so i called my local att store and they have no idea what the 50 dollars worth of accessories are? Can anyone clarify??? And yes before I get bashed about wp8 coming out in october im well aware of this...I also know that my sprint data service is absolute garbage so switching carriers

I have a thought.....lets say wp8 takes off like a rocket and ppl are getting them like girls get a new beiber song, why wouldn't apps like instagram and the zynga apps who just make their apps compatible with all WP not just WP8 devices. Since all WP will LOOK the same, the current WP7 can be sold cheaply thus helping increase the userbase in the "low-end" and having WP8 devices for the "higher-end"

Yep, as most other people have been saying, it would be kinda silly to buy this phone at all right now.  I bought one at launch, and ended up selling it.  I need a decent camera, and no matter what spin people put on it, the camera is quite horrible.  My iPhone 3gs took about the same quality pictures, at 3.2 MP (I have a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket now, and it takes great photos -- almost iPhone 4S quality).  In any event, since WP8 phones will be out in the fall, its better to wait for that.  I suppose, if you are a smart phone user who doesn't care about the camera or about software updates, this is a great deal.  The white one is especially attractive.  go for it!

People are still signing two year contracts for an iPhone 3GS. I find that so much worse than picking up a Lumia 900 even with WP8 around the corner.

Thank you. This is the hardest thing for us techy folks to comprehend, WE ARE NOT THE MAJORITY.  My relative just bought a iPhone 4 (almost 2 year old phone now) with 2 year contract and have a buddy with Straight Talk who got him self and his wife a 3GS. The 900 is about 4 months old and yes it is not getting 8 but believe me when I say that 85% if not more have no clue what version of OS they have or what future version will have. They just want a phone that looks good, works and it's easy for them to figure out. The Lumia 900 is all that and a bag of Jalepeno flavored doritos. I work at a software company, There is a pretty smart techy guy that still has iOS 4 running on his phone and his app store icon says there are 27 updates that need to be updated. (THEY JUST DONT CARE ABOUT STUFF LIKE THAT, like we do..)

When I went looking for the Lumia 900 on att.com this morning it doesn't show up until the 2nd page of smartphones (after I might add both the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus) and it shows 0 reviews.  This may just be one of those web things but it certainly doesn't seem like ATT is paying much attention to the Lumia 900 anymore.  Hard to believe no one has ever reviewed the Lumia 900 on ATT's site!

Ahh, if you have the new pink color selected (which it is by default) then you see 0 reviews.  If you change the color selection then you see reviews.
One of the things that impresses me about the reviews is that many are from teens and twenty somethings and they like the xbox integration as well as zune.  To me that bodes well for Nokia and MS.