AT&T Lumia 900 OS and firmware update now on Nokia’s servers, pending release

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Nokia has finalized the Tango ROM + firmware for the AT&T Lumia 900

We’re in the finally stages of waiting for AT&T and Nokia to push out the much anticipated ‘Tango’ update for the Lumia 900 Windows Phone. Windows Phone ‘Tango’ will feature improvements to MMS including multiple messages and audio file support in addition to other minor changes. In addition, the inclusion of new firmware from Nokia should allow some of Nokia’s exclusive apps like Counters and Contact Share to finally work as well as flip-to-silence and other bug fixes and enhancements.

The information comes via Navifirm+ which shows uploaded files to Nokia servers. There we can clearly see the 8779 update (slightly higher than the 8773 OS on some Windows Phones) with the AT&T naming in the files.

WP Central

The Tango OS + firmware update on Nokia's servers

We’re currently downloading the files ourselves and will look to have a walk through shortly if we are able to flash our phone. Stay tuned.

While the files are now on Nokia’s servers, it doesn’t the mean the update will be rolling out through Zune immediately—in fact it could still be anywhere from hours to days to even a few more weeks. Still, the fact that Nokia has seemingly locked-down the OS and firmware update is big step to final release.


Update: You can read our initial thoughts and see our hands-on video of the Tango update here.

Note: if you want to flash this ROM, it will wipe the device as this is not a straight forward update but rather the whole ROM image. You will also need to use the third-part Nokia Care Suite program to do the flash which could damage the phone.

Thanks, Travis, for the tip!


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AT&T Lumia 900 OS and firmware update now on Nokia’s servers, pending release


Thats a real helpful comment!  I know youre tired of waiting for a minor update but fight a battle you have a chance of winning.  Railing and Wailing is not going to speed up the process and you're basically getting your creaky rusty armor on   and jumping on Sancho Panza and jousting with a windmill with a broken lance!   Don Quixote

Now that tango is here very soon the drumbeats start for "more" ?    Theres  still going to be 7.8 direct release by MS  at some point  We dont that much about about how much "more" thats going to be!

No THERE IS NOT and whoever started this rumor needs to be hung!  7.8 will still come through the shitty carriers.  NOT EVEN WP8 is promised carrier free updates, just OTA updates.
Let's get our facts straight people!  Joe did not promise us carrier free updates!

Right, except with WP8 you can opt into a MS program that lets you download updates from MS by passing the carriers completely. That has been confirmed. 

Sweet, but what everyone really wants to know is... When will Tango be released for the AT&T Quantum? Kidding. Anyway, here is my weekly lame bestbuy.com sales rankings, FYI:

AT&T (83 phones offered)
29. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (26. a week ago, 27. a month ago)
37. Samsung Focus Flash (27. a week ago, 30. a month ago)
48. Samsung Focus 2 (52. a week ago, 63. a month ago)
59. Nokia Lumia 900 White (55. a week ago, 64. a month ago)
60. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (57. a week ago, 54. a month ago)
68. HTC Titan (53. a week ago, 37. a month ago)
69. Samsung Focus S (60. a week ago, 71. a month ago)
76. HTC HD7S (74. a week ago, 74. a month ago)
HTC Titan II is not offered
Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered

T-Mobile (32 phones offered)
9. Nokia Lumia 710 White (11. a week ago, 23. a month ago)
17. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (13. a week ago, 14. a month ago)
18. HTC Radar (19. a week ago, 17. a month ago)

Verizon (63 phones offered)
49. HTC Trophy (41. a week ago, 37. a month ago)

Sprint (43 phones offered)
None offered

What about the much needed updates for older at&t phones like the titan's disappearing keyboard problem? The Lumina 900 came with this fix installed already.

That should apply as well since it was included in a build prior to 8779, and when you get WP updates you get all the builds prior to the one pushing out as well.

Damn, I JUST (last weekend) decided to reset my phone to use Outlook.com, if I had known about this I'd have waited.  Not going to do that twice in a week.

Can't wait for it to go live. Also, unrelated question, if I change my live account to use outlook address how long does it take for this change to occur. I don't want to change it, reset my phone, and not be able to login for a day while it propogates. 

The problem i have had in the past with MS Services is that my passport is done under an email from a diff service. And in the past some MS products would not work if hte login was not with their service... this used to happen when "MESH" was in beta, i could not login from a phone app.
Also Messenger does not work very well if your username is not an MS email address.
So this seems like a good way to avoid such things in the future, and I need to reset my 900 to trouble shoot some connectivity/storage issues anyway, because ATT can't be bothered to be blamed for connectivity problems. 

Alright just finished upgrading. This is what I have for version numbers.
OS version: 7.10.8779.8
Firmware revision number: 2175.2301.8779.1223
Hardware revision number: 112.1914.2.0
Radio software version:
Radio hardware version: 8055
Bootloader version:
Chip SOC version:

Yeah it's working, it didn't before because I updated to tango via .cab. Now it's working with the flash version of Tango on my 900.

I just bought a Lumia 900 last week cuz me first Gen focus got water damaged. It still worked but it had network issues, would always say it's charging, and wouldn't connect to my PC. I'm happy that I see an update so soon after buying.

Do some binging and find out how to sideload a registry editor onto your phone. You can then trick the registry into thinking the phone is on Rogers Canada. (which is offering the update). Post made on my tangoed at&t focus, and the keyboard didn't disappear once.

Well, I guess two more weeks of waiting, att will make sure not a single kb passes unnoticed and opportunity for an extra charge ;-)

This breaking news just in: Hell shuts down as a freak snowstorm has buries everything in 5 ft of snow. More at 11.

I have a feeling im going to be auto refreshing this page untill an "UPDATE" appears and it says now live on zuen... 

So I was looking at the hands on for the 710. We aren't getting a lot of features, that is on the 710. The Marketplace icon is the same, we don't get the SMS & MMS confirmation. I found flip to switch, but someone has to call me. Tango via cab was better than AT&T's version. JIPPED!!

Dont knowif this is a bug but when ever I have music or podcast (audio or video) I have trouble using the back button. If i am in anoter app and want to go back to aprevious screen the winodow will minimize and show other items running as if hit hit and held down the back button. it happens all the time. This has happened on 2 seperate phones as the first phone I had locked up and would not  boo up.

I'm thinking AT&T will get this update out pretty quick since it is a data using upgrade. The more data you can consume, the more reason ATT will have to push an update out. They usually do it on the weekends when internet traffic is a little less. I'm still confused as to what roll ATT plays in the update. Nokia gives it to Microsoft, they put it on Zune and voila! it goes out. What would ATT need to approve?

How do you even do an update I've been trying to do it for the past 2 hours I'm about to lose it and throw this phone away.