AT&T makes alterations to data plans

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AT&T has announced changes that will be applied for data (smartphone and tablet) users. The alterations are to bring more cost effective choice to customers, and the changes can be seen in the breakdown below. Current smartphone and tablet customers will have the choice to stick with their current plan or move to one of the new plans. Check out the previous AT&T data plan changes for details on what's being altered.

For smartphone owners:

  • AT&T Data Plus 300MB: $20 for 300MB (up from $15 for 200MB)
  • AT&T Data Pro 3GB: $30 for 3GB (up from $25 for 2GB)
  • AT&T Data Pro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot / tethering

For tablet owners:

  • AT&T DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • AT&T DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB

David Christopher, chief marketing officer AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, explains the above changes for data users:

"Our new plans are driven by this increasing demand in a highly competitive environment, and continue to deliver a great value to customers, especially as we continue our 4G LTE deployment."

Customers are reminded to use WiFi whenever possible, of course. This is good news for those who often hit the higher end of the data limit for their plan, with the allowance being increased for a fraction of the cost. Although for those who barely use data while out and about, this could prove an uncomfortable increase in cost when not actually receiving anything out of the deal. As stated above, this will affect new (or renewing) customers.

Check out the press release for more information.

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Reader comments

AT&T makes alterations to data plans


I'm with Verizon, I have unlimited internet, even when i sign a new 2 year with them. Why would I leave them ?
It's not that I use under a gb a month by far but, it's that one month I go over....

hahaha dude don't lie we all know Verizon don't  offer unlimited plans anymore. Lol... Sprint and T-mobile only one dufest.

I can vouch that, as of at least last month, they still allow customers to grandfather their unlimited plans to new contracts.

I have two problems with data.  
1) They need something between 300mb and 3 GB's for people that live inbetween those tiers.
2) That data users pay for should be used anyway they want.  If I want to tether or wifi hotspot to a PC or tablet with the data I pay for it should be my perogative not at&t's. 

Regarding item 1, those a s s h o l e s at AT&T know better than that. There is a hugely intentional gap between 300MB and 3GB (used to be between 200MB and 2GB) but of course they know that if they offer something in the middle, say 1GB, then everyone will sign up for it and they won't sell the higher priced data plans. Bunch of a-holes!

Yes I agree! A 1gb plan for $25 would be perfect. Or even a 500 or 600gb plan would work for me. I usually use around 400mb every month. This sucks.

I don't understand how AT&T is considered the most expensive when their rates are competitively priced with VZW? Also even VZW has gone to capped plans now.

Actually if you read between the lines, David Christopher is saying "Our new plans are driven by fucking the consumer as hard as we can."

Wow, there making it even harder for those that just want a smart phone but don't use that much data... kind of sux... and what about the shared data plans for families, why haven’t they announced that yet? It's been mentioned before, but still nothing?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for addressing what lies beneath these new data plans: a price hike. It's the same thing they did with voice plans and later messaging plans: raise the price by offering "more" of something you might not use. I'm going to keep my $15 200MB plan because I never go over it. Why would I pay $5 extra every month for 100MB that I don't need? You're right, they're making it harder for those who want a smart phone but wil be mostly on WiFi.
Regarding family shared data: I've been waiting for this as well and no one is stepping up to offer it. Ralph de la Vega said last summer that they're working on it and during CES he said they're still working on it. I can guarantee you that it's easily implemented and that they are waiting to see how much will Verizon charge so they can compete on price. For now they'll continue to raid our wallets.

I have less than a year as well and trust me I will look at other carriers for the best value, regardless of the initial cost of the phone.

Dang it, Dang it, Dang it!
I was planning on taking my family plan from Sprint to AT&T and getting 3 Windows phones for my family. With these new plans, it'll cost me additinal $15 per month so I'm not going to do it. I was really looking forward to getting myself the Nokia900 too. Pretty dissappointed.
Looks like I'll be renewing with Sprint and adding to the Android sales numbers because I'm not buying 3 Arrives. Maybe I'll get lucky and T-Mobile will pull some new WP7 phones by April.

Lol!  I know what you mean.  I am on Paygo with ATT (and I mean, 10 cents/minute paygo) and it was hard for me to rationalize paying extra for a smartphone contract; but I did, finally.  The data was the point of contention because I really don't need it on my phone - there's wifi pretty much wherever I go, including at home!  But, with my creative math, I basically tabulated $20 for home internet + $30 phone internet = $50/month or $1.67/day for internet access 24/7 anywhere, especially if wifi happens to not be available.  I think I can do $1.67/day :)
You might change you mind though once you actually visit a AT&T store and behold the L900 in person :)

I'm not holding my breath but I REALLY hope their family data share plans are released soon. If they offered a 5gb family share for $50-$60 I would sign-up immediatly. 

I'm in the same boat and honestly, at this point $15 is worth having a device I love every day. I'll cut out one fast food family trip a month and call it good. I was a little worried about 2gb anyway, and 4gb was too much.

you my friend get it. That's my exact thought. At the end of the day is saving 10-15 a month worth getting stuck for 2 YEARS with a phone you are not in love with? No it's not.

I'll stick with Sprint.  I'm stuck with the Arrive (which by no means is a bad phone, I'd just like a bigger screen) but at least I don't have to worry about this sort of s*** (for now).

If you've been w ATT for a minute you'll see their plans are crap and crappier. ATT go s*** a d*** and offer the plans which I see as fair value. 300 Mb data w unl text $35 600 Mb data " " $45 Unl everything w 600 min phone anytime family plan $54.99. Paying over 100 for 2 smartphones

BurnEthanol I am not kidding, I am only paying 10 USD for 10 gigabyte of data per month since 2010

I wonder if Nokia regrets making the NL900 an exclusive for AT&T?  Im with Sprint now waiting on the 900 but these new prices are tempting me to go to T-Mobile and just get the 710.

The minimums go up but it's still $10 per GB. I'm on Wifi at home/work and still use 500Mb-800Mb, the hike doesn't affect me. At the moment 3GB, is $35 (2GB=$25, $10 overage) so in effect, you're getting more for your $. Also overage on 200MB was $15 for another 200MB, where 300MB is 100MB for $5. I know people who manage to stay under 300MB and I know those that go over that and the 2GB plans, heck I know people who go over the 4GB plan. People are opting to use more data on their phones than before.

Current 2GB individual at&t plan, 450 mins with rollover $39.99, $20 unlimited text with unlimited calls to any cell on any carrier, $85.

New 3GB (or current Unlimited plan), 450 mins, unlimited text and calls to any cell on any carrier, $90

Plus most companies have a 10%-28% discount, even students and state.

The only reason Sprint offers unlimited data is because they have to. The day they go tiered the day they open the floodgates. Sprint offers "unlimited " everything for $80 a month. You hit 5GBs and see what happens, they shut me off, they'll shut you off. Also its unadvertised but there is an enrollment program Sprint may roll you in for the ability to charge stuff to the account, so yeah... $85.

 I got Sprint and a HTC Arive.  I'm 4 months in on a new contract.  I'm still switching once the Nokia or Titan 2 comes out.  At this point, its about the phone.

I've had the unlimited plan for almost four years. Data usage (for me at least) depends on two things: Device capability and data speed.
With the Razr V9: Basically nothing.
Older WM 6.1: 400MB
Newer WM 6.5 800MB
WP7 Quantum: 1.5GB + WiFi
WP7.5 Quantum: 2.2GB + WiFi
WP7.5 Focus S: 2.5GB + WiFi
My area does not have the greatest data speeds yet. With HSPA, I'll hit 2.8 mbps. HSPA+ is said to be just weeks away, and LTE a half a year away after that. I'm expecting my data consumption to nearly double in the next twelve months.
I have been paying the same price for unlimited data (whether I use a little or a lot) for years, and always thought it was still worth having. When my $30 Unlimited plan is eventually "un-grandfathered" it will be a sad day, but it is still logical: I cannot provide myself with data, so I pay someone else to provide it to me. Mobile Operators will charge more as we generally use more data, and we will be willing to pay more as we use more data.
Simple economics.

I've been grandfathered with unlimited since '08 (My trusty Nokia e71x) - I'd seriously consider leaving AT&T if they took the unlimited away! While I know I'm under the 2GB limit pretty much every month, my usage is similar to BurnEthanol above - hardly broke 500MB with the e71x, used about 1GB pre Mango with my Quantum, and 1+ post mango.  Where I live is covered by LTE according to AT&T maps, so I KNOW my usage is going to jump up once i get the 900 in March.
I seriously dislike how carriers promote the hell out of 4G, and impose data caps - you want us to use the phones to their potential, and pay overages while doing so.  No thanks.

I like the changes....i routinely go over the 2 GB and get hit with the extra $10 charge. This is perfect.

I too am on the grandfathered unlimited plan and will hate to see the day they take it away. Everyone jumping on the Sprint bandwagon of their unlimited plans have to realize though that sooner rather than later they are going to go to tiered plans themselves. I guarantee if they sell many of their iphones that they paid dearly to get they will start getting bogged down on their data. Even TMobiles parent company says their business model in unsustainable.

It is slightly better gb/$ ratio, but since at&t even says that most consumers don't touch the limit, it sounds to me like a plan to soak customers out of an additional $5 per data plan...

It maybe at one point before HSPA+ and LTE that people were using less than 2GB, but there has been a steady increase on that. So in turn, instead of charging $35 or $55 for 3GB and 5GB users, why not just implement them in pricing. $30 for 3GB, $50 5GB.

I could see family data being 6GB $55, 8GB $65, 10GB $75