AT&T makes Lumia 900 Gel Cases available for purchase

Gel Case

One down side of the AT&T Lumia 900 is it doesn't come with a Gel Case unlike the Lumia 800. On the other hand, this will allow you to buy a color you may prefer and Nokia gets to shave a few dollars off of the 900's price to hit that $99 price point.

We know that AT&T will have many accessories available in stores for the 900's release including 3rd party cases, screen protectors, Monster-Nokia Purity HD headsets and more. To kick that off, AT&T has already listed those super sweet Nokia Gel Cases on their site and you can buy them now.

Gel Cases

Fetching for $20, they are certainly a bit pricey...heck, those are Apple prices. But, we have seen these cases in person and have a similar one for our Lumia 800 and they are fantastic. For one, you can change your device's color just by slipping one on (in this regard, the glossy-white 900 is your best bet). The other great thing is not only does it offer a global "bumper" for the device to protect against scratches, nicks and bumps, it's super thin and adds virtually no bulk to the phone.

They're exquisitely crafted to fit the Lumia 900 like a tight glove and come in three colors: black, magenta and cyan. Not a bad choice and we think you'll love 'em.

For more info, take a look on AT&T's site. Thanks, erzhik, for the tip


Reader comments

AT&T makes Lumia 900 Gel Cases available for purchase


I've got my fingers crossed that OtterBox is making a case for the 900. For me, its OtterBox or no case at all.

Im sorry but that's some stupid logic there.
you'd rather be more prone to break your phone for not having another type of case than having the otterbox?

No, that isn't my logic at all. OtterBox makes the best cases I've found, far and away. If I'm going to put a case on my phone, I want it to be an OtterBox. Otherwise, I'll be content with just being careful with my phone.
I've never been one to break devices (Last thing I broke was an old candy-bar Sony Ericsson phone), so I know I'll be fine without a case. But if I can get it, I'd like the extra protection provided by an OtterBox.

Are they really grippy? I like to be able to slide my phone out of my pocket without pulling my pocket inside out...
Idk, my focus has lasted 2 years with no case and is holding up well.

I'm not sure how I feel about these. I would have to see one in person. I had a gel case for my Samsung Omnia and I swore I would never use one again. It stretched out over time, and became more than worthless after a couple months. I have never used a case since.

"They're exquisitely crafted...."
I think I'll buy one, and I don't even plan on purchasing a Lumia 900!
Love your choice of words, Daniel :)