AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 officially drops to $199 on contract

Earlier this week we saw Amazon.com run a special one-day sale on the 41 MP Nokia Lumia 1020, reducing the price to just $199. Now, AT&T has followed in their steps and lowered the price from $299 to a much more affordable $199 on contract. Off contract price has also dropped to $609 from the higher $659. All three colors, including matte yellow, matte black and matte white qualify.

It’s not unusual to see carriers drop the price of a phone a few weeks out, though the Lumia 1020 was launched at a seemingly higher than usual price on July 26th. Now, nearly six weeks out and the 1020 has seen its price fall by $100 and it should make the device much more affordable to those who were considering it.  With the price drop on Amazon.com this week, the Lumia 1020 had become a top seller, but has since fallen.

Three weeks ago, AT&T was experimenting with the $199 price range for the Lumia 1020 but only in select markets. Evidently, the price point seemed to work as it has now gone nationwide. 

Will the reduced price attract more customers? It’s unclear at this time though the criticism that the Lumia 1020 is price too high can now be dismissed.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, RellD05, for the tip


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 officially drops to $199 on contract


I just bought my 1020 on Sunday, so I can just return it and then buy another one if they don't want to give me credit.

at&t will give you the price difference... i've done it before when i bought my lumia 900 and the price dropped a week after.... i believe they have a 14 day price adjustment policy

If the price went up should they call you for more money?    You rushed out to buy a product on first release.  Did you not realize the price was going to go down?    My 920 dropped to $49 now.  Maybe I should demand a credit too ::)

Ayeee! Especially knowing new phones were in the pipe to be announced and released in a manner of months. ... Like people that bought WP7 phones a few weeks before WP8 devices were available and complained that 7.8 wasn't enough despite MONTHS of warning.

The problem is a lot of us are stuck in these damn contracts and don't really feel like spending half a grand on a new phone.  You're response will be "then stop complaining if you can't afford buying outright."  But instead of fighting about who's right we should all realize that the carriers are responsible for our unhappiness.  They're just dumb pipes!!!!!

The carriers are responsible for our unhappiness?  LOL   You might need to reevaluate your life guy.   Did you vote for Obama?   Are you young and from the entitlement generation?
I guess I'm too old to be on here.  At 52 I grew up in a different world I think :)  

"Are you young and from the entitlement generation?"

If there's any generation that is bankrupting this country through entitlements it would be you, and your fellow baby boomers.

Ps I am no fan of Obama too, but let's lay blame where it actually belongs.

True.  The "Adults" in this country simply refuse to live to the standards of the new American economy.  That goes for industrialized Europe also.  We grew up in a era of great wealth.  Its gone.  But we maintain the lifestyle by just borrowing against our kids future.  It makes me sick.  As one of those from the 70s generation, I apologize.  I wish I could change it but when you have a President who just wants to perpetuate the idea that we "deserve" to live better and "deserve" to have healthcare", and "deserve" to live a middle class life, well there's not much we can do.  I'm really sorry with what we are about to leave behind to the next gen. 
Oh well, back to talking about big bad AT&T :)

My generation ( I am 43) is the first generation that have to start paying back what "baby boomers" ate and drank. My wife and me combined work three jobs and we barely make ends meet. No pension plans, 401 K, or gov retirement plans. Health insurance costs half of my wife's paycheck. We are both college educated.

All this because of a comment by someone that the carriers are responsible for our unhappiness hahaha!
Part of the problem with the Baby boomers is there are just so many of them.  I am technically a "baby boomer" since I was born in 61 at the end of the birth bubble.  They caused havic in every decade they passed through.  Not all of it was bad. 
As Teens in the 60's they created the cultural revolution which the young folks today beneifit from. 
As they passed through the 70's in their 20's they created the drug revolution and forced an end to the idea that everyone must serve in the military by draft.  another benefit to the young today. 
In the 80's and 90's as they passed through their 30's and 40's they created enourmous economic growth with innovation and technology.  Again, lets thank the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc. for all they accomplished as baby boomers.
Now we are getting old and sicker.  Again we are straining the economy because we are not the innovative engine anymore and are becoming more of a drag on the economy with our increasing medical bills, etc. 
Again, sorry to the 20 somethings who are following in the wake of all this.  It's not going to be an easy life, but theres still great opportunity in this country if this next gen doesn't get sucked into buying Obama's BS that you are entitled to something and that your misfortune is someone elses fault.  Even if its true, it doesn't help the situation.  Its distructive thinking.  It holds you back from WINNING.

Most companies have some sort of price guarantee.  Obviously, if you are out of this window than you have little ground to stand on but it is a good business practice to take care of early adopters.  They are the one's showing off their new device to their friends and attracting new customers.

I think there's a restocking fee for returns with AT&T. I'm sure the others have it too. It's to prevent people from just buying a phone for their vacation and then returning it in 2 weeks.

As far as price guarantee: Never heard of such a thing in the cell phone business, at least not here in the USA

There is, but what is the downside to taking care of a few early adopters?  Worst case scenario you lose a longtime customer to a rival because you wanted to save a $100 per 1020 sold (which can't be much since that's the reason they're dropping the price, and plenty of 1020 adopters won't even try for a credit).  Best cause scenario it looks like you went above and beyond for that customer and they're more likely to stay and try to convince others that going with AT&T is a good choice.
There is very little downside to a company having a price guarantee window.  If there are a high number of customers that have the product and would be upset, than you're not likely going to reduce the price because the product is selling so well.  However, if the product is not selling well and you credit the few that did adopt early, you are taking care of very important demographic.  Early adopters tend to be very "techy" people and are likely to be the one's their family and friends look to when asking for tech advice.  If a company is on their good side, they will likely get a strong recommendation. 
There's a whole chapter about early adopters in the book "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell.  It's a great read if you haven't read it already.  Sorry for the rant, I just don't understand when a consumer sides with such a large company when there's nothing to gain from it.  We should all be on the same team :)

I agree.  I think I aluded to that in another post.  It is a judgement call.  Depends on the customer.  I'm a longtime customer.  Have a business account with them and 5 phones on contract.  My bill is about $400 a month.  I'm sure if I walked in there and "demanded" compensation they would give it too me. 
The point I think I was making is they don't have to do anything.  I'm not siding with AT&T.  Just throwing a little reality into the idea that someone deserves" a refund because there was a price drop after they bought.  
Again, if there was a price increase, would you feel obligated to send them more money?  Timing is everything.  That's life :)

If you're within the return policy then you have every right to get money back. They serve the customer not the other way around. They already rape us with their expensive plans.

I think there's a restocking fee for returns with AT&T.  I'm sure the others have it too.  It's to prevent people from just buying a phone for their vacation and then returning it in 2 weeks

Yes, but they can and have always done price adjustments if the price goes down or a better deal comes around, if within the return policy. I have never been turned down with a price adjustment. The only thing is they usually give it to you as a credit to your account not actual money back. They rather give you money back rather than charge you a restocking fee so they can keep you locked in on your contract. They make more money out of you in the long run so they don't bother fighting any price adjustments. At least with my experience with AT&T.

I suppose its up to the store and the situation at the time.  How good of a customer are you?  How long you been with them?   Are you cute looking?  :)    I don't think there's any written policy for price guarantees.  
Having said that, I agree, if you bought it last week it would be worth trying to get some compensation for your bad timing.  Just be nice about it and not arrogant.  They don't have to give you anything if they don't want too.

If they don't refund you the money, just tell them you want to return it, pay the restocking fee, and then buy it again at $100 cheaper.  Most likely they will then give you the refund since they would have to give you a new phone, go through the whole set-up process, and at the end, be stuck with an opened phone that can't be resold for full value.

Haha love this mentality.  Are you happy that a multi-million dollar company got to save their $100 dollars?  Would your life have been affected negatively if Jon got a reimbursment?

I contacted AT&T through live chat and they gave me a $60 credit.  Better than nothing.

I'd be a tad peeved if the Microsoft Store did the same thing, but I paid $300 and got...

- the free camera grip ($70)

...plus when it didn't ship on time I got...

- Monster headphones for running ($50, on sale from $150)
- laptop speakers ($70)
- a wireless charging plate ($50?)

I almost feel a little guilty :)

I'd be quite mad if I owned a business and you came back demanding that you make me pay you. You might not think it's much for one customer but $100 for every entitled customer sure adds up fast in the world we live in today. I work in a call center as I am finishing up my degree (EE) and entitled pricks call in all day. Sure its only $100 for this guy $200 for that guy but by the end of the day I've given thousands of my employers dollars away... and I'm just one agent in just a couple hours.

Agreed. I was tempted even at the $299 price, but made up my mind to stick it out for next gen. My mind must be made up because even the $199 isn't tempting me too much now.

Next gen devices are close, but I think it might be a while though before one with that 41mpx camera comes.  So if the camera is your main selling point, maybe you should stop resisting the 1020 :)

I was set on waiting for next Gen, but I kept saying at $200, I'll just use my toys fund... This morning I went and bought a onboard compressor for my crawler, that about figures lol hmmm do I upgrade... Hmmm

sorry, I meant you have 14 days to get your money back not 30 like someone else mentioned. I should have been clearer, I didn't mean to return the phone.

They should definitely refund you the money.  If they don't, just tell them you want to return it, pay the restocking fee, and then buy it again at $100 cheaper.  Most likely they will then give you the credit since they would then have to give you a brand new phone (and be stuck with an opened one).

Yeah I bought it through Microsoft Store online, and the most Microsoft will give me unless I ship the phone back or return it in person is $25 in store credit.

I would've been angry if I bought mine at ATT a week or 2 ago but I got mine with the camera grip for free w Microsoft

These programs are a joke.  So you pay $32/mo additional for 20 months = $640 which is pretty much the cost of buying the phone off contract and you still pay the same for phone/data each month as you would if you bought the phone subsidised.  Why anyone would do this I don't know.

Actually Microsoft Stores now have them $199 plus for a limited time the Camera Grip for Free. If only I wasn't waiting on my 6in Phablet and wasn't T-Mobile.

Hopefully they will release 1520 for $200 on all carriers.
It will have tough competition from Note 3 which sells for $300. So pricing 1520 at $200 will help sales.

Now I'm even MORE tempted... but a part of me would miss my cyan 920... but oh that insane 41MP camera... uggg.

And it is insane. I was on the fence but decided why not... Don't regret my purchase at all. Freaking amazing. Love(d) my 920, but this camera is unbelievable.

Just bought mine for $199 online microsoft store with free camera grip. Very excited!!!!

Microsoft is selling for $199 and camera grip too, so that's the best deal for all you lucky people with an upgrade.

If you really want this phone, I'd say hold out a little longer for another month or so, just after the new iPhone rollout. 
AT&T will probably drop it down to $99 on contract in order to shift units for the holiday season, since consumer attention will have largely shifted to Apple's new entries.  

I hope this is what it launches at when it comes to Rogers. I'd switch to Rogers from Fido to get it at this price.

I own a nl920. The only manufacture that does not reduce prices like this is Apple.. They only do it when a new phone is released.. Its sad that my 920 is worth 80$ on a exchange where as an iPhone 5 is worth 360$ on the exchange... What edge does apple have over Lumia?

It's not quality per se, but market demand.
*All* Apple products have a really good resale value.  
It's probably why my next computer is probably going to be another Mac.   Not that I find OSX so superior to Windows, I think Windows is fine;  it's that a few years on, if I want to replace it with something else, I'll be able to unload it on Ebay for a decent price, as compared to a Dell or Asus, that wil be worth very little in the same time frame.
Call it 'unfair', but the market, perceived value, is what it is.

Except phones usually keep their launch price for more than 6 WEEKS! This phone was just priced too high. $200 launch price made more sense. When the 920 launched at $100 a year ago and the only difference is the camera, it's hard to charge $300 for it!

Daniel, given the Microsoft buyout offer, any news if the Nokia press conference this month is still happening?
I'm guessing it's postponed until further notice?   I'm assuming most of the questions from the press won't be focused on the products that are planned to be rolled out, but on the matters of the Microsoft buyout, which is natural, but probably not what the Nokians want to talk about.

I really love this phone. I was so tempted to buy outright. Always hate the 4the qtr season. There's some great things coming from both Android and MS. I'll just wait till the dust settles into the new year and see what's out. 1520 Sony Z1 and Note 3 all are catching my attention. I'm anticipating what the Next Nexus will be. Right now the 1520 is my only favorite window option.

And in Asia we can only hope looking at the price. The only market it launched was a hefty 980 dollar equivalent in China :'(

I just bought mine yesterday through MS at $299! ATT should honor the $199 price for customer loyalty. My 2cents (more like my $100)

Thanks for the tip! Got my 1020 August 6th, which is 32 days out, but I called and they credited my account $109

I did a live chat with an AT&T rep on their website. They told me if I brought it into the store where I bought it I should get a refund of the difference provided that it's within the return window of 15 days. Stopped by my local AT&T store and they gave me a $106 credit on my account.
If you bought your phone at a retail outlet, and not on AT&T's site, try going back to the store in person and ask for the refund.

Got mine on release day and have captured more than enough family moments that are worth more than $100 easily. Knew it would happen sooner or later, not disappointed in the least. Can only hope that it gets people more interested in the phone. I've had at least a couple dozen people ask me "Is that the new camera phone?" in the time that I've owned it and even got to show it to a few iPwn owners who were impressed with the camera and Nokia camera app.
Count me as happy

Hey guys, tipster here B-) lol
I actually think that at&t should give a credit to those who just bought the device within around the last week or so though. Theyre by no means obligated, but it's moreso a courtesy to their customers...
I don'tthink anyone is being straight up if they said they didnt feel some kind of way about buying a phone for $300 one day and it dropping to $200 the next...

Whatever idiot priced it at $300 should be fired.
Everyone who bought one should call and get their refund.

Called  MS store.. they said too bad.. said lots of call with people complaining..  :(  Oh well I guess next time will just wait for the price drop..

AT&T stores in the Milwaukee area are still charging $299 and indicating you can only get the $199 price online.  Yeesh.