AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 drops to $199 but only in a few limited markets

A few days ago, BGR reported that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 has had a temporary reduction in price to $199 (from $299) in few, select markets. The price drop is certainly significant but the vagueness of the report, which did not name any of markets specifically, was of little help. Plus, there’s no indication that this is going national at the moment, though we suppose at some point the Lumia 1020’s price has to drop.

Now, a reader has sent us an image from an AT&T in Huntsville, Alabama that gives visual proof of the price reduction for the first time. We’ve also learned that Gainesville, Florida is another market where this offer is evidently available. It should be noted that the free camera grip is only after a mail-in-rebate, which is slightly less enticing if you’re less inclined to hit the post office.

In of itself, occasional price drops and regional sales should not be a surprise nor a reflection on sales in general. After all, carriers due test out various offers and discounts to see how it affects purchases of new devices all the time. The question is, how long will it be before the Lumia 1020 gets this price drop across the board? We’d venture to say 90 days seems like a fair guess. That appears to be the “new phone” launch period these days before something else is ready to be featured by a carrier.

While Gainesville, Florida and Huntsville, Alabama are the only two markets out there that we know of with this offer, there could be more. If you know of them you can share that information in comments for other readers.

Thanks, Bob S., for the tip!


Reader comments

AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 drops to $199 but only in a few limited markets


But really, is that a profound statement? Shouldn't everything be cheaper if they want to sell more? The question is can Nokia make money off the sale?  It is there duty to get the highest sale margin possible, not to give you something for nothing.

Ferrari could sell a lot more too if they made them cheaper.

I did notice while at an ATT store that the Galaxy S4 had a similar retail price as the 1020 but had a bigger contract discount. This discount appears to just about match the discount the S4 gets.

I will speculate. If that promotion can increase the sale significantly, it will come to other markets pretty quickly. It it does not increase the sale that much, current price will stay.

Nokia has a LOT of R&D to make up to keep profitable. We have to understand the full economics and not just the basics of supply and demand.

I don't think it's selling very well either, but I thought of something... The amount of mind share Nokia is getting because of the device just might be more valuable than actually profits from the device in the long run... I mean, people at work are actually talking about the 1020 and "it's 41mp camera"... I think Nokia knows what it's doing here.. It's like the old saying "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" from the 60's car manufacturers.. Niche products are made to prove what the brand can do,, not sell in huge volumes..

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I did mean getting the $100 difference. I love the phone. I had a 920 before and a 900 before. They just keep getting better.

From what I've heard, other AT&T stores won't match this offer. You are welcome to try,of course, but don't get your expectations too high.

Same in Foley Al. Bought two of them today for $199 each and they sent in my rebate for the camera grip.

Really want one of these.  Think it is time to go off-contract next time around so I can be more flexible in my phone purchases.

The $299 was the best money I've spent even if they end up dropping it all the way to $0 down eventually. I've anticipated many phones but this one is the first one that I can say is perfect for me. Hardly a quibble could I give it. Perfectly satisfied now that I have both the wireless charging cover and the camera grip which could just stay on it its so easy to handle and still pocketable. I do forsee an update to the camera to help it in auto in certain lighting situations but they are easily overcome with the manual controls. That being said my wife will probably get a white one if it drops to $199 even though she still loves her 920 as she is intrigued with the design.

I agree. This phone is completely amazing and I have no regrets dropping regular price for it. All the amazing pics I've taken with it have been well worth it. I don't carry a point in shoot with me everywhere I go so having this great camera with me at ALL times is my biggest benefit. I actually now have friends and family members routinely saying "use your phone to take the pic and send it to me, it better".

I hope T-Mobile gets the aluminum one that leaked out a while back. For $299 it better have 64GB though.

I bet the Tmobile one will have aluminum with a white back. Also microSD to be consistent with the 925.

So I bought the 1020 about a week ago, am I supposed to get a deal on a camera grip? Got it at ATT store. Nothing was mentioned about the camera grip

Of course after I pick mine up there is free camera grip offer. I might have to stop back at my AT&T store to see if the will help me out for getting mine early.

I picked one up for $199 (as well as the Camera Grip with mail in rebate) on Friday in Mt. Dora, Florida (near Orlando).

I wonder if AT&T is still offering the $100 trade in an old phone deal.  You could potentially get the 1020 for $99.  Got my 920 for free that way back in June :)

I picked up mine yesterday on a new Mobile Share plan with the GF & we both used EDGE for our devices' & I prepaid a months worth of service. I got the 1020 she got the iPhone 5. Yeah its hellah expensive, compared to the LG Optimus G PRO at only $99 or $20 a month, but I love NOKIA & this camera!
Feels faster than my 920. Screen is different though.
Not sure if I'm crazy for dropping so much on this! ($37 a month)