AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 launches with low inventory

Nokia Lumia 1520

Today, the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 hit the store shelves but at the last minute, many received emails last night from AT&T and Microsoft’s Online Store informing them of shipping delays. 

Citing overwhelming demand, pre-orders for the new Windows Phone would not ship as first planned.  When we first reported this, we were not sure how this delay would affect in-store inventory.

Calling around to local AT&T and Microsoft Stores, we have found the Nokia Lumia 1520 inventory being limited to low stock at most locations. Some never received any inventory and once again yellow is the hardest to find, as we reported earlier.

In searching the Lumia 1520 forums, others are reporting similar results.  It seems the best luck in finding a Lumia 1520 has been with AT&T Corporate Stores or the Microsoft Stores.  Hopefully, with the Thanksgiving weekend quickly approaching we'll see available inventory for the Lumia 1520 increase across the board.

If you’ve been able to pick up a Nokia Lumia 1520 at your local AT&T or Microsoft Store, let us know in the comments. Tell us what color you opted for and where you’re located. And if you haven't read our full review, you can find it here.


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 launches with low inventory


I still can't believe this phone in particular wasn't released on all the major carriers at the same time. Would probably be a major hit!!!! Come on, Microsoft, lets get the ball rolling on that.

Holy cow.

Only Black or White though. I'm on Vodafone and my upgrade is due and £38 a month is a good price but I kinda wanted a Yellow one...

How come they're they're the only company with it and they'#re expecting them on the 6th of Dec...

I know bugged me a fair bit i want it in red and unlocked no strings attached the release date is longer then i expected rumors were saying 25th November clearly its not the case

I was planning for the worst trying to make my HTC Titan last til the end of my contract in Jan so am quite pleased with this.

Free experience day too. Am very tempted.

Probably go White, I am bored of having a black phone.

We've beaten this subject to death already. OEMs are not the ones who decide which phones go where, carriers decide what they want.

No one pays attention to those facts. They just blame the originator of the product because it's easier. Bunch of idiots lacking reading comprehension or basic understanding of wireless business.


AT&T bought the exclusivity...what's your point? We are saying for Nokia to not accept carrier exclusivity. We already know that T-Mobile and Verizon will be getting additional phones...we are just hoping that with Microsoft, they will just release across all instead of agreeing to a exclusivity deal.

This is all right out of Nokia's mouth. "We decided best blah blah marketing deal  blah blah...".

What additional phones will T-Mobile be getting? Verizon is getting just one that we know if (929).

That is not true at all. Nokia touts its decision to sign carrier exclusiity deals as its best option. But its a strategy that is failing them miserably in North America.

If they can't get enough supply for one carrier, imagine the headache they would've had trying to support three.

"overwhelming demand" on a gutted phone? I confess myself surprised.
I wonder where lies the line in the US that'll make Americans finally stop buying carrier phones and start buying them at normal price outside carriers, as we do here in Europe.

There's no point in the US.  The phone is subsidized and you're locked into a contract.  Otherwise, you pay full price and pay the same for a contract that you're not locked into.

You don't pay the same. When you buy on contract, you pay $30 a month per smartphone line that you otherwise wouldn't pay. This is there way of recovering the subsidy. If you already own the phone, you don't pay this but you still pay for data.

The problem is that prepaid plans until recently sucked. Tmobile is really changing things though.

Not true. You do pay the same. You still have to pay a smart phone fee on shared plans without a contract whether you own it outright or it being subsidized. I'm speaking from experience.

Woah. Much better in the UK. Here, we can get a phone on contract or buy it separately and get a cheaper sim only contract. Or PAYG of course. We have every choice. I don't really understand why other countries don't have all possibilities available. I assume because the demand isn't there from the customers.

Exactly. If you already own the phone, you have more flexibility on the plans you chose, no?

I, on Vodafone in Europe, pay 8€ a month and have free phone calls and sms and 150MB of free 3G data. Because I want to. I don't need 4G nor a data plan bigger than 150MB a month so I don't have to pay a huge amount per month just because I entered a contract. I can quit Vodafone at any time and change my data plan at any time. I could also buy a phone with a 2 year contract IF I wanted to.

And if T-Mobile is changing things in the US, that's good. Since T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telekom, maybe that means in a few months/years Americans will be free of carrier-tyranny and start having the options we have in Europe, where people only enter into carrier-contracts if they REALLY want to (instead of being indirectly forced into one).

That would require that the Members of Congress get their balls out of the Carrier's mouths and properly regulate the Industry so it runs with the people's interests in mind.

Ah. Touché. It's political.
Well, in that case, good luck. But if I understood, lately both the President and the FCC have been puting pressure on the regulators to change those things, no?

Govt regulation is not a good answer here. Competition is working fine. If you don't like the contracts there are plenty of prepaid options.

That assumes members of Congress are capable of properly regulating anything. I've nit yet seen any evidence that they are.

T-Mobile is starting to compete with the MVNOs here. I use my Nokia 1020 on Net10 (on AT&T's network), I get 2.5GB of LTE and unlimited everything else for $46.18 a month.  AT&T offers a no contract plan similar for $60 but only with 2GB of Data cap.  I am sure the guy who got his 1020 for $199 or $99 on contract has a monthly bill of closer to $100 or more.  I am happy to purchase my phone out right and save $600+ a year (pays for my phone and more).

Trust me I understand what you are saying... But, seriously! you need to stop being negative about EVERYTHING :) 

Well...I haven't seen positive things lately, apart from the arrival of Instagram and Vine. =P
(Well, there's the Xbox launch of course, but I let that pass as I'm more of a PS-guy although not interested in the PS4 either)

For the millionth time we in the US (except those with lots of disposable income) do not pay full price for phones. You do not get any discounts on your plan for paying full price. $540 for something you'll only use for less than 2 years? Waste of money. The ONLY good thing about paying full price I suppose is you don't extend your contract for another 2 years.

Lol. You pay that $540 no matter how you slice it. You might intend to say "upfront" instead of "full price", because of course we pay the full price of the phone.
What you get by deferring payment, as you do on AT&T and Verizon for example, is that you can't switch phones for 2 years, unless you pay even more for their new service of letting you switch earlier. By the way, that has to be one of the most brilliant schemes I've ever seen. First they lock you a contract, and then they sell you a service that if you pay even more, you get a slightly modified contract that lets you keep locking yourself to another contract and so on.

But yes, it's useless paying upfront for a phone on either of those two carriers, since the only thing you get by doing that is the freedom so switch phones, you pay the same monthly cost anyway. And since you can't always unlock the phones, and they are branded to boot, it's not a great idea anyway.

"You pay that $540 no matter how you slice it"-and that's why I'll pay the $99. Why would I pay $540 2 times? I don't care about being "stuck" in a contract. Longtime ATT customer and have no problems with their service.

"You pay that $540 no matter how you slice it"-and that's why I'll pay the $99. Why would I pay $540 2 times?"
Oh, you are absolutely right about that. Paying upfront on AT&T or Verizon makes no sense, IMO. I was just contesting your statement that those who choose the contract don't pay full price.

It's actually cheaper to pay the $99 subsie and the etf than the retail price of the phone. $425 vs 580, sometimes breaking contract is a better deal ;).

That is what I am thinking.  I hope they have loads of 32GB versions coming.  They should still sell the 16GB, but not have the 32GB option from the start was a mistake.

Lol. The situation is sad. I want to support WP but don't want ATT to think it doesn't matter they messed with the specs.

+1 Its clear that AT&T wants you to be forced to stream your data, not store it on the handset. I'm not interested in any phone with less than 32gigs

The Round Rock, Tx AT&T store had black and red in stock. Not sure how many, but I snagged a black 1520.

I received my red 1520 yesterday, purchased directly from ATT's website.  I love this phone.  It is everything I hoped it would be.  The display is simply stunning and it's big.  It makes my 928 look small.


Picked up my Red Nokia Lumia 1520 today from the AT&T Store in Lincoln, NE, right afer i canceled my order with the Microsoft Store!

My white one is on the truck for delivery today. Ordered on Tuesday in store at a corporate AT&T store.

Looks like there wasn't a lot of lessons learned done after the 920 launch last year....

A friend of mine picked up a red one in an AT&T store in Acworth, GA and they told him that they still had a few in stock. It seems strange that small stores seem to be better if it comes to having those phones in stock than the big ones... He called around in the Metro Atlanta area and was told that they are either out of the few they had or never got them to begin with.... One store rep (no idea about the specific store) told him they only got one in red and one in black to begin with....

As one who preordered, I was more than disappointed yesterday, but now I am over it and will just stick to my 920 and see what next year has to offer. Maybe things will get smoother then...

I think they did learn their lesson.  Better to go easy on a device that you have no idea an what the demand will be and then ramp it up.

"Citing Overwhelming demand" = underwheling inventory.  That's too bad, but even the during the podcast yesterday, Daniel stated that this phone due to its size will probably be a niche device, ie not sell all that great.  But I hope it sells very very well. 

Anyone know if the AT&T stores are honoring the 2520 bundle deal (get the 2520 for $199.99 when bundled with a Lumia 925, 1020, or 1520) that they had announced in a press release? The offer is supposed to go live today. I've been checking the web site, but I've found no mention of the offer. According to a thread on the 2520 forum, the offer has been appearing and disappearing from the web site. I wish AT&T would get their act together. I want to get a 1520 and 2520, and take advantage of that bundle deal.

I picked up the 2520 with my 1520 at my local corporate store.  The 2520 wasn't in stock but it shipped within a couple of days.  They seem to only have the black color though from AT&T.  They honored the $199 price on the tablet.  Problem was they wouldn't match the online price of $99 on the 1520 phone.  I am seeing that all over though that even with in-store pickup they are still trying to charge the $199.  I wanted my phone so I went ahead and paid.  They did save me $10 a month on my bill by adding the tablet over what I was paying just for my phone by switched to a shared data plan.  I also saw online that Nokia is offering the Power Keyboard cover for free.  You can go to their site and mail in the form and they will send you a free power keyboard cover.  They also have a Nokia promotion that gives you a $20 microsoft app store credit by going to their site and entering your e-mail address and IMEI number.  Overall..  Paid $99 too much for my phone but saved $10 a month by adding my tablet, get $200 off my tablet, get a free $149 power keyboard and a couple of $20 credits in the app store.  Not a bad deal.

I was able to order a white one this morning over the phone with ATT. The rep told me white was the only color available for immediate shipping. Phone hasn't shipped yet, but my order status says it should ship between 11/27 and 11/29, although the rep told me it will most likely ship today and arrive Monday.

I went to my corporate att store over lunch and they refused to sell me a nokia lumia 1520 for my AT&T gophone service. I hate that kind of customer service.

I put $25 down on a red 1520 at the Costa Mesa, CA Microsoft Store two weeks ago. I just go a call from them asking me when I'm going to pick up as they are holding a phone for me. They told me they are out of stock and looking to make sure that customers who pre-ordered are actually going to pick up, otherwise, they would release the phone to someone else.

I pre-ordered mine white 1520 a week ago through AT&T premiere website.. Got it in the mail today and can't stop smiling! I love this phone... I'm down in Vero Beach Florida and they had phones in store today if anyone is looking.

I was wondering about this as well. If Nokia is throwing in free Keyboard cover, this is a hard deal to beat. I don't need the phone as I'm digging my L1020 but you could almost break even selling the new phone on eBay and paying the ETF...

Picked up mine. Only black one they had. I am still upset about the ms debacle here. Namely now I have to pay for a case I was getting for free. I also don't get any extras. Typical!

I think that the issue with pre-orders from the Microsoft Store may have been bad timing with the Xbox One launch. I received the email about the delay last night for a pre-order completed on the 8th. I just received a notice that it is shipping. The UPS tracking number service code within the number is 44 which is Saturday Delivery/Next Day Air.

I pre-ordered a red 1520 from the AT&T website with overnight shipping on the morning of the first day pre-orders were available.

It was delivered to my house on Wednesday.


They've messed up my online order twice. Waiting on a "special team" member to contact me and fix it. This phone better be awesome.

Got that dreaded email today, and I preordered on first day from MSFT store. At least my Xbox One is arriving today; which kinda softens the blow.

1520 Black is avialble at Amazon.com for $99 (in stock and will ship today) other colors are temporarily out of stock

the only drawback of ordering at amazon is u pay extra in sales tax as the regular/off-contract price is higher on amazon.com $750 ($585 at att.com)... for ex in CA you pay 9% of 165 i.e. ~$15 extra

The good thing is... black version is in stock... and if amazon reduces price around black friday (which I think they will)  they will refund the difference (verified with customer care)

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Nokia-Lumia-1520-Black-AT/dp/B00GANEUQG/


I ordered :)

Had to scramble a bit for a Black 1520, rather than settle for the red-headed Lumina stepchild in red, but they had a few in stock at 2 local stores, even when the online availability checker said there was none. No case yet, but I'm not complaining. As it happened, I had a minor and since resolved medical emergency that arose as I was walking from the store to my car. I have never owned or used a Windows Phone before, but took the plunge and transferred my main number to the 1520. In the space of an hour, I had to make more than a dozen calls, a similar number of texts, check a LinkedIn listing, search for some person and then an agency, drive to a new location. And I was able to do it on the fly and pretty much without a hitch. Very encouraging so far.

And as much as we may gripe about our carriers, our ATT Sales rep and the store rep were terrific. 

I got my phone the 21st! It was shipped the 19th and sat in Fedex for a day. Then they delivered it around 11:00 am eastern. So far it works great and looks great!
Also, I got a $20.00 gift card from Nokia for the Microsoft Store. This phone was $99.00 for a 2 year contract. They shipped it for free and gave $20.00 in a gift card! This is a great deal!

My story is about the same. Ordered mine online on the 17th as soon as I noticed the sale price for $99, was told it would ship on the 19th. It didn't ship till the 21st but I received it overnight for free + the $20 app voucher so a day or two late worked for me. Registered to redeem the voucher and was told I would get an email within 24 hours with a code but that was almost 48 hrs ago so I'm still waiting for that. As far as the phone.........absolutely phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!

Picked up the red one at an AT&T corporate store in Syracuse, NY. They only had the one red which I purchased and two black.

Such a ploy. Intentionally ship a limited supply and then declare to the world that preorder demand as been "so good" that they won't have enough devices for everyone come launch.

Agreed, not sure if Nokia lacks the funds for a full production run, or it is AT&T unable to tell which part of the corporation is front from back. It only seems they know how to screw up an exclusive launch.

Pre-ordered from the M$ store only to be told no stock. I cakkef ny local ATT store today and they had it in stock in black and red. Good thing I wanted red. Now I have to cancel my M$ order. Last I checked it was stock in the Lessburg, VA corporate store.

I got in black which is very beautiful, in AT&T Puerto Rico they didnt have any other color so i'll just wait till ebay has the back covors like with 920 and i got the Lumia 2520 for 200 on contract i have to wait a week till its here cause the rep. told me not 1 store in Puerto Rico has the Lumia tablet or 1520 color options.

I read a acticle a few days back that people who preordered them online were getting them early so that is where I got mine.  I payed for overnight shipping and got it a day and a half later on the 20th early in the morning 2 days before official launch. I ordered a black one. I wanted a White one but at the last minute decided that given the size of the thing I didnt want it to stand out too much in public.  The Black seems to blend in a little better in crowds. It is a fantasic phone! I am very pleased with it.  The battery life has been fantastic, and I havnt noticed a drop in audio quality like some reviews reported. It easily lasts 2 days on a charge and the screen is fantastic. The Web browsing experience is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than any prvious Windows phone I have used in case any of you are wondering. Although the screen is not oled it is still outstanding. I do miss the oled, and gorilla glass 3, but I have never had any problems with my gorilla glass 2 devices in the past either. For the price I really feel like any of the faults of the now minimal 16gb storage and missing wireless charging can be easily overlooked. Snapdragon 800, 20mp camera, massive battery, 1080p, expandable storage, $100, NUFF SAID!  I am located in Durant OK.