AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 not shipping with Windows Phone Tango

AT&T Lumia 900 shipping ROM

For those curious as to what OS version the AT&T Lumia 900 was shipping with, wonder no more. It is version 8112 which is just a few builds higher than the current release of 8107, an update that brought the much needed keyboard and security fixes to the OS. That release started rolling out last month to numerous phones and is currently still being pushed out to devices as we speak.

Likewise, the firmware for the AT&T Lumia 900 is at 12082, which is slightly higher than the 12070 firmware that dramatically addresses current battery issues on the Lumia 800 and bug fixes on the Lumia 710.

What makes 8112 OS build interesting is that it's not Windows Phone "Tango" which is thought to start around build 8731 and is shipping at 8773 in China. In fact, even the Lumia 610 has 8763 (thought to be a beta build) which was back at Mobile World Congress.

So what does that mean for AT&T users? Not too much as Tango is mostly an under-the-hood optimization release for those low-end devices that only have 256 MB of RAM. But Tango does have some goodies on board, including a more robust MMS client (multiple picture support, read receipt, voice notes and video) and the GPS-location icon, not to mention any other smaller tidbits we may have to uncover.

In the end, Lumia 900 users will get a solid OS though with no keyboard bug and 4G LTE support which should be good enough for most. It of course will be interesting to see what updates the phone gets though in the coming months.

Thanks, Jeffery B., for the photo!


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 not shipping with Windows Phone Tango


Total storage: 13.61GB
Available storage 2.42GB
WTF does AT&T have preinstalled on that thing!?!?

The most important things are LTE for the future no keyboard bug and in all likelyhood the better battery life software updates.  Jeez  its not evewn here and the negativity rolls on and on and on!

Its that users phone. I just saw a Lumia 900 as well, and its free space was over 9GB. And that was after the sales rep said he'd already copied a couple gigs of music to the phone.

In reality, isn't the "Tango" that is released to the 256 MB phones different than the ones going to the more capable phones? I had the understanding, listening to Windows Weekly on twit.tv that the Windows 7.5 Refresh ("Tango") introduced the said features of MMS features and GPS notifications to existing devices, while expanding the RAM requirements down to 256 MB for future devices, so there would be two separate updates or versions if you will. So, maybe the build versions of different from the Tango phones vs. the Mango phones, or the necessary updates for existing Mango devices are delivered as earlier builds. Let's just speculate, shall we?

Pretty sure that is not the case--they optimized the OS to run on 256MB but the OS "sees" if it has the RAM to run more adanced features (much like how Win 7 operates based on CPU/GPU capabilities).

AFAIK, there aren't two separate branches of the OS dependent on hardware. Could be wrong, but we haven't heard that as of yet.

Then again, Nokia told me that "Tango" isn't really defined and they don't even use that term. They just work with builds of the OS (shrugs).

The folks on Windows Weekly are clueless when it comes to Windows Phone.  They are confused.  Daniel is correct.  Its called the Windows 7.5 Refresh.  So it will be one update.  The OS is smart enough (like Most Windows OS) to disable features or enable them based on the hardware.  So all windows phones can get the update.  People aren't giving Microsoft enough credit.  Especially on Windows Weekly, they act like Microsoft just got into the software business.  Have we already forgotten what they actually accomplished with the Mango update? 

Probably not shipping Tango because it's still not ready yet. They said Tango will be available sometime April, so I probably would expect the Lumia 900 to get the Tango update late April or sometime May knowing that AT&T is the one that has to approve it which may take a little longer for it to come to the device.

yea, thanks for the photo Jeffery B... It would mean more if we knew when/where it was actually taken and what's the device story (is it a new device at an at&t store, which would make this story accurate or a device someone has had in their pocket for a few weeks which means the software version on it is meaningless)
as far as the FKA "tango" refresh, it was supposed to bring support for a lot of new languages. that's not a small thing and a lot more important than the MMS and GPS icon (if you want a read/write in those langugaes on the phone or if you care about the progress of the platform worldwide)

For an AT&T US release, I don't see how the languages aspect is at all important?

(Yes, it's from an AT&T release from the last few days, that's why we say "shipping with" in the post)

Is the clock on the left side of the screen or should I go to bed already? lol
EDIT: Never mind, landscape mode...

Please, someone find out if it will allow us to finally text or email video. It's a frustrating feature to be missing.  

i want it so bad, would be nice to get to use ATT's LTE network before the new iphone uses up all the bandwidth on it.

I feel so sorry for our Sprint and Verizon brothers. :-)  I think Microsoft should run a special to subsidize early termination fees for Windows Phone users that want to move to AT&T or T-Mobile.  I wonder if that would be too expensive for AT&T to do only for new Windows Phones?

Since this is the first 8112 build that Ive seen, could it be the reason why ATT phones havent received the 8107 or 7740 updates? Could it be that something had to be added in order to make them work on this carrier specifically? Just curious...Im wondering if, when the time comes, will my Focus S get 8107 or 8112?? hmmm...

Its is a build past 8107 it should have the 8107 and 7740  updates included thats why they were saying that the keyboard issue etc was fixed in this rom build. 

Bahahahaha. The last sentence of the article cracks me up: "It of course will be interesting to see what updates the phone gets though in the coming months."
Answer: NONE!
This thing will be lucky if it gets the Apollo update before 2013. Just ask current AT&T Windows Phone owners how those 7740 and 8107 updates are working out for them. HA! This thing ain't seein' Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh (aka Tango) my friends.

+1 to that the updates have been in the wild for months and nothing from at&t wish they would get their act together to deliver updates on some type of reasonable time scale especially considering that they are the biggest supporter of windows phone!!! Cmon AT&T get yer act together with updates please!!!

nice to see fw information, was googling for this earlier and having a hard time finding it. Now if we can just get AT&T on board with sending out fw updates on some type of reasonable time scale everything will be copesthetic!!!

I just got to see one at an at&t store where I know a sales person.  I checked settings and it did have internet sharing on board. finally./  I have really needed that feature.

As long as I get this flipping disappearing keyboard (just did it again) fixed... So tired (did it again) of this crap...

Go to xda-developers.com; I've had the 8107 update AND Internet Sharing on my original Focus for almost 2 months now, as well as the 8107 update on my Focus S!

Thinking of bailing on Sprint for the Lumia 900 but as we know AT&T has been downright neglectful with updates. What other Nokia devices are on AT&T that might show Nokia is being treated any differently with updates?

Went to two AT&T stores, reps clearly have the phone (as I saw the Cyan one), and confirmed the release date April 1st.