AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 set for April 9th release with demo units in stores now

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We first told you that AT&T was planning on an April 8th (online) and 9th (stores) release for the Lumia 900 and sure enough, it's accurate. Since that report we've had numerous tips from store employees on the matter all stating the same dates, so we think it's safe to call it now.

Reader David just returned from an AT&T store where an employee had both phones (black and cyan, see above) to toy with. Here are his thoughts:

"Also, the matte finish on the back cover makes the phone feel SUPER nice in hand and you only notice the 4.3" screen with one-handed use.  Also, with its' rectangular corners and flat front/back panels, the pocket is a really nice place for it to go about the day with you. Nokia did a really awesome job with this one and I can't wait for April 9 to get here!"

Indeed. From our hands on experience (see here), the Lumia 900 is set to impress and with the April 9th launch date confirmed, it should be an exciting Easter for many of you, so long as you start saving your pennies now.

The Nokia Lumia 900 features a 4.3" AMOLED screen, 1.4GHz CPU, 1830mAh battery (non-replacable), 16GB of storage, 8MP rear and 1.3MP front cameras with 4G LTE support. It is expected to sell for $99 on contract. Online orders should start Sunday, April 8th with in-store availability April 9th. No word on full-price yet.

Thanks, David, M., for the tip


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 set for April 9th release with demo units in stores now


I'm thinking that it will be released around April 22nd, that way the Lumia 900 has some time to shine first. I really wanted a Titan II, but just won a Titan 1.

but you cant sneeze at a free Titan. maybe you should just wait till the Titan III comes out when WP8 is released at the end of this year. or you could get the Titan II and just give me the Titan 1 you won. :D

Interesting! I pinged a few employees here in NYC and I was told April 18th and April 15th by someone else in the same store.

Tought does it actually take any better pictures. Nokia cameras feature Carl Zeiss lenses. And Nokia is known from it's cameras, HTC isn't.
Also remember that Nokia Lumia phones have tons of their own apps. Like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, CNN, ESPN, Nokia Play To (DLNA app by Nokia), App Highlights and so on.
And there will be a lot more as Nokia is the only company going all out for WP and has only been in the WP game for 5 months now. HTC is fraction of the size of Nokia and it has WP and Android on the high end.

will At&t allow Nokia bring their free maps, drive navigation, music with the 900? cos I know At&t has their own similar apps (paid) and will lose money if they do

I' not knocking your comment, but do you think anyone really uses AT&T's apps?  I tried their mapping software back on the HP iPaq Glisten, and it sucked.  I never bothered with using their software since then.  I uninstalled all of them once I bought my Focus and Focus S.
However, you do bring up a good point.  But, I do believe MS and Nokia will overpower AT&T on that front.  And, from what I understand, a carrier cannot block ODM software on Windows Phone like they can on say an Android device.

Today I went to at&t store near my home. they have demo unit and allowed me to paly with it. there is no Nokia drive and maps app in that phone. They installed at&t navigation on that. when I asked them the question regarding Nokia drive and maps thsey said at&t removed it. They asaid at&t will remove any app from Nokia if at&t is has similar one. The phone looks cool and very fast. I will wait to buy unlocked verion. at&t sucks.

I was just in a store and the manager allowed me to use his test model. I did notice that it didn't have Nokia Drive installed, but I didn't ask whether he had removed it. I didn't see any other Nokia applications on there either, so it's possible that they were left off the test phones because they (the nokia apps) are all being updated to V2.
It definitely did have AT&T apps ...

Good news.

No retraction ;-) Sometimes we say things here without telling you everyting because we can't.

Just take our word here, it's real close to release and the AT&T/Nokia gears are have started in preperation for release.

I guess I believed you more than I admitted since I just blocked out 8-10 on my calendar for coming in late to work that day ;-)
So, is there a way to talk AT&T into surrendering one early in some stores? I have a trip scheduled the week before, and could sure use on on March 31.

Doubtful but maybe on Saturday the 7th, depending on how naive the store clerks are and if the SKU is available for checkout.

The only units in store now are for the employees (probably 2 per store) not devices for sale, from which we understand those have not arrived just yet.

Crap. I'm currently using an unlocked Lumia 800 on a pre-paid plan with an MVNO on AT&T's network. This device makes it awfully tempting to back on contract.

My only issue is that sometimes tiles, notifications, and other things start getting buggy and one of the best ways to fix it is to let the phone sit without a battery for a minute.

That's exactly why I prefer a non-removable battery.  You don't want phone manufacturers and developers assuming that "removing the battery" is an option to make up for horrible phone breaking bugs....and believe me, they do consider it.

With all of the Nokia apps (Transport/Transit, Creative Studio, etc.) released within the last week, it's been pretty evident that the Lumia 900 release was imminent, like imminent!
I  hope this device sells well.  Now, all that needs to happen is for the rumor of the $99 price tag to be squashed to bits :)

"Now, all that needs to happen is for the rumor of the $99 price tag to be squashed to bits :)"
You mean "confirmed" not "squashed."

I was in my local store to day and talked with a manager he told me the same thing April 9 is the date. I'm ready I have cash on hand to make the purchase.

AWWW yeah!  I was haggling with the AT&T rep today to let me buy the Titan for $0.01 like it was a week or so ago.  He told me yes, I had to leave for work.  I guess things happen for a reason, I would've regretted my purchase for a long time.  Or returned it within the 30 days, either way, I'd hate to return a Windows Phone though, and give Windows phone a bad name.

Hopefully the off-contract price is reasonable, i have a focus S now, want to unlooad and buy a 900.  Microsoft should have the phones same day as well, ill probably get it there to avoid the ATT logo :)

Indeed, that would be awesome. I pre-ordered mine from the Houston MS store, it would be pretty sweet if they have carrier-unbranded models.

I called my store in Charlotte and was told that they had 2 demo units that were being carried by sales reps.  He said I could call ahead and make sure one of the people carrying the phones was working and come by to see it.  Looks like I'll be spending my Easter Monday holiday at AT&T.

Well, accordingly to both Nokia and Microsoft, they spent significant time developing the Lumia 900's LTE radio, and "have addressed the battery drain issues that LTE radios cause."  Considering you can't change or disable 4G (and revert to 3G or Edge only) is not possible on existing devices, I doubt that will be available on the Lumia 900.

Well I am glad its official  I wish I had kknown last week at this time when I was giving my daughter my upgrade so she could replace her 3GS which was dying with a 4S.  Oh well I  would have given her the upgrade anyway as my focus works fine (hope it stays that way).  Thats what being a Dad is for.

See here's what you do. have her work off her debts. have her do all your chores around the house and instead of giving her an allowance then just take that allowance to save up. tell her that this will teach her a good work ethic and to value what she got, ie the upgrade. my dad just made me do chores and when i asked for an allowance he always said, allowance, the only reason we had you and your siblings was so that your mother and I would no longer have to do chores around the house.

exciting news indeed, I already texted wifey to tell her she is getting a new phone shortly - she was not it seems as excited about the news as I was!!! (go figure.) Unfortunately my contract is not up until august so I am probably chillin with my original samsung focus until at least then.....maybe will hold for apollo with needing to wait that long but not sure yet.
nokia gooodnessssssss!!!! definitely gonna be a big month next month for WP7.
Lumia 900 FTW!!!!!

Finally!!! Get this bad boy out of the way so we can get a new Lumia. I'm sick of this one already. I want the Lumia 999...

I'm not exactly fimilar with how phones are released as this will be my first true smartphone (I know...). I have the 50$ BestBuy coupon and would love to buy the 900 for 50$'s, I was just wondering if the device will be on sale at BestBuy stores on April 9th?

Probably not. I can't imagine Best Buy being responsible for the initial release of the device considering how much effort put into getting AT&T on board.

Anyone who has seen the 900 maybe you can help me out.
I am dying to get this phone but am unsure about the color. I like the cyan but my question is does it look professional enough or does it look better fit for a kid?
I guess someone who has an 800 in cyan could help me out too! Thanks in advance :)

Two things:

  • first, the Cyan is nice, looks pro enough for me
  • And B, if you don't like it, they say the covers will work really well

Seems like a win/win to me!

Its very professional looking and a high quality design.  I will have no issue using this in a professional setting for work.
It kind of depends on your business, and the culture around that business.  If you think you should get black, do so.  But the Cyan is amazing, and personally; I'm sick and tired of black phones.

But as was said before, the cases that you can use are very form fitting, so could always but a black or more "professional" looking case on it for work, and go naked in social settings ;)

That is how I feel dtboos. I am sick of black phones. My wife encouraged me to the dark grey N8 and I love it, but I am going for the Cyan. Some pictures don't do the actual color justice, because cyan is that one shade of blue that can get skewed with cameras, monitors, etc. I think it is eye-catching and bold, and coupled with the cyan tiles, it will blend really nice. I like the look of the white ones, which AT&T won't have initially, or ever, but the glossy-finish concerns me, but the cyan is a winner.

Grr I will be out of the country by that point and won't get to play with it for a few months. I really wanted this phone but I'll probably be waiting now...

I know alot of people here are excited by the official release date. Finally.. But I wouldnt put down one dollar until I hear officially from MS/Nokia about it being Windows 8 ready. I would have thought with the announcement that this phone is ready to go they would have said something about it being able to run the next gen OS.

I went to my local ATT store today after seeing this post. I was expecting the store clerks to not know anything about Windows Phone 7 let alone when the Nokia's would be availavle.  Not only did she know about the Nokia's coming, she said she was getting hers tomorrow and would be trained as well. This was a much better experience than I have gotten i the past and what others have reported in the forums.

I went to my store and there were four att guys standing around because no one was there. When i approached them and asked if the Nokia rumors were true they all just smiled and said that the manager was the only one allowed to to see the 900s. I pleaded a bit saying that i just wanted to have a look but after they asked their manager in the back, they said that there were strict orders not to show the customers. They were all excited about the lumias though and we talked about them for several minutes. Ot was nice to see ATT staff so excited about the release. They all agreed it is the nicest WP to hit the states so far. Quoting them: "It's very, very nice"

Just got off the phone with rep in Orange County, ca ( Aliso Viejo to be exact). He knew nothing about the phone. Not a thing.

Keep in mind there are several types of at&t stores. There are corporate owned and authorized retailers. Corporate owned are generally the most reputable ones. Lots of authorized ones don't care to know.

where have you been since January? It has always been a non-removable battery. Do you really change batteries enough to need extras?

Awesome. I just bout the Titan last year so my contract is still in a affect. Love the big screen though, so not even sure I would have gone for the Lumia if I had the choice at the time(sometimes I want a slightly larger screen-though not that often). But I like the clear black display, LTE and the build of the Lumia 900. Most other specs are comparable with the Titan. Wondering if the Apollo update will be a available for second generation windows phones. Very interested at this point in the software upgrades, hoping to see with Apollo a huge progression, like the differences we've seen between Mango and previous iterations of the OS. For all of you willing and able to get the Lumia -GO FOR IT-SHOW IT OFF-LET PEOPLE SEE WHAT THE "CES BEST IN SHOW" WINDOWS PHONE CAN DO!!!!

I just bought a Focus S in November. I cracked the screen last month. It is usable, but $153 to have it repaired.
Does anyone know if there is an early upgrade option so I could replace my Samsung with this? Or, are my only choices to repair, wait until November 2014, or buy full price?

You are likely stuck with it unless you get full-price phone from AT&T. I didn't get the option to upgrade anything until December, when my contract was up in April, and iPhone was at a discounted price starting in September or October. You could get the worldwide edition, that will not have LTE (or the AT&T logo) and it would run you a bit cheaper I suppose.

After seeing this news I have officially signed up to be a part of the WPCentral community!!! I have been waiting to switch back to Windows Phone for some time, had a Samsung Focus but ended up giving it to my brother and sticking with my iPhone 4. Cant wait to ditch my iPhone and start using this gorgeous Lumia 900!!! Now the hardest part of all.... what color?!

Went to a AT&T store today and asked the rep if they have recieved the demo unit.  First they hesitated, but then they were generous enough to hand it over to me.
Played with it for a while and oh boy...the device is so cool, camera is great.. the rep confirmed the Apr 8th release date.