AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 sold out of pre-orders? Probably not.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900

There are reports being circulated on the web that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 has sold out of pre-orders. We've received several tips from readers indicating they've received notification that reads along the lines of,

The items in your order are currently out of stock and will be shipped when inventory becomes available. When the items in your order ship, we'll send you an email with the ship tracking number(s).

Before you panic and think that the AT&T warehouse has run out of Lumia 900's remember, the phone is backordered because it hasn't been released yet. As we understand things, because the Lumia 900 hasn't been released yet i.e. stocked on shelves, the system sees the phone as "backordered" or not in stock.  We still are expecting the Lumia 900s to ship within the next few days and for AT&T to have plenty on hand at the retail stores on April 9th (along with the HTC Titan II).

Of course there is always the slight chance that AT&T became so overwhelmed with pre-orders that the supply just isn't there--who knows what the response so far has been to Nokia's latest effort. It's possible, but unless Nokia had a very tight supply we don't really think that has happened yet. Still, we'll keep an eye on this for any further developments.

We've got a discussion going on over in the WPCentral Forums on all this or you can express your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks, everyone, for tipping us on this!


Reader comments

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 sold out of pre-orders? Probably not.


I ordered online using the WpCentral "free" link. My order went through and I received two emails. The first wasn't important, but the second said the order had been sent to the warehouse and would be shipped April 5th. No mention of out of stock.

Hmmm. I ordered in the store and mine never said April 5th, it said 3-5 days. The e-mail about backordered came the next day. I would think if they are backordered, it wouldn't take them a day to figure that out. So I'm with George, I think it's just that it's not available yet.

I got the out of stock email today as well.  I ordered mine in store on the 30th at around 12:30 CST and the rep told me I was the third one he had ordered one for.
I sure hope its as this article states and not a true BO, because I want my phone! LOL 
While I would be excited to see the phone so popular that sells out opening weekend, I doubt its so hot that it sold out by noon on the first preselling day. Not even iPhones have done that.

It's normal.  I've pre-ordered from AT&T before and got the same backorder email.  It's just an automated part of their system.  Don't panic.

It's not so much that it's sold out as it is they probably have a maximum percentage of their total anticipated stock that they allow for preorders. If they hit that limit, then you just have to wait for launch day.

I just received the backordered email at 6:30 PM EST. This really SUX. I ordered the phone from a locak AT&T store so that they can get the credit for the 2 new lines. I know the manager. But I think that is what back ordered my status. I should have ordered it online. Double bummer, for not taking the advantage to get the phone free and not getting on the 6th or even the 8th. 

I don't think it made a difference. I ordered from a store before online went live and still received the e-mail, even though there was no online to beat me to it. I'd guess you'll get your phone about Good Friday.

I would LOVE to preorder one.  I'm eligibile for a renewal, but do not want to use it yet.  You can only preorder for new or renews....grrr.

You can order it, they just make it as confusing as possible.  I'm up for renewal but wanted to pay the $450 without a commitment, just like you.  I didn't see how to do it online, went to a store and they told me they couldn't do that.  Pre-order for new and renewing customers only according to the rep.  So I went back to the website, logged in, went to the phone upgrade option, selected the 900.  Before I checked out I noticed that there were two options on the right hand side now - purchase for $99 with a 2-year contract, or purchase for $450 with no commitment.  Bingo!  Ordered, confirmed, and even have the new backordered email.

The backorder email is, like others have said, just an inventory thing. It they were actually sold out of preorders, that would have been big news already. Now, as much as I want my phone right now, I would be thrilled to see a Windows Phone sell out before it hits the streets, we need some positive press to keep this platform moving forward.

If it was really backordered, that would be really poor execution. They haven't had masses flock to it yet (no advertising yet), and if they were really out, even the dumbest newspaper columnist would be able to figure out that they intentionally didn't provide enough to make it sell out. I.e., given what they're trying to do with this phone, they must have far more stock than they have sold so far, and it's not out.

The backorder email is, like others have said, just an inventory thing. It they were actually sold out of preorders, that would have been big news already. Now, as much as I want my phone right now, I would be thrilled to see a Windows Phone sell out before it hits the streets, we need some positive press to keep this platform moving forward.

Did you guys add a case or anything to your order?
I made sure not to add the nokia bumper case to my order, because if that is not in stock, they wont ship your phone until it is in stock.
Just a heads up.

I personally don't see the point in slapping a case on this phone. Unless you are prone to dropping, or keep it in your pockets with keys, the 900 is constructed not to need one.
I have a 2 year old Focus which I never kept in a case. It is in amazingly good shape and not nearly as well constructed as a Lumia.

Second that. I had my focus for a year, without a case, and didn't have a problem but as soon as I got one I kept dropping it and it came apart often. I almost want to say that the case makes me drop it!

Depends on how active you are or even how you get around. Up until last year, I pretty much lived on public transportation. The T can get crazy during the work day and weekends. So I absolutely needed a case for my Focus.

I'm playing with the thought of getting one, but the ones I have seen from AT&T so far don't seem to be anything to write home about, especially given the price. I'm pretty confident you can get a lot more value for $20, or something comparable for less.

I talked to a at&t rep today and they said it was released yesterday.  In stores it would be the 8th but in their system it says it was released.  I called because I lost data in my lumia 900 and thats when he told me it was released.

He's probably misinformed. I had a guy telling me at a store Thursday night it would launch on April 1, and when I sent him checking, he found out that it was the 8th. The next day when I pre-ordered, the lady thought I might just get it on Saturday (i.e., today). Needless to say, it ain't here yet, or I wouldn't be wasting my time writing comments. ;-)

i pre-orderd my NL9 last night when i read that there was a pre-order sale...couldnt pass it up, i paid 119.99 with Amazon and this is an upgrade price, so i read on this forum that now ATT has them on pre-order. i checked my avialabilty for up grade even tho my upgrade is not due till JUNE!!! and yes!!! ATT let me slide 2 months and im getting my NL9 , but here is the kicker. On Amazon it has that i will see my phone around the 16th BUT!!! on ATT websight it says ill see it around the 6th..
so, when will i see my phone, ill let you know when i get it and post the date
follow this link to see the pic of the date and $$

just checked my order on the premier site since i pre-ordered and it says ready for shipment on the site it states i should receive the order on or before april 6th.  So  no email yet of back order for me.  i ordered 3-30  a little after 4pm central.  the cool thing is folks are saying you couldn't pre order unless you were new or upgrade avail i paid the no commit price of 449.00 so not sure why some folks can't order online but i was able to and without using my upgrade.

Well, Amazon is now saying the same thing. It is not out of the realm of possibility that perhaps the allotment set aside for pre-orders has sold out.

You'll get charged once it ships, but you'll have a hold on the funds as soon as you order the phone.

I think we should all stop worrying about this. I thing the backorder thing is just because the device hasn't been released to ship in the system yet that tells the computers at the warehouse not to ship any of the devices otherwise the automated systems would be all screwed up. AT&T ships all orders the same day if receiver before 10pm central time. I live near the ATC Logistics building where all this is done I work in that building a few times a year its an interesting process. I haven't been in this week but I can grantee you this is being handled like an iPhone release they have all the Lumias in one pick module under armed Gard waiting for the backorder to be released. This happens 2 or three times a year when AT&T has a big phone release. When the 4S was released I had to do some work in that areas I was escorted the entire time. AT&T takes these releases very seriously. It would be a huge fail if Nokia and AT&T failed to have a proper supply on hand to meet the pre orders. No units have shipped to the stores yet this is to insure that they have enough units on hand to cover the pre orders. Once our units have been shipped AT&T will send out the remaining inventory to the stores each stores unit count will be based on individual sales

This is awesome news!  I sense we are at the start of a movement.  With some good advertisement, the sky is the limit for the wp7 platform.

Mine says this, "Your order contains items that are not yet available for shipping. When the pre-ordered items are available, we'll process and then ship all items in your order at the same time."
It reads slightly different than the blog post above. I ordered mine online on the 30th some time between noon and 1pm central time. I'm also an "AT&T Premier Coustomer", I don't know if that factors in at all? 

My cousin just called me. His local AT&T store in port charlotte FL told him they have sold out of their pre-order stock. If I don't get my shiny new 900 on April 6, I'm gonna be so disappointed. Aaarrgggghhhhh.