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AT&T now has Nokia Lumia 1020 pre-order page and accessories online

Following up on the Best Buy availability, for those who want to go straight to the horse’s mouth and purchase the Nokia Lumia 1020 via AT&T, you can now get your pre-orders in through their website.

Coming in at $299 on contract and that $659 we told you about over the weekend, the high-end camera phone with a 41MP sensor and advanced cropping comes in yellow, white and black.

For those who purchase online, you can opt for free priority shipping or pay $14.95 for overnight (we used to remember Sprint overnighting as part of the deal). Since this is for pre-orders though, there is no in-store availability option, meaning if you go this route you’ll have to wait for it in the mail. If however you want the Lumia 1020 the day it comes out, your best bet is to head to your AT&T store and have them take down your information to reserve one (if possible) on a first come, first serve basis.

AT&T preorder

In addition to the phone itself, at least four accessories for the Lumia 1020 have appeared too, a few of which we reported last night:

No word on the wireless charging back cover from Nokia, which looks like it may not be available right away for purchase.

Either way, head to AT&T Wireless to start your preorder or take a trip to your local store to see if they can put you on the list.

Speck Case for Lumia 1020


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AT&T now has Nokia Lumia 1020 pre-order page and accessories online


This was live last night. Ship date estimated 23rd, so might get a day early?
Also, oh what the heck: FIRST

Im done with TMO.  Honestly, the 925 would be EOL about 2 months after release, like they did with all other Windows Phones.  My 8x is already EOL and I doubt it will get any updates in the future.

Your 8X is going to get updates for 36 months after it was released. It will also get the 8.1 Blue update for sure and will probably get the WP9 update aswell.
Not really sure why you think it is EOL. I'm sure that HTC can still get replacment parts and MS will continue to update the software.

Yet still nothing on T-Mo abou the 925.
Is this Nokia pushing the 1020, and forgetting the 925 or is this T-Mo doing a shitty job of selling WP's??

So why do all these new phones (925, 1020) have cases and multiple accessories that are released alongside them while my 928 still gets hardly any love from manufacturers?

Was just wondering same thing. Love my 928, but still using the cheap soft plastic case that Verizon had available at launch. Ok for now, but need more choices!

Looks great, and I'd love to have that amazing camera, but sadly, my upgrade does not come again until next year in November.  I'd have to pay the $659.00 price, and to do that, I'd have to sell my current phone on eBay (a 16 GB iPhone 5), which may net me about $450.00-$500.00, and then pay the rest outright.  Sounds like a whole lot of trouble to go through just for that camera.

I was gonna get the 920 but my upgrade comes in a month or so and now im starting to wonder if the 1020 is a good idea

By the way, what sensor is that smaller one?  I imgine the larger one is the 1020 sensor but the smaller one I would like to know from what phone that somes from.

Just left my local ATT store and the sales reps said they were "in the middle of taking their test for the phone" when I asked about any deals for pre-ordering the 1020. They didn't know when it was going on sale (probably should've been question #1 or at least a bullet point at the top of the test) and didn't expect there to be "any incentives or promotions offered to buy a newly released phone"...well that was a waste of a drive in torrential flooding rains...thnx ATT...on the bright side: at least you're supporting the phone (cough, cough)...guess I'll be logging on to the MS Store later and preordering with a free camera shell...