AT&T to offer the HTC 8X in 8GB and 16GB flavors?

HTC 8X Windows Phone

We know that AT&T will be offering the HTC 8X Windows Phone but a tipster has let it slip that AT&T may be offering the 8X in 8GB and 16GB versions.


The information on the 8GB version came to light in a training session. At first we were thinking the 8GB version was the 8S but AT&T has only announced the availability of the 8X.  It's possible that AT&T will offer two storage size options for the HTC 8X with the 8GB being sold at a lower cost (much like we see with the iPhone).

Could HTC be offering AT&T customers a choice with two version of the 8X? If so, would you jump on the 8GB version of the 8X if the savings were right? Speaking of which, pricing wasn't mentioned on the AT&T HTC 8X tip.

The nice thing about all these rumors is that we don't have too terribly long to wait until everything comes into focus.

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AT&T to offer the HTC 8X in 8GB and 16GB flavors?


Isn't it the 8s is already 8G? Why should I buy an 8G 8x instead of 16G and a lot of people already whining the 16G is still small.

Well some of us just want a WiFi only or a replacement device for me it would get the job done. Of course assuming that the price is like 100 or 150 dollars less than a 16GB version.

I can't see it being that much cheaper.. A smaller capacity chip during production would be lucky to be a few bucks cheaper.. So can't see them making the 8gig significantly cheaper.. Obviously will have to be a bit cheaper, otherwise there is no point to it

8 gig is way to small for any phone without an sd card slot If it had expandable memory which as far as i know it doesn't... This will kill this phone for me..i was considering this phone cause i do like it but hopefully these rumors are totally wrong

"we don't have too terribly wrong to wait" - ahh wpcentral.. Lol.. 2 variations is good. Not everyone needs 16+ gig.. I for one couldn't use 8 tho

My wife wants the 8X, and she currently has an original focus (only 8gb). She has never had a problem with memory. The savings would be nice for her.

Thats your wife, but i cant fit 25g of music on 16g lumia 900, so they make no options to add additional storage, i need maximum, but its just me

Is it just me, or does the "California Blue" variant of the 8X always look more purple in every picture rather than blue? Either way, I like it and that's the colour I'll get.

It's not just you. The first time I saw a picture of it, I thought it was purple. It does look more purple in certain pics. Maybe it's the camera?

There is a spelling error in the rumometer graphic. I just noticed it now. I have learned to let grammar and spelling slide on this site, but this one should be corrected.

That's the British spelling, or maybe you think the world should spell everything the same as you bloody yanks!?!? /sarcasm :)

I'm pretty sure you're joking... But that's not how the British spell it either :P It looks like they tried to change "accurate" to "accuracy" and forgot to change the y. Y? I don't know :P

I was just kidding. Poking a little fun at the occasional poster that flips out when someone questions the spelling of colour or grey or some other British spelling. But yeah, "accurace" is clearly wrong.

I was just typing the same thing when I saw your reply.  Yes, that would have been more compelling news. But then again 8gb might be just right for those with a certain budget.

That is pretty small. May be acceptable if microsd slot, since it does not, may be a hard sell. 

Honestly they should have made it a 8GB model with a micro-SD card slot. Could have given away a 8 GB card as a promotion during the launch. Ridiculous that 16GB is considered "premium" in this day and age. I understand wanting to cut costs, but at least give us the option of a larger device or expandability.

Ya, if there was a slot, better chance of selling the phone.  I had thought the 8x did have slots, but after checking online, there is no additional storage. 
I think the lumia 920 is 32gb, or at least from what i can find. 

yeah 16gb is barely enough these days and probably more so as graphically better games are to be made for winphone8.

+1. 16GB + microSD would be the "premium" level for me. I'd still prefer 32 GB + microSD. I have no idea why the lesser models 8S/820 get microSD and the 8X/920 don't.

Meh, would rather 16 and 32 option. I think it's a conspiracy. They no longer offer fully unlimited plans but yet give u paltry options for storage. Your supposed to use the "cloud" for your storage needs but then u go over your data. Bullsh*t.

I've asked this before, but after reading an article on another website, that possibly could be misinformed, I have to ask it again. Are all the carriers going to offer the 8X in all the color variations?? I'm worried Verizon will exclusively have the red one, and this picture that has the red 8X absent brought it to my attention. I also remember someone commenting that they've spoken to a T-Mobile rep who said they're only gonna offer two colors, black and a another one of the four. REALLY want that Red...

If Tmo is offering black and one more, its fucked up. Then what is the point of making color variations when you're unable to purchase what you want? Well I guess not alot of things make sense lately with WP, like Nokia's exclusivity game and surface phone rumors.

I'm sure that Rogers already confirmed that they'll be carrying both when they first revealed the 8x would coming to Rogers

if you download any games or store any music/podcasts/offline maps/translator language packs, 32gig minimum!
I'm near the edge of no space left on my lumia 900. In fact, I don't think i can add any more media.
Does anyone know of an app that outlines how much space all your apps and media are using up? The desktop app breaks down your media, but doesn't say anything about the space being used by the windows phone OS and apps itself. It makes it hard to pinpoint where I could get some space back.
the lack of sd slot and 32gb or 64gb models of the htc means lumia 920 for me if I choose to pay an arm and a leg for an off contract upgrade

No app has the power to check the space used by apps. It's all sandboxed. MS will need to make a viewer on either the phone or desktop. It's really frustrating when you need to clear some space (weekly for me) and you don't know which app is using the most.

If the market demands 32 and 64 gig, maybe HTC will make it. Its all about cost and sale. 32 and 64 are just luxury. Only small minority of old folks WAnt alot memory. Example iPhone, which sells most? 16 or 32?

That's nonsense, memory costs nothing these days. This is most obviously a deal between MS and carriers, because carriers want traffic, traffic, traffic. There is no other reason for putting 16 GB in a modern device other than that.

8S for 50 bucks, 8X 8gig for 99 bucks, 8X 16gig for 150 bucks, and Lumia 920 32gig for 199 bucks...just wishing but if that happens imagine the subscriber growth.

My gut feeling says 920 will be cheaper than 199. 
More like 149 or may be even 99. 
Nokia needs to undercut android and other WP OEMs to make a splash this holiday season and I believe, they will do so. 

If it was a minimum of 32 GB I might consider this phone. Otherwise it's STILL the Lumia 920 for meh!!!

I survied for 2 years with only 16GB on my HD7.  I think I'll be ok with only 16GB on my California Blue 8X. :)

Hoping the 8x will do very well and above others. Its thin, sleek, sexy, with color variations that stand out.

No offense but it makes no sense to cheapen your flagship phone by going with an 8gb variant. That's what the 8S is for.

I will probably never go over 8gb but it is still nice to have the 16gb piece of mind in case my smartphone habits begin a 180 degree change. Unless the savings are like 100-150 there is no way I would choose the 8gb model.
This is coming from someone who has never came close to using 4 gb. Also, remember that 8gb isn't really 8gb; probably closer to 6.8gb.

It will sell. 80% of purchasers don't know how many gigs is too little. If AT&T advertises it "with a whopping 8GB of storage" the average person will think it's a lot.

8s 4GB (expandable, no front facing camera), 8x 8-16GB (non-expandable, front facing camera available)... Why not a 8x 8GB with expandable memory???