AT&T reportedly stepping up advertising in May and June for Lumia 900

Glossy White Lumia 900

"Operation Rolling Thunder": a slow, steady and gradual increase in marketing for Nokia in the U.S.

At least that's what we're lead to believe how Nokia and AT&T are approaching the Lumia 900, the flagship Windows Phone on the nation's largest carrier. While supplies have been tight these last few weeks, Nokia seems to be increasing the ship rates for the devices in all colors with most outlets now having stock (and we're still expecting that Magenta version in a few weeks).

According to AT&T employee Jeffery Brown, there are a few changes coming down the line:

  • AT&T reps are now required to sell at least one Nokia Lumia 900 by the end of April
  • "Marketing to go into high gear in May, June."

Both of those certainly sound plausible and we're contacting some of our other AT&T reps to confirm. But in all likelihood as the Lumia 900 continues to makes waves e.g. the comments by Steve Wozniak and regular non-tech users get their hands on the phone, Nokia and AT&T will ramp up their advertising accordingly.

In fact, reader Franklin S. contacted us the other night with this little gem:

"The Lumia 900 has taken over 42nd St - Grand Central station (NYC). They have lots of ADs, from the "S" shuttle passageway to the 4,5,6 side.  Unfortunately I did not take pictures."

Well, we'll try to grab a few pics today if we get a moment to show everyone but we still think, despite everything that has happened so far that this is just the beginning.


Reader comments

AT&T reportedly stepping up advertising in May and June for Lumia 900


I personally think they need more commercials geared toward specific features of Windows Phone, like the People Hub, Nokia Maps with Drive, Message Hub integration, Bing Search tools, etc. Kinda what Apple does.
This brings value for the consumer and shows Windows Phone's interface is so much more elegant and intuitive than the competition. Just my opinion.

I totally agree and always thought that one of the reasons the iPhone is so well know are the simple yet direct to the point ads. I own a Omnia 7 in the UK from Three and my girlfriend owns a HTC Desire (sad to admit this, but I got it for her back in Feb 2011, only because she needed a phone with full Skype support after her Nokia XM 5800 "died" :'(). Anyway, my girlfriend points out that although she prefers my Omnia over her Desire (lagging, crashing, any other negative feature you name it, it's done it) she says that the Lumia ads in the UK don't highlight the main features/strengths/differentiation points of the Windows Phone platform (regardless of it being a Nokia, HTC or Samsung) in comparison to the Androids or iPhone. I've seen some really good ads for the Lumia in India (YouTube) focusing on just one feature at a time instead of trying to cramp everything in one ad and failing miserably because in the end you lose/miss the point :-( Start doing this, either Nokia or Microsoft directly and I think more people will give WP a chance. Better yet, to avoid HTC, Samsung, LG, etc to feel left behind, why doesn't Microsoft "force" each manufacturer to make an ad highlighting the best feature of their WP model (Samsung for the Super AMOLED screens, HTC for the 16 MP camera, etc, etc) showing not only the great OS but also, that you have choice with WP (something a lot of people think doesn't exist, partially because you only see the Lumia series promoting the OS)

True. My girlfriend asked me one day what Droid was. She'd seen ads everywhere, but didn't even know it had anything to do with a mobile phone. Advertising features is not important. Hype and style is all that matters to fickle consumers.

Exactly its all about brand recognition. Once you've built that then you can get more specific and target the tech heads. All about attracting the masses at first though

Android gets by with sheer numbers.  How many dozens of crappy handsets are out there?  If phones grew on trees and you should the tree hard enough, 75% of the ones that fell off would be android based.  So people go into a store and honestly don't care but by sheer numbers they are statistically more likely to leave with android than WP7.  iPhone people usually gun for it right off the bat so they don't count. ;)
I agree though about showing off features.  Don't make them silly or profound.  Just make a solid classy ad with perky jingly music (because EVERYONE loves that stuff /s). :)

We have been saying this since oct/2010.. MSFT refuses to do this because APPLEA HASA PATENT OR OWN THIS KIND OF COMMERCIALS,so the next approach is to be on the field.

This is good that AT&T pushes employees to sell Nokia Lumia 900. When I bought my phone the att employee did not care about phone. I knew more about phone than him. He was always saying "it is good but iPhone... Or it is good but Android" he was not interested in selling Nokia. Later i went to other att store to exchange phone for connectivity issue, employees were surprised why I did not want return phone instead of exchanging. There were saying " get an android or iPhone better" I asked then what they thought about the phone and one replied att gave one but only my nephew plays with it. They were all about Nokia and Microsoft do not match. It seems i was selling the phone to them. They were laughing because i changed my galaxy nexus for Nokia. One guy call to the to tell him" look at this guy he changed a galaxy nexus for Nokia ha ha ha" but they did no changed my mind. I walked out with my Nokia lumia 900. I do not think it is just their fault. AT&T did not really train them properly.

Wow,they were so rude and unprofessional. But it doesn't matter because whether the like Windows Phone or not, it is going to gain traction, especially with Windows Phone 8. People love Windows Phone when they actually use it. These guys don't give it a chance so they just talk a lot of crap.

Wow, I would love to go to that store. People are so single minded, they stick to what they know and never give something that can be better a chance, I went to my parents house with my lumia and within a week everyone in my fam got on... Literally everyone. Mom, brother, sister bro in law, dad... I'm that order once people actually detach them self from their comfort zone and give some thin else a chance to exist they might actually see that the windows phone is actually the best phone on the market, less gimmicky more features that matter. Two of my siblings came from the iPhone and couldn't believe how well the people hub worked on Incorporating all the info they needed there

I just hope as all this upgrade or no upgrade rumor mill keeps going that it doesn't take away from the momentum we have got going now with more people holding off or employees using it to keep pushing iPhones or Androids.

It's not a problem. Average Joe doesn't even know a phone CAN get a software update. In fact, getting an update notification on the phone will scare and confuse him.

AT&T really needs to step up and educate their retarded employees. You don't have to be a genius to sell phones. If AT&T wants to sell more Lumias, education is the only way.

Literally every mobile phone store is the same. Its just retail guys. They make like 8 bucks an hour. Product sell themselves in the end

I have to disagree with you here. A sales rep can make a huge difference in what an average customer buys (average customer being an undecided, not-so-tech-savvy, run of the mill phone user). They dont know the full extent of ios and Android, let alone WP. Also, they may make $8 or whatever an hour, but sales are commission based and companies often offer extra to sell their specific phone. So there is a lot that can be done by properly training and utilizing sales reps. A product can sell itself in an informed market, maybe even an unsaturated market, but WP has the luxury of neither.

Nokia Lumia 900: designed with 4, 5, 6 line passengers in mind. Priced with 1, 2, 3 line passengers in mind.

This is great, the marketing behind the Lumia 900 in the U.S.  I am still enjoying mine.   Its missing a few apps, but otherwise its head and shoulders above the iPhone.  As Woz said, its much better than Android and its got a beautiful UI.

They are going to have to come out with another Lumia device because the 900 is going to get old.... But then again.. The I phone sticks around all year and they push it till the next model comes out.

This is good news, wp7 is great but if the sales people start showing what it is, there is no dropping its growth

The 900 will get the wp8 upgrade, we all know that this phone was meant to be wp8 in it.. Me people dont even talk about the titan 2..WOW

Good. The fact remains that the L900 is the most desirable WP device today, with the L800 close behind for the more delicate of us. The more it is out there, the more consumers will get exposed to it.

I hope they're trying harder to educate the employees.  Compatible with Windows and Windows mobile? Really?  And these reps were trying to sell me a phone?
If I'm training these people I'm going to make it simple:
1. Repeat after me: Windows Phone Seven
2. This is not Windows Mobile.
3. This is not Windows 7.
4. Repeat steps 1-4 until you get it through your skulls.
Now go sell the sexiest phone on the planet!

It's true. Most people need the most basic of education. Sat next to a girl with an LG Optimus 7 once who literally didn't know anything about it.

I think they finally getting people to notice. I remember when I first got my DVP, people at my job and clubs thought I was carrying an Android phone. Now when they see the UI,they are " Oh, its that the windows phone from the commercial? Its funny, I wanna get one, so how is it?". I didn't know that the beta commercial was going to be that effective, but I've been getting lots of questions about the phone when they see it from different people.

It looks like Clear Channel radio stations have also started advertising for Windows Phone as well (for those who don't know, Clear Channel operates both traditional FM radio stations and the popular iHeartRadio app). Now, after their iHeartRadio ad, they say "Get it on the Nokia Lumia 900, available excusively at AT&T." Previously they used to say "Get it on iPhone and Android." Overall, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

AT&T wants this phone to be a success so that they can bargain hard with Apple for iPhone5 pricing. Pretty sure they want to cut down on the subsidies for a non exclusive phone. Either this, or Sprint is getting some exclusivity for iPhone, maybe like 45 days as rumored months ago. I know this sounds crazy but just think about it.Either way, VZ and T are trying to wean customers off iPhone. Maybe they will try to bump up iPhone5 price up.

I picked up my white Lumia today. Everyone had a Lumia t-shirt on, there was a big poster outside on the window and the white, black and cyan Lumias were the first phones I saw when I walked in the door. The sales guy was very helpful and complementary of the Lumia.

Windows Phone commercials need to SHOW WINDOWS PHONES.

Show the phone being used. Show the People hub. Show the Twitter an Facebook integration. Show the Live Tiles in action. Show the search functions...They're impressive! Show people how good your products are.

Most people really have not seen Windows Phone and if you don't put it on there television and computer screens they never will. Give people a reason to want it and make sure they know about it.