AT&T Samsung Focus S coming October 11th?

We've seen the Radar 4G on T-Mobile get a date and now we may, we stress may, have a date for the much coveted Samsung Focus S: October 11th.

Yikes, that's just days away if true. The date comes from InfoTech who is saying that the device will be "released at the CTIA wireless association exhibition on October 11 in San Diego" which is certainly not the craziest thing we've heard. In fact, kicking it off at CTIA makes total sense for Samsung as they can get plenty of press coverage (and yes, we'll have someone there from our Smartphone Experts community there to check it out).

Now, just because Samsung shows off the Focus S at CTIA, we're not sure that means it'll be available for us to buy that day too. So we're more apt to say it gets announced with a release soon thereafter. Either way, we'll be on the ground to cover anything if it happens. But seeing as this bad boy has cleared the FCC already, there really is no reason for AT&T to wait.

Update: We've been tipped that the phone will be available the first week of November in retail. (Thanks, Jason)

Thanks, XboxOmac, for the heads up


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AT&T Samsung Focus S coming October 11th?


Im really tempted to switch from Tmo to Att but have to see what Nokia have to offer, upon hearing rumors Nokia coming to Att, especially the Ace. We'll in couple of months what's gonna happen. In the mean time will be sitting back and enjoying Mango on my HD7.

WOW, that was fast if true.Hopefully it shows up at the very least. I really want the hardcore specs on that thing. The screen size and processor is nice and all, but what's the battery life? That's what I'm most curious about seeing as it's so freakishly thin. They can't have stuffed a very large battery in there.

I'm waiting to see what services Nokia offers before I jump to another brand. But if Nokia doesn't come hard with some tip top software than the Focus S just might be my next WP7.

i can't wait for this phone!while nokia may bring some awesome stuff (camera to be specific) samoled+ and a super thin form factor? sold.it just better have at least 16gb and if there is a microsd slot like the focus, there is no other phone on my shopping list.

I'm a WebOS guy who has been checking in to find out more about WP. I see a lot of comments about waiting for Nokia's phones. Since I'm used to Palm/HP's crappy hardware I'm not familiar with other OEMs. What is it about Nokia that has people waiting?

Nokia have always made great hardware. Especially their cameras with real professional lenses from Carl-Zeiss hav always been top-notch. Now that Nokia finhally have a top-of-the line OS to go with their hardware we are all holding our breath to se what they will do. The rumors are building up. It would be wise to wait until end of October when Nokia has their big revealing of WP7 phones and make a decision about your mango phone after that.

@PossumDel...To echo Bruno H, Nokia uses professional lenses, along with Xenon Flash, and there is some quality tech and design that goes into camera developement. See here for the camera tech in the N9 (which should also be mirrored in their Nokia WP device with the same shell):http://conversations.nokia.com/2011/06/27/damian-dinning-on-nokia-n9-ima...Also, Nokia's build quality is superb, and great materials to construct their devices (the Nokia N8 is made from anodized aluminum and the subtle design queues and detail is amazing!). One thing is for certain, that you will have a very unique and distinctive looking device with a Nokia - unlike HTC which uses rehashed/recycle designs from their Android offerings. So if you want a phone that is not a 'sea of sameness' looking device, Nokia is a great choice. And last but not least, Nokia has some serious IP - they have tech and features in their phones that other oems don't. And Nokia/Ovi Maps come standard and free on all Nokia devices - free offline turn by turn navigation, both walking and driving, for practically any locale on the globe!Yes, wait a few more weeks to see what Nokia brings to the WP table so that you can make an informed decision with regards to your purchase.

How reliable is your source? I've never seen you guys predict anything before, so I don't have a track record.Possum, there's nothing special about Nokia, people just speculating and hoping they offer something nice.

Source: 50/50. But, we'll say it jives with other things we've heard and it just makes sense (Windows Phone 7 launched in November too in the US), but take it with a grain of salt.

Of course that was too good to be true. But on the upside, we now get to see what is in store at Nokia World before buying this.

Samsung is having its unpacked event on October 11th so the Focus S could be revealed there.The bad thing about this, is that Samsung will also reveal the Nexus Prime at the same event, and it looks like that will be their highlight.So its disappointing that this beautiful WP device will be 2nd fiddle to Android's new device.

Well it is Google's new flagship phone. Seeing as Microsoft does not have a "flagship" phone per-se, it is quite obvious for it to be second. Now if Microsoft had a "Nexus" series that would be different, but again there is no need for something like that.

That's my birthday! Too bad I am waiting to see what Sprint pushes... if they do! Seems like the iPhone hype and GSII has made them push Windows Phone 7's off. I bought a GSII and I am now waiting to ditch my Arrive for a new WP7. It is looking bleak!