AT&T Samsung Focus S Giveaway Winners!

Samsung Focus S Giveaway Contest

It wasn't easy but we've look through all the entries in the Samsung Focus S giveaway and have identified the winning entry. The contest called for readers to submit thier WPCentral lockscreen wallpaper in this Forums discussion. We were simply amazed at the quality and number of entries submitted. Over 270 entries were submitted and picking the best was tough.

First, we would like to thank AT&T for providing the Samsung Focus S (they were impressed with the quality and volume of entries as well) and the WPCentral Accessory Store for providing the prizes for the runner-ups.  To find out who won, you're gonna have to head past the break.

After tallying all the votes from the WPCentral Staff, the winner of the Samsung Focus S is sachlvetica for this blue wallpaper.

Our runners-up are andrew120 and antoro who will recieve a $50 gift card to the WPCentral Accessory Store. Andrew's winning entry is the third installment to this post and Antoro's wallpaper can be found in this post.  We will be contacting the winners shortly on how to claim their prize.  Here are all three winning entries.

by sachlvetica   by andrew120   by antoro

We would also like to recognize three members for contributing above and beyond the call of duty. TheWeeBear, RobbCab and MannLou each submitted multiple entries which reflected thier mad talent very well.  We hope to have the winning entries and maybe a few of our personal favorites available through the WPCentral App as downloadable content. 

This was a fun contest to watch develop and everyone who submitted an entry should give themselves a big pat on the back for a job well done.


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AT&T Samsung Focus S Giveaway Winners!


Lol.  Haaaaaa.  Oops.  
I think I was messaging you and put your name for some reason.

Whilst we work on the new wallpaper functionality remember you can still use the current image viewer in the app to save these awesome wallpapers straight to your phone! :)

Congrats to the winners! Anyone happen to know where I can find the wallpaper on the bottom right in the picture at the beginning of the article? Really like that one and don't recall seeing it before...

OK, never mind. It was all the way back on page 2. No wonder I couldn't remember it, there have been so many submissions since then, lol.