AT&T Titan and Titan II out of stock online

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We're not too sure what to make out of AT&T running out of the HTC Titan I and Titan II online but if you head to their site, you can see for yourself.

Now we could explain away the original Titan becoming unavailable -- after all, AT&T would probably be happy to put away any stock on that device for it's bigger and better sequel. But even the Titan II is not available, which makes us wonder if HTC is having some component or production issues (or maybe they just forgot to make more, instantrimshot).

Could the Titan II be selling so well that they can't keep up? Obviously, we doubt that though we do have reports of general increases in Windows Phone sales due to the Lumia 900 (insert the whole "rising tide lifts all boats" idiom here) and maybe, just maybe the Titan II is seeing an uptick in purchases too.

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Heck, it should. It's a great Windows Phone and a great smartphone, rocking the largest camera available on the market. Which reminds us, why have we not seen a single commercial boasting that fact? Seems like an easy sell to us but what do we know...

For those interested, Amazon Wireless still has the Titan II in stock, which is a reversal from a few weeks ago. It's also listed at the $149.99 price point. Natch. No word on supplies at local stores either, so your mileage may vary.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, kylengai, for the heads up


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AT&T Titan and Titan II out of stock online


Yeah, even though it's a better phone than the 900 (even the guy's at WPCentral said they preferred it over the 900) it never got no media push.

Uh, no. WP Central has FAR more Lumia 900 users than Titan II users. The "Titan II is better" contingent is very small, just like the rest of the world.

Wow. What's with all the trolling lately on this site. Wasn't like this 6 months ago... I guess when things get bigger and better it brings out the haters. Bring it on TROLLS!!!!

I love my Titan 1, but Nokia has got me curious about it's device. I'm trying to hold out for the Apollo running models to come out.

My Titan is great, but I would trade it for a 900 anytime. Just swapped the motherboard due to troublesome reception... Batterylife is poor, but otherwise great phone.

Not having reception or battery issues at all.  In fact, my battery life is, at least compared to my earlier Palm Centro and Palm Pre Plus phones, astounding!   I love my Titan.  The only issue I have is the microphone. With the Casemate case on it, I have to talk a bit louder than I usually do, but not appreciably so.  It's a great phone!
I forgot to mention that I bought an extra battery for it (which is one thing you can't do with the Titan II), but I almost never use it.  The battery life is *that* good...

I had the good fortune of spending a couple weeks with the Lumia 900 with the option of replacing my Titan 1 with it. In the end I kept my Titan and don't regret it at all, its a great phone. The biggest problem with the Lumia 900 for me is the lock button on the side, it makes it impossible to turn the phone on when it's in a car cradle, and I am on the road a lot.

My girlfriend chose the Titan II over the Lumia 900. In my opinion its a better phone also, except it doesn't have an AMOLED screen. That was the deal breaker for me. The camera on the Titan II is sick. Blows my Focus away.

Okay fair enough. :)
I would say that Symbian Belle is a pretty modern OS but I definitely think this would be better suited on an OS that doesn't have support issues. Here's to hoping the Pureview comes to the States on Apollo!

Biggest camera on the USA running wp7. On the other hand I rather have a super amoled display it makes ppl turn heads when my screen is on & makes the other screens look outdated.

As a very, very happy Lumia 800 user, I must say the Titan II is a awesome device, which is probably better than mine, but as I only buy unlocked devices, that thing is so expensive over here I couldn't, reasonably chose it over the Lumia.

Hey Dan, my comment above made got me thinking. There definitely has been a lot more feedback to your articles the past couple month's and I'm assuming it's been because of the Lumia's and general growth of WP. Has there been a definite increate in hits on this site which kinda proves this?

I saw the Titan I for one cent on att website the other day, and when checked back it's out of stock.

I jumped on the Titan the second it went on sale for a penny (the first time around), and I have never regretted it.  I have issues with AT&T signal strength (it's strong in one part of PIT airport and weak in another), but overall it's been a great experience.  I hope manufacturers continue to sell phones with replaceable batteries because that, and the huge screen, were the main selling points for me (aside from WP7, of course)... :)

I have Titan II and I love it, I picked it over the Nokia.  Sad that it's getting overlooked and it works very well for me, worlds better than my HD7s.
I wanted a Nokia device, but I wanted the bigger screen more and for whatever reason I liked the screen better than the AMOLED screen by quite a bit.  Not sure why, and I looked at multiple phones.  I like that I can easily read my screen outdoors unlike my samsung galaxy s2 which is virtually unreadable outdoors.  Whatever, it's the best phone for me now, in the future who knows.
I also dislike the size of the Nokia for the size of the screen, the Nokia should be smaller than the Titan II with a 1/2" screen size differance.  Love that Nokia software though.  Hoping for a Nokia WP8 device with a bigger screen!

I too like the more natural looking screen of my TII. I think the amoled has an appealing look at first but it looks cheesy after a while. jmho ;-)

I've had a HTC hd7 about 2 years, this week a purchased a HTC titan 1 for a penny with att. And because of the price drop I went on a mission just to find one,They were selling out fast. I just got to say that I love the titan, and I'm glad I got my hands on one before they went out of stock.

I used to be curious about the Titan II after I got my L900, but I just new the Titan line wasn't an HTC priority like the Lumia line is to Nokia. Plus it already did what the Titan 2 does except for the camera, which I've built a custom setting for the get better quality. Know a bit about camera settings help. Also, the Lumia gives long battery life and GREAT reception indoors. Call quality is great and phone is a different look altogether. Wasn't there a man on certain HTC products coming into the US for a while? I know I read that some where. I like HTC products, but the Titan isn't a headliner for HTC, so I couldn't bare to pay 200 bucks for lackluster support, plus I plan to probably shelf my L900 when Apollo phones come out. Sooooo free phone, that is pretty good, not great, with great manufacturer support vs. $200 titan without strong support. Was a no brained for me.

I heard the same, but it was awhile ago now, and i remember it to be Android being the reason, could be wrong.

Having had the Titan II and the Lumia 900, the Titan II is the better overall device. However, I chose the Lumia ultimately because of Nokia's dedication to the platform and the cool design. If the Titan II had some marketing and an ounce of software update support for issues in the US, it would be a great device for people interested in Windows Phone. However, I've never seen a single update from HTC for my Original Titan so I have zero faith in seeing the Titan II getting updated before Apollo. I think the international Titans get updates but not the AT&T versions. Its sad really. No camera comes close to the Titan II at the moment and overall its a nice device. I think part shortages are most likely the reason they're sold out. I can't see HTC building a lot of Titans only to see them sit in a warehouse. Its their fault though for not marketing the device.

It is correct with the updates to Titan in the rest of the world. I have had many updates for my titan, and also app updates to camera etc.

WP Marketing SUX! Every single device thats available here in the US should have a commercial on TV for at lest a few months... Why does this keep happening?

Is the camera sensor any larger on the titan 2 then the titan 1? or did they just cram more pixels into it?

The lense in on the titan 2 is lager. Men I wish I could get my hands on a titan 2 here in Europe. I still do like my focus s 2 but I am a sucker for bigger screen and camera.

The combination of WP, att 4G LTE, and Titan II is a trifecta for a great smartphone experience. Also, I have nothing but love for Nokia and I'm sure I'll have a wp8 and WRT device from them later this year..

I agree about marketing but I have a feeling that we will start seeing some commercials around all three windows phone lte devices soon..especially With the price alignments , it should be something along the lines of "LTE windows phones, one for even budget, 49, 99, and 149...4.0, 4.3 , and 4.7.. 5 mp, 8 mp and 16 mp..its perfect marketing and im sure it was the original intention, especially to push the titan 2 as the top dog, but they had to wait for the focus 2 to drop before this could all come together...that s what I think anyways...

You know I have tried multiple ATT stores trying to find this phone since release and never found it. Microsoft Store always has it but ATT never had it in stock. Salespeople told me they only got one Titan II in two of the stores... So weird, it is a great phone.

Maybe Microsoft has been hogging all the Titan II's for their Windows Phone challenge. I originally was supposed to get a Titan 1 from them, but it's been out of stock for almost two months. They sent out an e-mail a couple weeks back saying they were trying to acquire more Titans and it would take 2-3 weeks.
Three weeks later and I get an e-mail saying they recently received a shipment and to come pick up a Titan II instead. I guess they gave up on looking for more Titan 1's and ordered all the Titan II's they could.
When I arrived at the store to pick mine up, they only had four on the cart, but a lady went to the back and brought out two boxes with eleven phones in each box. I assume they must have a lot of Titan II's in their back room.

I agree that putting out a commercial only advertising the fact this phone has the highest megapixel camera of any smartphone would get sales on its own. Most consumers don't realise megapixels aren't everything, they just want more of them. The Titan II could sell so much better with just a but of advertising. 

Hey any Hawaii five - 0 fans out there? Notice wht there phone of choice is on the show? looks like the wp7 titan! Chk out the show and c for yourselves.

Peace out. ;-)

I got burned in the first Titan with awful sound quality and reception and still no fix yet. So I wouldn't recommend buying HTC anyway. Love the specs, but...

Plenty of free Titans at bestbuy.com. I'm not a Best Buy employee or anything, but why doesn't anyone go there to look for phones? They almost always have better prices than AT&T.

You just have to find the deals.  The prices on cell phones seem to be very good.  I've never bought one from them so I don't know if there are hidden fees, but it's definitely worth a look when in the market for a new cell phone.  They sometimes even have EOL devices that you can no longer get at AT&T.