AT&T's super green Lumia 1520 finally gets official (again)

On Tuesday, late night, we reported that the bright green Lumia 1520 with 16GB of storage was available to purchase from AT&T. However, a few things were odd. For one, AT&T did not announce it and two, it was at midnight when it went live. Some of you then noticed the new green variant disappeared from the AT&T site, and well, you have someone jumping the gun early.

No worries, as AT&T is now making the amazingly bright and massive green Lumia 1520 available for purchase, even alerting the press this time. Even better, local stores in our area are all reporting that it is in-stock and ready to buy, which just put a huge "OMG that is so tempting" hex on us.

Nothing else has changed with this Lumia 1520, unfortunately. You do get Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan right out of the box; 16 GB of storage (with 128 GB in micro SD) and still no Qi wireless charging (did you expect anything more?). At least with 8.1, you can now install apps and games to your micro SD, making the 16 GB of internal memory a moot point.

There is no word if this green guy is going wider for those global markets, though we sure hope so. The idea of a green Lumia 1520.3 unlocked for T-Mobile and AT&T users may be too tempting to pass if it ever entered existence.

Head to AT&Ts Lumia 1520 page to get your drool on, or just peep their new promo shots and pretend it is the 1980's.


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AT&T's super green Lumia 1520 finally gets official (again)


The one thing that would've made me consider this phone was internal wireless charging. The color is awesome but if I'm going to upgrade my gf's phone from a 920 it has to have wireless charging. She's happy with her 920 and thinks that her camera is second to my 1020 so there isn't any incentive to upgrade right now. We'll just wait for now... at&t...

Yeah, dollar to dollar, if buying unlocked the 1520.3 is a much better deal. The issue is for some the $199 vs $494 price between the two.

Especially when most upgrades (Lumia 920 launch) run out towards the end of the year. I am waiting to see if they do more deals for Black Friday/Christmas like last year. It would be so awesome to upgrade with a contract for free or for $99 and get the green 1520.

I don't really care about Qi per se. If Powermat is going to be the standard in the U.S (GM has already announced that is what they will be putting in their cars, it's what Starbucks has put in their tables, etc.), fine. But whatever it is, I want it BUILT IN! What's the point of buying the kick ass color if I have to cover it up with an ugly charging shell?

It would have been nice for sure. That said, it doesn't cost must or add to much thickness to the phone to just change over to PMI and Incipio cover.

Why did the capactive buttons move up?  The back, home, and search buttons that is.  Compare it to the yellow or red 1520 and you'll see what I mean.  Little things like that make me crazy (petty i know).

I'm not sure it needs it, but just in case, what are the gains with the 805/810? I know battery life is supposed to be better, but it is pretty marginal from what I hear.

There are a bunch of new SoC features. But the new Tegra chip would be amazing for graphics. Besides, those batteries have been sitting around for a year and then you only have 8 more months until life recedes.

My 920's has been going strong and still going strong. The only thing that changed is I forced 8.1 dp on it so battery life is scatty. Minus 8.1 dp, the battery I imagine is still good to go for another 12 to 18 months (perhaps more).

No a Qi charger is a Qi charger and a PMA charger is a PMA charger. It doesn't help Lumia 920 owners on AT&T who invested in Qi charging and are looking for a new phone. And of course people might not want to put their phone in a thick and ugly case.

Well to be fair that was kinda my point. I have had 3 lumia 920's with ATT and have Qi charging plates for all 3 so yes I have 3 Qi charging plates. When I updated to a 1520 I simply spent less than $50 and got a PMA charging case and a Duracel Powermat and it was problem solved. Yeah, it was a little extra money, but really it wasn't that big a deal. If you've got money to have a cell plan then less than $50 to get the case and charger isn't a total deal breaker or it shouldn't be. Also, my case isn't that thick at all and not ugly either.

To each their own I guess. I was just commenting I was in the same situation and a solution wasn't that hard. It's odd to me that something so small is a deal breaker from a lot of people getting an amazing phone. I think it's stupid of ATT to switch formats as well, but really again not that big a deal. And definatly not one that would stop me from owning a 1520.

Hi. Two things: it was corrected a minute after the article went up, takes a few mins for the app's feed to refresh. Two, multiple others have also noted the typo. Thanks.

I'm confused by your article regarding comment etiquette and this response, which seems snarky. Do you want readers to point out errors or not? I get that it's annoying to have to read a bunch of people pointing out mistakes (particularly, redundant ones), but it's also annoying as a reader having to read them. I would think that the free editing that your readers do would be appreciated, and certainly the onus is not on the reader to scour the page to ensure that no one else has pointed out the same error (something that is very difficult to do when browsing the site on mobile devices).

? I said 'thank you', and let the reader know that it had already been corrected well before his tip, as others had pointed it out (but it may take a few mins for the app's feed to refresh).

Getting a 2nd 1520, just for the color? I know how tempting this is. I could trade my black one in if that were possible and the green variant were available in my market

Would you case it up tho or leave it naked and exposed so those girls of yours and their curiosity are piqued? :P

Honestly, the Icon should have had a 64gb option if there was no MicroSD slot.... Dumb Nokia. Most peoples music libraries (assuming theyd like to keep it on their phone, like me) circle around 20-30gb, leaving no extra room

I bought mine Tuesday night, but the rep did tell me they could not officially sell them until today. I love it. 16gigs sucks but I bought a 64gig SD card. I'm good! Glad I bought it.

Bands. 1520.3 gets all signals on AT&T AND T-mobile in the US. Other than that, comes with 32gb of storage and QI charging

Not necessarily, just because there has been a huge spate of users saying they have it doesn't mean all 1520(.3')s manufactured or made in the future will have it lol...

Otherwise QC has seriously lapsed and heads need to roll.

Directly after I posted this WPCentral posted an article about the screen bug. I can honestly say I have not had this or at least have not ever noticed it. Maybe it has to do with the extra support from my case and therefor not allowing flex? Don't know, all I can say is that I didn't even know it existed until now.

Thanks. I have to see this phone in person.Every picture of the this color seems to show a different shade of green. So tired of black or silver phones. I trying to choose between this or the Purple Sony Xperia Z2.


On the imagage of the phone (released by AT&T) the one Tile says "Sport" on it.  The tile looks like the Bing Sports tile icon, but for me the Bing Sports tile says "Sports" (notice the second 's').  Is this a different app?  Or is this a typo by AT&T in their rendering?

I'm aware of that, and it was not what I was commenting about.  My point was the difference between "Sport" vs. "Sports".  As my original post stated, notice the second 's'.

A 32GB model(of course with qi wireless charging) but specs matching with the 1525 would be a perfect choice for me. I'm in India, so an Indian country variant phone is a necessity.

I agree Daniel, I've had a white 900, glossy red 920, yellow 1020.....and a 'bright green' 1520 might just be next. My local AT&T Corp store has 3 presently in stock....lol

16GB of RAM does make it pretty tempting (mentions 16gb as ram twice!, but still wrong)...no Qi though is garbage..the best part of the Lumias is the wireless charging.

I know i've said this already like 3 times in this thread, but what's the big difference if you have to move from Qi to PMI? I had 3 920's all with wireless charge plates. Got the 1520 and simply added a Duracell Powermat and a slim incipio case. Problem solved and it cost less than $50 for both. I doubt anyone here owns stock in Qi so why do people care so much? I'm being serious on that question. Yeah it stinks a little that I can't use my old charge plates but for just a little more scratch I got it back to the same as my 920.

It might not be the same but you can always get the colorful 1520.3s on newegg. They're for the Latin American market and have 32gb storage and qi charging.

Looks cool! I feel like I need to get a luminous phone when I'm able to get an upgrade as my black 8X feels a bit drab next to all these Nokias.

Speaking of which and I realise this is slightly off topic...Does anyone know of any rumours about a 1530? I'd love to get a Nokia phablet but I don't want to invest my money in what feels like old hardware.

Techwise, yes it is old but the beauty of windows phone is that it is fluid on low end unlike Android. My older bro got an S5 and immediately I noticed insane amount of micro stutter (in long menus, transitions etc) and so did he (an self confessed android nut - in a good way lol). He says that is just a minor flaw but the way i see it, that is not acceptable on a top end phone. Some may be oblivious to it, however people like us would notice it instantaneously.

My point is windows phone will still continue to run fluidly on the snapdragon 800 /1520 (unless MS does something drastic) many years into the future.

I just ordered this on the next installment plan and was told If I return it, I have to contact the IRS to get my sales tax back. Is that true?

What? The IRS has NOTHING to do with sales tax. It would be your state if anything but no. Every merchant I have done a return with also refunds the sales tax.

Hehe for once its awesome to have an international version of a phone. My 1520 with 32 GB and wireless charging still rules the world, :D

I just left a store here in Dallas. They had two. Key word is "had." ;)

Now just need my Skinomi to come in the mail and it's fun times ahead.

This will be my wife's upgrade phone. Her 920 wont hold a charge and since nothing new has come out, this will fit the bill perfectly. Have to say ill be jealous as that green is just sexy! However she did want the yellow 920, which proved to be a unicorn when it was launched so she ended up with the black. She was jealous of my yellow 1020 last year...

Wow, being a big WP fan I have to say I really do not like that color. And despite the micro SD expansion, which helps, not having 32GB AND wireless charging built in make this a no go for me. ATT is totally screwing up the handsets they are offering and hurting MSNokia in the process. Why is there no 930 on ATT? Yes, I know the answer to that one but it's the product I want. Not a crippled 1520.

I'm a huge Windows Phone fan and a huge t-mobile fan. I sure wish tmo was selling a 1520.3 fully supported with Microsoft/Nokia warranty, internet sharing and tmo's Wifi calling. That would be an instant purchase and I would show it to all my friends. Please Microsoft, make my day. I'm sure there are a lot of others like me.

Maybe I shall order the shell and convert mine to Green :) the buttons look nice too compared to the white plastic ones on mine. I miss those side buttons from the 920.

Debating wether or not to pick this up today, I currently have a 920 with a cracked screen, wanted to upgrade anyway, unsure of waiting to see if MS will release a newer flagship device, and even if they do, don't want to be spending probably $749 on a new phone.

The screen on the 920 is rather easy to swap out and should only run you around $100 if you can DIY. Having said that I'm in the same boat. Waiting for a new flagship on ATT. Previously we were supposed to get one by this Holiday Season, but that may or may not have changed.

I have seen someone last night at WalMart with a red 1520 and he said he loves it.. Also that people will start seeing just how amazing Windows Phones & OS is. I said to myself, I have got to get me a 1520 very soon.. I would have had it already had I not have to finish paying T-Mobile for my old phones, only $500 to go and that NL1520 is mines!! :)

"16 GB of internal memory a moot point"  Not really. A 2 year old 920 has 32 GB so why couldn't this?  I mean how much could it possiblly have cost them to put it in?  $10?  And no Qi wireless charging is still an epic fail.  I don't care who the carrier is. At this point in 2014, this phone is about $149 overpriced for a 2 year contract. AT&T really needs to wake up. 

Still holding out for a suitable "true" successor flagship to my 920! 


AT&T sold the black Lumia 1520 with 32 GB. It costs $50 more at $249 on contract, and $639 off.

And it is moot because although your 920 has 32 GB, that is ALL you get. On this phone, you can toss in 128 GB of extra storage, and since it now spans for apps, games, videos, maps, photos, documents, etc. you essentially get 136 GB. The difference is, you pay for what you want for extra storage.

Offer me 16 GB + micro SD and I'll take it over 32 GB with no expansion in a heartbeat. Adding 16GB of internal extra, for me, is not a huge selling point. Neither for buyers, who evidently did not opt for the 32 GB version on AT&T (they no longer sell it).

I get it, micro SD is great to have. Hopefully it will be an offered option on my next WP.

My point is how much more could it cost OEM's to double that storage space when they have offered it in the past? Removing attractive features on Windows Phones is not helping sales any. We are still playing catch up to other platforms. And AT&T is not doing themselves any favors by offering this device this late in 2014 for the same on contract price ($199) as some brand new flagship that just came out. The 1520 is what almost 10 months old now? They should be doing whatever they can to boost sales. I just don't get these carriers and I'm starting to loose hope with AT&T and their future WP offerings.   

Picking one up for my wife in an hour or so. She doesn't care about the 16GB vs 32GB as she doesn't use much up; and Qi wireless charging is nice but not a deal breaker for her. She wants the bigger screen and pretty green back. And I love her, so I'll buy it for her. Her 920 was starting to show its age anyway.
As for me, I'm waiting for McLaren, or whatever hero device pops up eventually. My 920 is still fine... for now.

Now, we just need some cases from reputable manufacturers for the 1520. Especially to take advantage of the new case abilities with update 1. Also, I saw a clear plastic case by Spigen that was for the Xperia z and had thin rubber shock absorbers built in. That is what these 1520's need. I have my red ones in black case, what's the point? Otherwise, definite screen fracture, also use tempered glass, so far, so good.

Nice, but I have no interest in an oversized phone. I'm waiting for the 930 or a new high-end, proper flagship phone. I'm surprised such a phone hasn't been announced for AT&T yet.

Local att store shows having it in stock when I checked online, but when I called, they said they didn't have it. Might have to check in person

What's the big deal about qi charging if you have to plug in the qi charger to be able to Charge the phone why not just plug in the phone? Now if you can use the qi charger without a power source providing it charges itself somehow that's different.

I used to think along the same lines until I got wireless chargers for my L920 at the beginning of last year.


It is awesome, you can just place your phone on a surface and it is charging. You need to go, grab the phone and go, no need to tinker with cables.


Hugs yellow 1520.3 even harder. :D

good point , but doesn't the 1520 have a great battery life? you can always charge it overnight when it goes below 25-30%

I like to be able to charge my phone and still use it. Can't do that with wireless charging. I could careless about qi tbh. Cool feature I used it with my 920 until the plates shorted out. Never looked back.

I agree with you for the most part, I just refuse to hide the aesthetic of this beautiful phone behind a case, regardless of how thin it is. What is the point of buying the hot green color if no one can see it?

I always sport a case, so color is nothing too significant. However, a case with the green accent would actually look cool. I'm considering buying a good used 1520 ATT version just in case theres no ATT flagship this November.

Stop saying the 1520 is not a proper flagship phone. If it has top end specs, which it has more than any other WP, even without Qi, it is proper flagship. Size is relative. If you have girly hands, then buy a girly size phone. Otherwise, stop player hating because the 1520 remains king. See Daniel's article about the 1520.

Sorry that I refuse to consider the 1520 a flagship for the next 2 years, as that's how long I normally keep my phones. To me, if I get a 1520, I'll buy it used and save my contract for the next large screen flagship device. The fact that this phone is approaching a year since release, there's no way I'd use my contract on this device. Yes, it's the flagship WP at the moment, but I'm holding out for the next wave of high end devices.

There not likely to be any materially better specs in the next 12 months with the possible exception of a higher res screen once the o/s supports it. No material difference between the 800 and 801 or 805 chips.
This is the king of all phones for the foreseeable future.

I was this close to buying the 1520, but read on WPCentral, and other places, about frustration with the screen sensitivity issue (where the screen interprets scrolling as a tap). People are speculating that this is a hardware issue, as no software or firmware updates have fixed the problem. Is this still an issue with 1520 devices? If so, is it a deal breaker or just annoying?

I had the problem. An update long ago fixed it. I also had the trouble with two to three white or hyper intense marks showing up on the screen near the camera location relative to the screen. I sent mine in for repair, no problem in that department now. I bought another 1520 just because, and it has none of the two problems that plagued early adopters. The tapping/scrolling was annoying as hell. When the update fixed, I was ever so thrilled, so it must have really been bothering me, yet I was really trying/wanting to love the phone for everything else it has to offer. I consume a lot of media, the screen is amazing for this, especially with the brightness and color adjusters we have now.

Ug. Green is my favorite color, but I just picked up the red 1520 almost exactly 2 weeks ago. I wonder if they'll let me exchange it...

I just got mine & I'm in love. The plan was to use my 1020 for personal use and my 1520 for work but I can't put the 1520 down.