AT&T's "unique" NoDo Features

We're learning a little more on the upcoming AT&T NoDo Update for the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum. As we mentioned the other day with the expected release on April 19th, the NoDo update will contain additional features unique to AT&T.

Microsoft's Eric Hautala has confirmed that the AT&T update has moved from Testing to Scheduling and adds,

"I forgot to mention the update we’ll be shipping to AT&T customers also includes support for two special AT&T features. The first is “WISPr” protocol support, which makes it possible for your phone’s data connection to automatically switch over to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots when in range. The update also includes support for AT&T Address Book."

The WISPr support sounds interesting and if you frequent AT&T hotspots, this may save you on data package minutes. You can find out more about the AT&T Address Book here but basically it's an online address book you can sync with your Windows Phone. While having another source for contacts may not be that exciting, the online components to AT&T's Address Book does look interesting.

Hautula also recognizes that delay with the update for Surround owners is probably a letdown but explains that third party software earmarked for the Surround needed additional testing.

source: windowsteamblog


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AT&T's "unique" NoDo Features


Yeah it is somewhat unnecessary. BUT if you were upgrading to WP7 from a dumb phone that used the AT&T Address Book by default, it's pretty useful because you can transfer the contacts you DON'T have in your Live account.

Only if you manually import it. Using a dedicated app would probably be easier for the non-savvy smartphone user.

Only if the contects are saved to th SIM card, you can save to the phone as well so those who have it on the phone and not the card (the card limits some things from what I remember). In that case you can't transfer them over to your new phone.

Yes but there are issues transferring contacts from one smartphone to another (last time I checked the Cellbrite system did not support the Samsung Focus and this was back in late Feb) and/or you have over 250 contacts in a non-smartphone.The AT&T Address book will defintely allow them to overcome these issues.

sometimes i think the carriers dont understand that the days of carriers themselves making software for phones are OVER.they just dont want to let go

If AT&T was the reason behind the delay and if it was related to their software, couldn't they have just pushed NoDo out and updated the Surround properly later? I really don't get it.

Simple. They'd rather sell you a new one than update the phone you've got. NoDo's been ready since December. And they want us to believe they've just discovered this NOW?MSFT needs to grow a pair and take back all update testing and distribution.

Maybe I'm not fully grasping this WISPr support as I already connect to AT&T WiFi hotspots when in range. Will this negated the supid check this box to accept the terms and conditions nag screen or am I totally missing what this is about.

It sounds like the WISPr feature will be built directly into the Settings instead of being a standalone app. Thats what it sounds like to me, anyway.

ATT should allow Microsoft to upgrade WP7 on a schedule independent of any carrier value added junk. I bought a Samsung Focus with Windows Phone sold by ATT, not an ATT Samsung Focus with Windows Phone.

I don't know why crApT&T still continues making junk apps!the radio app we can't use it with their 18century 2gb data plans.... if we use it we loose the 2GB in 11 daysand I don't want to mention if we use netflix.... cause we loos all the data 2gb plan in just 1 day!

I guess that's the point. If you go over your limit you get automatically charged for another 150MB/2GB for the rest of the month.

with 150 additional MB .... you can only watch 10 minutes of online video.... so there's no point

While it's easy to be mad it's hard to blame a company for needing additional testing time to add increased functionality. I know, nobody here asked or wanted WISPr or ATT Address Book. However that doesn't discredit them from being useful to a significant amount of people. Quite frankly both features should of already been built into the phone, but they weren't and it's nice to see they're coming. Sometimes people forget that ATT has 94 million subscribers and even though you specifically don't need WISPr/Address Book, a lot of people might. Now I'm not trying to defend Ma Bell because it's far from a perfect company, but they are adding NEW functionality to their version of WP7. I would prefer a system where ATT released NoDo first and then released their software updates later, but less than a month later than everyone else isn't too bad. And while the news sucks for HTC Surround owners, lets not forget about HTC owners on T-Mobile. The HD7 has fairly noticeable color gradient problems post NoDo, so I can see why ATT is being cautious.I've voiced plenty of e-rage about ATT and NoDo, but I'm glad at least there's a legit reason for the delay. However, there is a much bigger problem here than ATT being late to the party. Look at how long ATT is taking with THREE phones. What's going to happen when ATT has 7 windows phones? How about 10? Can we really expect ATT to finish testing updates in a timely manner? I doubt it. Just look at their Android phones. They have more Android phones then they probably have dev teams to test updates on. What happens is the popular Android phones *might* receive an update. The same thing could very well happen to WP7 if ATT continues down this same path.I would prefer if ATT gave their updates to Microsoft for testing. I'm quite sure updates wouldn't take so long to test if MS handled it and it would probably be easier for MS to see how ATT software updates would work on older WP7 models. Then everyone's (partially) happy. :)

I've been patiently waiting for our NoDo update for my Samsung Focus. So our update has been delayed about a month for "testing" purposes and it turns out AT&T has been working on these two features that they are going to release with the NoDo update. Well frankly I find the new AT&T features unexciting and not worth the wait. Come Mango I am not waiting for AT&T if there's an alternative work around to get the update. The NoDo update, while significan't, isn't as exciting as Mango and AT&T just failed to prove to me that their long "testing" fase is worth waiting. I'm jumping on the alternative work around come Mango.

More mad than anybody on my extra Surround testing....but guessing that maybe, since its designated 3rd party software, probably has to do with the Dolby Mobile Digital unique to the Surround.What MS REALLY needs to do here is separate additional software/apps into their own update that doesn't require tampering with the phone....OR blocking by AT&T (pretty sure Twitter update isn't going to provide something the phone doesn't already use). And keep phone bug patches/update into their own package. Shouldn't have to wait another 6 months for a twitter app, just so they can also squash some glitch on the phone.

Of course MS would say there's no way to do that. But there is......they just want to be lazy about it.Because to be creative with updates would require them to think outside the box. And we all know how lazy MS gets once they release a product.

I'm gonna disable those new ATT software..... there's something 'hidden' inside we don't know, as usual.... so... the delay on ATT was for these **** ATT softwares... lolMS please make the Samsung Focus available on other carriers so we can get out of ATT and their poor 2GB data plan (2GB is useless and nonsense in 21st century)!

Any idea if those of us who have already updated to NoDo will see another update to get these AT&T specific features?I de-branded my phone to make the update appear, I DID NOT use the Chevron updater tool.