AU Japan evidently launching Fujitsu IS12T on August 25th [Updated]

There's been a lot of talk about when the Fujitsu IS12T is launching exactly in Japan. There was mention of "end of August" and the "After September".  And to be clear, we're still not 100% sure. But what we do know is that the carrier, AU, who has the big exclusive deal to sell the phone, is taking reservations now for delivery on August 25th.

Japanese Windows Phone news site NanaPho reports on one AU shop in Nishikasai, Tokyo taking such reservations. Going further, one of our readers, Chris Loguidice, let us know that he too was able to place an order:

"Just reserved my Toshiba IS12T at AU yesterday arrives next week on the 25th. So I guess that's the official drop date for mango."

Indeed, translated from the AU Shop page:

"This title will be released in stores August 25, we accepted from today pre-ordered!"

So either one of two things: come August 25th there will be a lot of thrilled new IS12T owners, or conversely a lot of disappointed ones. We should note that the official site for the phone still lists "after September 2011", so who knows--it's not like we've never experienced Best Buy report a false sale date, amirite?

Update: Tezawaly from NanaPho sent the above shot (and a few others) showing the phone stocking up and ready to sell, so August 25th now seems like a go!

Source: NanaPho, @cloguidice


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AU Japan evidently launching Fujitsu IS12T on August 25th [Updated]


Perhaps it is 25th of August of preorders and September for in-store purchases?And I don't think there are any Japanese stores that are as bad as Best Buy ;-)

I don't there 22nd is the date for the Mango marketplace going live, it is the date when developers can start submitting apps for it.EDIT: then again, submission for original release of WP7 opened just 4 days before US launch of the WP7 - so who knows :-)

Japan is CDMA based (they did not deploy GSM), does anyone know if they would work on Verizon or Sprint in the US ?

I'm 99% sure they don't work on Verizon or Sprint. If you're lucky enough to get an unlocked phone from Japan (fairly difficult) that requires a SIM card, which I think most do, then it would work on AT&T or T-Mobile. Even then, I think the most you could get from the data network is EDGE, since the ranges are different.

I think they listed "From September" as it was released so late in August that it's basically September. Japan sometimes does that

It's really perplexing to me how the Japanese are going to use these Mango phones when the Zune software that powers them (4.8) isn't even released yet.