Audible and Netflix both updated for Windows Phone

Netflix for Windows Phone 8

We love when apps get updated, especially big apps that are used daily by a lot of people. Audible and Netflix are two apps that we use often, both are great time killers whether you’re catching up with the latest bestselling novel or hit television series. Both also just received two updates on Windows Phone.

One thing does grind our gears, apps updating with no change log. Even if it’s as simple and mundane as bug fixes we like to know what the update is about. Both Audible and Netflix last had substantial updates in April, so it would be nice to know what’s new here. Unfortunately with no change log and quick initial impressions we’re going to say bug fixes and performance tweaks.

If you notice anything, be sure to let us and others know in the comments below.

Netflix and Audible are available to subscribers of the services on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab Netflix here in the Store and get Audible here.

Thanks for the tip Amir!

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Audible and Netflix both updated for Windows Phone


WP8 app is updated a lot. You probably have the Verizon made Netflix app or another provider if you're not in the US.

The Audible one is huge. You can now change the media buttons' behavior (so previous chapter can do nothing, or go back 30 seconds. Also, it has a new option for whether you download by parts or not. It looks like it should support single-download books and whispersync, but books still show up with part numbers to be (e.g., 2/2). Whereas in the WhisperSync versions on other platforms there's no fraction on the book tile.
EDIT: I reinstalled the app (although refreshing the library should work too) and the fractions are gone. This is the full WhisperSync version! Books are just one part unless you make it do otherwise, and it will sync across devices.

Good catch! I have been slacking on listening to books on Audible so haven't used it much the past few months. 

Does it do whispersync with kindle books? If I remember, the iPhone version will keep its place with the eBook as well.

They must keep a Kindle location/audiobook time mapping. It wouldn't be that hard to automate creating the mapping. A basic speech recognition that matches the audio stream to the Kindle text could do it easily. Then they just store the audiobook place and the associated kindle location in the cloud.

No, it really isn't. I don't know why MS doesn't require mandatory change logs on the store. While most updates are appreciated, it would be that much more helpful if we knew what the hell they contained.

Why would Microsoft require a change log when they themselves don't usually post one for WP updates? How many times do you see "Other various improvements"? I think it all boils down to they don't want to post a log that includes everything because things like bug fixes and such is essentially admitting that there were problems or mistakes made. Most programmers I know aren't the sort that like to admit they made mistakes nor does the QA group want to admit they missed them. Anyway I think we will never see complete change logs from app makers or even Microsoft.

Idk, but compare http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=audible%20windows%20phone%208%20s... from the Windows phone store, vs from the android store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.audible.application&hl=en

The same app on different stores has a huge difference in the amount of info about the app. Audible for android has a rather detailed change log, vs absolutely none at all on the windows phone store. The same can be found with most other apps as well. Not a huge deal, but still kinda annoying.

I wouldn't count on it, considering current relations between MS and Google, and how they've shunned WP with all their other apps (No maps app, Gmail app, chat app, YouTube, drive, etc).

This is true, but on iOS and even Android, there is a separate Gmail app that has an interface more similar to online Gmail and some more features, which they are also withholding from us.

I would rather Microsft remove the LIVE fee requirement for people who wanna use only entertainment apps on the XBOX or create a Roku/Apple TV like device but since they refuse to do so, I'm not going to be using what they offer... Their implementation of DLNA DMR functionality in Windows 8 Metro, leaves alot to be desired since it's very flaky to say the least... They need a better media streaming protocal and hopefully that will change with Mira-Cast but even then it's gonna be hard on battery life...

Gold doesn't give a single cent to Netflix or any of the other third party streaming sites (like Hulu) and shouldn't be required to view them. It's just plain stupid. Luckily there's tons of other devices that can stream things to your TV, making it not worth considering using the Xbox to do so. 

Maybe not Netflix, Hulu or any other sites you have to pay for separately, but you're telling me that MS doesn't give money or at least pay for development/management of the other free app? I don't believe it.

Idk. Remember when Netflix lowered prices for people that only stream or only get DVDs? People got mad. If Microsoft separates it, people might get mad.

Microsoft is adding 'Miracast' to Windows 8.1.  Miracast is basicly a wireless HDMI connection, so anything that is on your screen is on your TV, not just what is a particular app or Chrome tab.  Xbox One will be Miracast compatible and should add Miracast capibility to any TV that it is plugged into.

That's weird. I already have Netflix installed, but your link gives me the 'Install' prompt instead of 'Update'.

You could have a version from a carrier or manufacturer. Tmobile has their own version of Words With Friends that's different from the Store version.

Man Audible has been making me crazy for a while now if you are listening to a book and you get a call it restarts the book from the begriming or maybe it will go to the last book you listened to or it will crash and only a phone restart will fix it. Listening to a book while driving in DC traffic is the only way I keep from killing people or my self so fixing this app is a public service I think. 

I couldn't agree more. It was one of the things that led me to carrying my other device and being frustrated with WP (though more frustrated with Audible on WP...)

I too have been carrying a second device, almost exclusively because of the miserable old Audible app. In my case it was an old deactivated DROID II, relying on WiFi to keep Audible updated.
As with you, I have caught myself letting my frustration with Audible seep into my opinion of WP8.
The bluetooth fix is a huge win for me too, but not as big as the way overdue support for periodicals. The lack of periodical support made the previous Audible app a total waste of space for me.
Now, in mid 2013, the Audible app for Windows Phone is finally on equal footing with the version for iPhones, Androids, PocketPC's, Palms, Olympus pocket recorders,  .....and even my original Audible player from 14 years ago, a Rio500.
Thanks Audible (and Amazon) for supporting our growing little corner of the pocketable computer (aka smart phone) universe. Better late than never.

I will jump for joy if Audible no longer turns my phone into a pocket heater.
Ever since switching to my 920, if I listen to an audio book - or even have Audible open - OR even have listed to Audible without turning on/off my phone or resetting it, the phone processor will kick on high and drain all my battery in a couple hours max. 
The order I listed above increase the change of the offending behaivor. Actively listening to an Audible book on my iPhone 4, I can get a solid 6-8 hours of time before battery dead. On my 920, 2-3 hours. Forgetting to close Audible completely, 2-4 hours. 
Number of updates Audible has had on other platforms... you don't want to know.  :(
Hopefully this will be a vast improvment.

The update has changed the way I use Audible on WP7.5(Lumia 900).  Before, AC was needed to keep it from thermally induced reboot.  USB power was always required and the phone needed to be rebooted after you were done with Audible.  Also, calls and Bluetooth interruptions forced constant bookmarking.  Now, Audible and the phone seem to work.  It keeps my place if I get a call or the Bluetooth connection drops.  The phone does not get hot.  I have not tested battery life.  It has a "reset application" link that will cancel pending and partial download.  See the bottom of Help under Settings.
I love Audible.  What happens to the DRM when I die?  Can I pass the books onto my children?  I have not be able to get an answer from Audible. 

In Audible my library shows right away when I go into the app. I used to have to refresh while in the app to see the books in my library. This was a bug on my end but now it's gone.

Can't find any settings or options for Whispersync in either the Audible app or the Kindle app. Whispersync doesn't seem to be turned on by default. Nothing in the online help. Anybody know how to get it turned on?

I don't know if it is this update or a previous update and I just didn't notice (or it's been there all along and I'm just oblivious!) but there is a voice option now to control playback with your voice.
Also you can now change what the fast forward / rewind buttons do to skip x seconds, next chapter, or disable them.
Also noticed a new "download your library by parts" option.

There is a list of changes in Audible now (may not have been there when WPC wrote this article). Start the app, swipe across to News, top article is AUGUST 2013 UPDATE. Yay - Bluetooth fixes, thank goodness, been driving me nuts.

The new Whispersync for Voice feature is huge. Not only does it save your "last-heard" location across audible.com devices, it also syncs with "last-read" location if you own the matching kindle ebook. With Windows Phone, you can now listen in your car on your way home from work, read the book in bed at home, then listen again the next morning. The app will keep all your devices in sync so you always pick up where you left off.
This is a brilliant move by Amazon so they sell you the same title twice - one for audible, one for kindle.