Audible for Windows Phone gets second update but remains a mystery

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What's in version 1.2? Only the Shadow knows...

Although it has taken a very long time to get Audible on Windows Phone, the app has received two updates since its initial release just a few weeks ago. That’s some fast response time to what are presumably bug fixes and optimizations.

Version 1.2 just hit the Marketplace for Windows Phone with v1.1 happening sometime last week when it also popped up in the UK.

Unfortunately, the Audible folks don’t seem too keen on sharing release notes, so we’ll have to wing this one and just say “it got better, somehow”. We don’t use the app enough to figure out ourselves (we fall asleep to story narrations, we blame it on childhood) so we’ll rely on you to point out any new features or bug fixes.

Grab the free official Audible app for Windows Phone, now on mysterious version 1.2, here in the Marketplace. Thanks,  James M., for the heads up

Update: Reader Jack let us know that the app was also made available in Germany last week and this latest update fixes some translations issues for their language.

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Audible for Windows Phone gets second update but remains a mystery


I was having an issue with Bluetooth. When I would disconnect and reconnect my BT device the book wouldn't continue playing when I pushed the WP play button. I had to go into the app and actually play it from there. Any other time the WP play button worked fine. Wonder if they fixed it.

I hit the same issue.  Worse is my phone would reset to a much earlier time in the book after disconnecting due to bluetooth hiccup. I'm still waiting for the update to see if that issue is fixed.

I had the same issue. I have an email into audible customer support. I'll post the response if I get one. Hopefully this update fixes this.

Resuming from outside the app may work better now. I'll see if the issues I had with it come back. I don't use BT, so I can't report about that.

No, that's not it. It started quicker, but after leaving the book paused for longer than a few minutes, ten to fifteen maybe, it stopped working again. Resume from app works fine. Again, no Bluetooth involved. Seems to me to be a time-out issue and probably due to DRM or sth. I'm not sure if they can or want to fix it, but for now it remains broken.

Audible is the only app I have installed on my phone that crashes it. I am on my second WP (HTC Titan II) and was having problems with the app since day one. Now I just installed the update and my phone is completely locked. I am unable to do anything with it. 
NEVER had this issue before. Audible what are you guys doing!? :-)
Anyone else having phone crashing issues with the Audible app?

I had my lumia lock up like that too a few times with the previous versions. Haven't happened yet with current update. To reset, I just held the power button for about 5-10 seconds

I believe the new update fixes the issue with the preview audio button. Before the update it never worked for me at least. So you can preview a book reading before purchasing.

I really hope they fix the resume bug. That and background downloads would make this app awesome.
Sometimes it looks like the resume bug makes your book reset, but often it has just decided the part is finished and has advanced to the next part of the book and is thus at the beginning. Also, until you hit play in the right part the timer says 0 for some reason, but will actually resume your place when you press play.

Hate the fact that I need to download larger audio books with my phone...they should give us an alternative

I wish they brought back the ability to pin books to the start screen. It's annoying having to tap to launch the app...wait...tap the book...wait...now tap the part I want to play/resume. Aside from that the app seems to be working pretty good. Resuming from the lock screen after 20 minutes or more should be added as well.

I think you can pin books to the start screen.
Side issue: Why in the world are audio books so freakin expensive.
Sorry, but I'll pay $10 for an ebook, $12-$15 for a hard copy, but not $30 for a recording.
And no I don't want to pay $15 per month to get a book for $8.
I'll just keep reading, its more entertaining anyway.

I think that they fixed a fairly major although perhaps uncommon bug. Before version 1.2 Audible would not finish processing my titles and hung at "Processed 623 of 625 parts." This caused the app to move very slowly, made searching titles difficult, and used a lot of battery power (the loading dots moving across the screen never stopped & my Lumia 900 heated up like it was under a heavy load). The app was basically unusable. Books also used to download much larger than they should have at standard quality, but I think the 1.1 update may have fixed that particular problem. Now with 1.2 the app finished processing all of the parts and shows the correct number of titles in my library. Lag was greatly reduced & the search function works. I don't know if they fixed anything else, but they fixed the problems I was having with the app.

Due to the recording, mixing and editing audio books should cost more. The narrators also need to get paid. I have a subscription so I just use my credits to purchase books. They offer deals for subscribers but I typically have extra credits so I never need to purchase a book at cost.

It seams to work better... Hey people who are blind would listen to audio books... Eh.. It people with reading issues or who drive for a living. Its a nice app and yes seams less bugy when multy tasking now.

The app is far worse on WP then on my kindle, and that's saying a lot since it's horrid on the kindle. Loads of bugs. When does it come out of Alpha?