Audible.com app coming in March for Windows Phone?

Audible.com app coming in March?

Windows Phone and Audible.com have not had the best track record together.  Over a year ago, we thought an Audible.com app may be close to hitting the Marketplace, only to find out it was for WinMo 6.X.  Then we found out this summer that one was en route, but no ETA was given.  Well, hopefully, that is all water under the bridge, as one of our readers reports that the long lost ETA may be March 2012. 

An email received by said reader (who chooses to remain anonymous) says:

Dear ,

An Audible app has been in the work for quite sometime. It was not until recently that we were given a tentative release date. If everything goes as scheduled, the app should be making its debut on Windows phones near the end of March 2012.


Audible Customer Support

While we always take such matters with a grain of salt, we remain hopeful that this is indeed true.  Audible remains one of the few marquee apps to remain absent for Windows Phone.

(Thanks for the tip, Unamed Reader!)


Reader comments

Audible.com app coming in March for Windows Phone?


"Quite some time" plus three more months... How long does it take to make an app that plays sound files?

The only thing I can think of, now that they have Mango-fied access to the internet, is working out kinks in their DRM code.

The funny thing is, I'm about to buy DRM-free content from Audible via one of their resellers, so I won't be needing their player.

I like that graphic, "Unless your favorite device runs Windows Phone 7".  I can't tell you how annoyed I have been with Audible for neglecting Windows Phone.  I had and used Audible since the late '90s, with my first Pocket PC device.  I don't think they would be in the position they are now had it not been for those early adopters.  It really feels like a slap in the fact to be ignored thus far.

if ... near ... end ...  Must be a lot of things that could go wrong.
Looking forward to being able to finally stop using my 2nd gen Zune.  The Zune's lock switch wore out and it is a pain when the device accidentally starts playing an audiobook or chapter skipping.  I hope the wp7 app makes chapter skipping less prone to accidental taps.

I think its a combination of DRM support, holding state (keeping your place in the book), and chapter indicators. I e-mailed Audible a few months ago about this and was told they were working on it. I was also offered an opportunity to be part of the beta test group once they had gotten that far. I haven't heard anything since. That was in December.
I just e-mailed them again Hoping for more info. I've got an iPone 3gs that I can't wait to sell, but need to keep around because of Audible.